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Meet the Corporate Villains Sponsoring the COP21 Climate Talks



his is just further evidence that these people do not get anything about climate change.... that, as long as we have for profit business and mass production .... we will do nothing to stop climate change... at this rate... we'll hit abrupt climate change by say..20 40?... Some say we are already there... Guy McPherson says we are already done...



Last I looked 1200 died from 118deg. and high humidity in India. Public knowledge of the death of the Pacific. Fires burning in Alberta around the tar sands crews evacuated. Feeling done yet?


Yep....actually, I really do... there have been many many days, that I have been in a very dark place. I have found it difficult to function... especially at my job, where I am supposed to be supporting and inspiring, people with disabilities, to find work and keep a job.... this is difficult when I do not even "believe" in most of the jobs, that we get for people... the jobs are adding to the problem...
then, there are times when I write on sits like this and... I am weary to just say, out right.... we are done... because I feel every one will jump on me... So, I say some little positive, hope thing.....


There is no reason to give up on humanity and civilization other than a lazy mind seeking a way to avoid the effort of thinking and being in solidarity with humanity as part of Earth's awesome yet humble motherly life support for an endless rain of cosmic life precursors.

Big bang is still banging, it is accelerating unmeasurably and for reasons unknown. Conscious timespace evolves to self awareness for no other reason than experiencing Joy of Life.

Every corporation is an immortal monster attempting to grow to infinity on this beautiful blue dot in the cosmos. Corporate servants who manage attempted infinite growth on a finite planet are the most fearful and terrorized people on Earth; they are consumed by the insatiable primitive want of animals putting on fat to make it through winter.

Corporatistas have resorted to cannibalism now that the free lunch of a once seemingly large planet has been consumed; they will do anything to get more faster and hold back the artesian welling of fear that someone will surge from behind and get more. We watch Monsanto attempt to consume Syngenta and become the biggest producer of poison on Earth, and Comcast-Time-Warner cannibalize communication systems to propagandize mortals into acceptance of paranoid pirates as leaders.

Earth has now entered the fray by introducing environmental friction into the profit equation of parasites who will commit any pentagon style atrocity the human mind can dream up as part of the scheme to get more faster and faster forever. One can either resort to fetal position angst and declare civilization itself a sin, or, embrace the joy of life surfing big bang at the speed of life with all senses honed to contribute to Earth's effort to help.

All governments and corporations are parasites sucking the joy of life and turning it to cold cash. This cannot go on forever. Joy will overcome the death merchants and some sentient life form will adapt to manifest joy. It is not easy for humans to shrug off corporate and military psy ops attempting to manage the will of the people and dictate the future of conscious timespace. Try to invent the next step after wage slavery and fake democracy — Earth mother is helping.


It gets worse. Read The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. Everywhere there is money to be had, Crisis Capitalism will follow, driving privatization and sucking more wealth to the top. One way or another, billions will be spent trying to help developing nations skip over fossil fuel and build a renewable infrastructure. As in other real or manufactured crises, capital will follow and with the help of the IMF and World Bank end up owning every resource that can be sucked up at bargain rates. Will the climate funds go to create public utilities? No. The corporations will own the source of power for entire societies and will run them as they see fit, extracting maximum profit. So they are for solar and wind energy as long as they have a way to "put a meter" on the sun and wind. Watch for it.