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Meet the 'Bad Blues': House Democrats Who Deserve to Be Primaried by Progressives

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/25/meet-bad-blues-house-democrats-who-deserve-be-primaried-progressives


Be sure to add Nancy P’Loser (CA-12) and Dirty Debbie Duhbya-Ass (FL-23) to the top of the list!!


ALL of these DINO corporate and war whores need to be primaried and defeated.
I would rather be screwed by those telling me to my face they will, than by someone behind my back, lying and playing a devious deceitful game. At least one knows where R’Cons come from, but DINO establishment Dems lying to retain power to serve those who possibly screw me even more thoroughly is anathema.

The two party bad cop - worse cop charade must be smashed if we are to survive and tackle the common enemies we all face.


The sad thing is that no body thinks to oppose the mainstream Democrats who aren’t Blue Dogs like these creeps, but just go along, support war mongering, fast track TPP, vote for indefinite detention, be Hillary super delegates in states that went 3/4 against her, shill for Wall Street types like my county’s two Congresscritters: Rick Larsen and Suzan DelBene.

Only citizen activists bother to run against them and get treated like ‘weirdo fringe’ nuts for doing so.



Hands across the aisle

And around our throats


Here’s the bad news –

not enough politically minded citizens willing to come forward with liberal stand
to run for office –

despite the fact that we have shown that we are willing to support them with $$$$$.

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Thank you Norm and friends, for this concise and accurate report on our reps. Lord knows the local tv and press can’t be bothered to report on any of these slime.

Boot these lying corporate DINO Third Way asshole creeps from office at the nearest possible opportunity. By removing these “actors” we actually could Make America Great Again.

The DNC also needs to be slapped down a notch, a huge notch. They need to be consulting “the people” about our needs and wishes not dictating to us who they want as a presidential candidate.

But these people represent what the d-party is: A incoherent mix of righties, centrists, and liberals.

And guess which group has the least influence?