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Mega-Billionaire Bloomberg's $350 Million Ad Spending Blitz Is 'What Plutocracy Looks Like'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/11/mega-billionaire-bloombergs-350-million-ad-spending-blitz-what-plutocracy-looks


“This is what democracy looks like!”

Anyone who supports this OLIGARCH is either wealthy or brain-dead!
Hmmmmm…maybe Dumbf supporters are really confused now!


I’ve already noticed Bloomberg’s possible influence on this site in the form of new members that respond to any article pertaining to him. Just as AIPAC and other Likud supporters, I assume they have an army of paid staff with software that flags any news coursing through the Net pertaining to their benefactor. These folks are smart enough not to come out as blatant Bloomberg chauvinists, but employ a more measured approach about his practicality of not running as an R, etc. I expect it’ll morph into his being the more practical choice, the best bet to beat Trump. They will, of course pledge to support Bernie (wink wink); planting seeds is the strategy right now.


Oh please , let this guy spend a billion dollars and still lose to Bernie! That would be justice!



There seems to be this group of people that think that because Bloomberg richer then Trump, he will make a better President.


Yes, what is 350 million to him? Pocket change!!!


Meanwhile an ex news anchor for MSNBC and an advocate of less Government spending and an economy based on “Free market principles” (Read a Republican) has announced she will challenge AOC as a Democrat in the Democratic primaries for that seat.

They are pulling out all stops to crush the progressives inside the Democratic party. The outcome of the Sanders campaign and the fate of AOC should determine once and for all whether the Democratic Party can be reformed from within.



Yes, but it is exactly what the best democracy $$$$$$$ can buy looks like!


What’s next after Bloomberg, George Soros, or one of the hundreds of movie stars or ball players. Why not, right now we have a real estate person.

Kill Citizens United. Bernie 2020


Why do you think the corrupt, corporate, Democrats allowed Bloomberg to illegally enter the race? To crush Bernie because they knew Bernie was gaining too much momentum?


i agree! bloomberg is committed to defeating tRump even if not on the ballot…his dollars spent on anti trump ads are welcome.

the DNC submarined Bernie in 2015 to promote HRC so this lifelong democrat left the party and stopped all donations. I am now an Independent and donate only to individual candidates.

screwing your own primary voters is hardly democracy. still burns me up thinking about it.


Hi Glacierworm:
If Bloomberg were an actual candidate—he would have started with the rest of the pack. if he were an actual candidate, he would have an understanding of America’s floundering economy, if he were an actual candidate, he would have an excellent platform--------all he has is a lot of money-------just like the DNC and the RNC—oh wait has the Supreme Court declared the DNC and the RNC as “People” too?

Anyone who shows up LATE, when other candidates have hired their people and spent their money-- is a fraud, A real American candidate would not cheat the system Yeah, that’s another negative mark against YOU, Tom Perez!-

WE need a “MORE PERFECT UNION,” so vote for Bernie! : )


Bloomberg is not committed to defeating Trump. He is committed to defeating Sanders. If he was committed to defeating Trump he would not run against Sanders.

Bloomberg only entered the race when it became apparent Biden would falter and Sanders would run away with the nomination.


I was leading to government financed elections, but your point is well taken.

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Will the American voter support the 0.01% candidate against the 0.1% president?


Trump’s rating is all about his brain dead cult followers.
They are looking for a strong leader and a winner, no matter how evil he may be.


The economy is not booming. Where did you get that from? The deficit is 1 trillion plus and GDP growth rate is just a smidge over 2 percent. That is NOT a booming economy. When you have a deficit that larger it generally to spark GDP growth. (The deficit is in fact higher then the GDP growth)


The one positive—really only—thing about Bloomberg is he has some really effective anti-Trump commercials, the best I’ve seen. Keeping the election a referendum on Trump, which is what Republicans don’t want, versus a referendum on the Democratic nominee, what they do want, will be important to keeping the House, obtaining the Senate, and winning the presidency. I think this is why Sanders was much more oblique about third party help on Chuck Todd ‘s show last weekend than usual. If folks want to help, and can give it, why not? Trump and his neo-fascist goons need to go.

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I offer this refinement that supports your point.

Bloomberg must be a candidate to avoid spending limits, but if his goal is Trump’s defeat, all of his ads would be anti-Trump. Instead, they are all pro-Bloomberg.

He’s promoting himself to defeat Bernie first, and Trump later.