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Meet The Press Panel Fooled By Trump’s Temporary, Moderate Position On Anti-LGBT 'Bathroom Bills'


Meet The Press Panel Fooled By Trump’s Temporary, Moderate Position On Anti-LGBT 'Bathroom Bills'

Timothy Johnson

Meet the Press host Chuck Todd and panelists on his NBC show cited Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s claim that he opposes anti-LGBT “bathroom bills” as evidence that Trump is moderating his views as he looks toward the general election. But at no point was it mentioned that Trump backpedaled later, saying that states should decide whether to enact “bathroom bills” that discriminate against their LGBT residents.


$1 Trillion new-clear-the-planet weapons modernization over 30 years and this is what we are fed by MTP? 2016: The Bathroom Election. Quick, get your home game… Pathetic.


This is one of many events that confirm that Trump is as much a chameleon as the Clintons are.


It goes with the cosmic turf. He’s a Gemini (like Bush, Sr. and Kissinger).


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With the ratings and readership bonanza awaiting a Trumped up march for six more months

Gullibility could be said to be good business.


Chuck Todd is a sophomoric grope! He can’t find his butt with either hand.


This would be my nomination for the silliest issue yet to surface in this amassing of inconsequential issues that are turning this primary election season into a grand theater of the absurd. Suppose such “appearances notwithstanding, only birthmales and birthwomen may use the specified facilities” sentiments became law. How would they possibly be enforced? Uniformed officers with arrest authority stationed at bathrooms saying: "Please sir or madam as the case may be, you’re going to have to present your genitalia for inspection to certify the accuracy of your self presentation, so either drop trou or go upskirt and remove panties from our field of view before attempting bathroom entry.

What about post op people? The skill level of gender reassignment surgeon have developed their craft in recent years particularly in M2F people although the things that are being done for F2M is also much improved.

I have known several extremely butch women, some taking hormones that induce beard growth, who could creditably pass as men yet who lack the “one eyed wonder worm.”. If the guard had a hunch that a particular tough looking dude might have “alternative genitalia” what methods of confirming suspicions would be allowed? Some post op non-birth women can be convincing even under conditions of nudity with manual digital inspection, yet subtle things can among those paranoid or just wary of gender bent lifestyles can arouse . . . passing doubts.

The really to me revealing fear expressed by those pushing for this kind of potty security legislation is that young girl children might be at risk by transgenders sharing a bathroom who might forget that they are trying to live as they believe they really are and become overwhelmed by an irresistible urge to molest.

Amazing that sexual pathology shown by those for whom this is a serious concern can among that set can be a bigger worry than global warming, increasing economic inequality, the many wars on the knife edge of being waged, The next president is going to have to deal with dangerously difficult problems, problems that are poised to lead to the die off to end all die offs, and people are worried that there might be some people who might try to pass while pissing.