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Meet the Corporate War Profiteers Making a Killing on Trump's Attacks on Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/06/meet-corporate-war-profiteers-making-killing-trumps-attacks-iran


When well-meaning observers say that there will be no winners in a US-Iran war, they’re clearly wrong. You’ve just named a bunch of them.


Ivanka is working on her new “Sand Camo ®” clothing line as we speak.

Slogan - “For the soldier who knows style or seeks a pardon from daddy.” ™


To the point, much enlightening article. Cruel, terrifying reality.
And also, the reality of our world: “not to pay CEOs more than 150 times a workers wage” cited as progress - which means that it will take a worker 150 years to make what the CEO makes in a year. How about no more than 15? Why not that?


These are traitors, plain and simple. They should be tried, convicted, and executed. I won’t hold my breath.


How about basing CEOs pay, stock options & perks on their corporations Federal taxes’ rates actually paid x the average wage of bottom 50% of employees?,
Eg , Fed tax rate pd = 1% & bottom half of workers make $35,000/ yr, then CEO gets $350 / yr in compensation…


Corporations can always game compensation based regulations because there are hundreds of variations in compensation packaging, so all of the ideas discussed herein are bogus.

Just restore FDR’s New Deal regulations that prohibited things like mortgage securitization, stock buybacks, and other actions that enable CEOs to juice their compensation. Restore New Deal tax rates that reduce disposable income to the extent that no corporation or individual can buy very many politicians, and restore New Deal programs that benefit the poor and working classes, like postal banking and the relatively progressive income tax structure that existed until “bipartisan 1986 tax reform” slanted the tax structure in favor of the 1% at the expense of other tax payers.

Recall that more than 1,000 bankers were jailed for their roles in the 1980s savings and loan scandal that negatively impacted a few MILLION people, mostly in the US, yet no bankers were jailed for their roles in the 2008 meltdown that negatively impacted BILLIONS of people in nearly every nation. What changed ?
What were called “white collar crimes” (violations of New Deal regulations) in the 80s were decriminalized during the subsequent decade to the extent that you would be hard pressed to find any 21st century media references to “white collar crime”.

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There comes a time when the interests of the many must supercead the interests of the few.

Civil society has a responsibility to itself.
Making a killing from killing .Would you really want to live like that ?

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Let’s not forget their PR psyops operation

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We really need to bring back (and enforce strictly) a new version of The Fairness Doctrine. Expanded to include relevant information about a person’s vested interests when they are touted as “experts” in a field. Regardless of the subject.

And as a bonus, enforce The Foreign Agents Registration Act with an added clause for domestic lobbyists that lobby on foreign policy.

The war profiteers are an important piece of the puzzle. Critical historians also say that BP lost oil reserves in the Iranian Revolution. BP has many small shareholders all over the world, none particularly powerful, but like all corporations have controlling stake shareholders who are especially powerful people and family groups. Chase Manhattan, controlled by powerful American shareholders also lost significant credits and collateral. Corporations like AT&T lost plant & equipment. There are reasons not unlike the failed invasion of 1812 to regain lost property. We should keep this in mind. Just like Bay of Pigs was engineered for casino and sugar plantation owners to regain Cuba, and Austria and other monarchies went to war with France after the French Revolution, this current foray fits a pattern. Besides war profiteers, there are others who stand to gain. They’re using the US military to finally regain their stuff after 41 years, but they seem to be out of sight so far from public explanations. Maybe Commondreams can look into this sordid history for us and add it to the mix.

These people need to be put out of our misery.