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Meet the New Swamp, Same as the Old Swamp


Meet the New Swamp, Same as the Old Swamp

John Atcheson

Trump promised to "drain the swamp" in Washington D.C.. Instead, he’s dredging the swamp of its old sewage and filling it with even more fetid waters.

But here’s the thing neoliberals and Democrats seem unwilling to acknowledge, let alone understand: From Clinton to Obama, Democratic administrations had their own swamp and that’s what put Trump in the White House.


".......... the DNC and neoliberal Democrats who control it, did everything they could to prevent Sanders—the one candidate who wasn’t serving up sand—from getting the nomination."

An important quote from his piece and a reason as far as I'm concerned that this thing has turned into a nightmare on Elm St.


With all the Dems inside the walls of Troy, I fear they hear ye not my dear Cassandra.


That would make a good horror movie:
Nightmare on Pennsylvania Ave
But it probably would end up just a remake of the Dubya Saga and I would hate to sit through that again.


Nice to see the point made at all that Clinton and her cabinet would've been a POS as well, but I'm afraid it's too late for talk like

If the Democratic Party decides to continue serving up sand, then it’s time for progressives to walk. Let the battle begin.

It's not a question of "If the Dems decide..."; they made that decision long ago. They need to decide to do right, and there's no sign they're going to do that. The battle began a long time ago. Haven't you been paying any attention?


If Keith Ellison does not get the DNC chair, then it is time for the progressives inside the DP to walk away, because it will be clear as day there is no longer a chance of remaking the DP a party of the people. Of course some on here think that day has passed long ago. I am still willing to give Bernie and allies a chance to see what they can do. That chance will end with another corporate shill as head of the DNC. And so too will the DP end. Suicide by stupidity and stubbornness.


I wonder if Bernie will have the same sentiment. As much as I respect him, if he still believes the Democratic Party can be reformed should Elison lose the position (gets it stolen from him?) I fear that will prove he has gone senile.


If the Democratic Party decides to continue serving up sand, then it’s time for progressives to walk. Let the battle begin.

Time for progressives to walk? Sorry, as far as I'm concerned, that bus left a long time, ago, but too many progressive authors - Chomsky, Solomon, Reich - have been clinging to the lesser of two evils life raft for decades, right on up through this last presidential fiasco of an election.

As for Bernie Sanders, I'm long past the point of listening. I stopped when he threw all his supporters under the Clinton bus. The only way he will get my attention, again, is with action, not more words. He can either put up or shut up.


Within a year of the formation of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) the new Democratic Party showed its hand by passing what they continue to call "bipartisan 1986 tax reform", the most regressive tax reform in US history. The percentage of voters who identify as Democrats that had been declining since 1960 accelerated and continues to decline today.


Why are there so few genuine progressive leaders? The people want leaders, but hardly anybody has the courage to walk the walk and to face the ridicule that goes along with being a progressive. Ralph Nader worked tirelessly to improve society for everybody and he would have made a great president, (he never cared about being a rich man). We missed the boat by not voting for him when we had the chance. In the last election people failed to recognize the most concerned leader in the race, Jill Stein. She was simply dismissed because she didn't carry the stupid D or stupid R label. I think I just answered my opening question. We don't take our selfless, committed, progressive leaders seriously enough until it's too late. Americans need to learn to recognize a leader of substance and then to vote for him/her. Clinton or Trump didn't fit that description.


I've always voted for those beautiful principled losers. Nader included.

Stein too. Just can't seem to shed the vision I have of a decent functional world.

With leaders to match.

Maybe a couple dozen more lifetimes down the road I'll get to experience it.


It's not so complicated. The Dem voting base had long consisted of the masses -- poor and middle class, workers and the jobless, for the common good. This base was split apart by the Clinton wing some 20 years ago. The past eight years confirmed that this split is permanent.

Trump is so alarming that Clinton actually did win the majority of votes, but Trump is well ahead in the Electoral College count. The E.C. will will formally release their final decision on Dec.19. See: http://www.270towin.com/maps/2016-actual-electoral-map


Walt Kelly's swamp dweller Congersman Frog (of Pogo fame) said this:

I'll tell you, son, the minority got us out-numbered!


The battle has already been lost as has the soul of the USA.


And the time to walk should have been made at least after the first Clinton admin ...


We keep hearing "if the DP doesn't do such and such. then ..." and the DP never does decide to do that, so when does the "then" become now?

Seriously, Ellison's appt as DNC head would be all it would take for you to decide to stay with the DP?


Sanders is with the DP 'til death do them part - "my party right or wrong" ...


He stopped "putting up" some time ago, but never fear, he won't "shut up" - unless he is told to do so, again ...


That's a big Yup!!


And Pogo's classic line - We have met the enemy and they is us ...