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Meeting Fidel


Meeting Fidel

César Chelala
As a young medical student in Argentina I had been fascinated by Fidel Castro and his rebel combatants and followed with interest their advance from the mountains to the plains to the capital city of Havana . I longed to visit the island but the US blockade made it extremely difficult to travel to Cuba . Then, in 1981, the Pan American Health Organization invited me to attend a medical conference in Havana .


I was about a precocious ten years old when Castro came to power. The rabid way the US media soon attacked him ignited my curiosity about things political. In time, I eventually learned that Castro's abysmal human rights record was not what had earned him all those assassination attempts. He had had the audacity to nationalize the sugar plantation of GHW Bush's uncle. As with Saddam Hussein years later, the anti-Castro crusade was, apparently, for the Bush clan, PERSONAL. How many Americans, for all of these intervening years, have been simply hating-on-command?


A personal and thoughtful perspective on your visit to Cuba, and meeting Fidel Castro.
This is appreciated, Cesar Chelala.