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Mega-Billionaire Bloomberg's $350 Million Ad Spending Blitz Is 'What Plutocracy Looks Like'

I get one television channel through a cheap antenna, ABC. I watch the news a couple times a week. Tonight I was horrified by a commercial - Obummer endorsing Bloomberg. In addition to being horribly nauseating, it also made my skin crawl. BO undermining the minimal positive legacy that he ever had.Bet we’ll be seeing that ad, ad nauseum.


As minimal as his legacy was, Obama didn’t have to endorse this. It is up to him to stand up and ask that he not be used this way. Still, the record is public and open for free use.

The only thing he can do is protest it. I doubt he will… but it would be nice.

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Obama always had the backs of the Billionaires. See the bank bailout as example. It helped to make him a very rich man.


And much like trump, a very clever man who pretended to care about democracy, according to his eloquent speeches, but whose true intentions were to enrich himself.

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Hm, maybe because the startups are at at an all time high?

I disagree. It’s doing better than it has in a while. Ok, maybe not during the dotcom boom. Now that was something… loved those days.

Tale inot account what you can but with those same wages. Same car? Nope, car with ABS, smart technology and burning a lot less gas.

A phone… just like 40 year ago. Except now it’s something people would not have even imagined 40 year ago at the same wage.

For a few hundred bucks you can go get your eyes lasered… have your vision restored.

Or you could just lie in bed in self loathing and be on antidepressants.

Please you live in the most prosperous times any of us have ever seen.

Agreed. He is a rich vanity candidate. He could have been that in a Republican primary, at least in states still having one.

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And the Bernie steam roller just keeps running.

Looks as if you know exactly how the base of the DNC operates. Tulsi Gabbard looks like the smartest and most honest candidate on dem side, but not too viable at this point. I’ll be voting for this strong economy, jobs, protecting our country, de-regulation, protecting innocent babies in the womb, conservative judges, and defunding of planned parenthood.

It is imperative that Bloomberg not be the nominee. If he is, it will destroy the American people’s confidence in our political system because only money will matter in politics, not voters.


In 1970 I was a university student working a summer job for Texaco in Calgary - my first trip west from home in Montreal. At the end of that summer I hitched out to Vancouver and then traveled to San Francisco to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time, and I got to see Juan Marichal pitch at Candlestick Park - good memories !

I’ve been looking over the results last night, actually really early Feb 12, adding up numbers…

I think Bloomberg is not spending that money for fun.

I think the DNC will choose Bloomberg.

I’ve read Bernie’s book, In this contest he has to shoot for Pres all the way, but my strong sense is that he suspects he will never get the DNC nod barring a miracle, and that his real purpose was ‘the movement’ -

To me he doesn’t come across as a socialist so much as a real liberal social democrat.

Good on Bernie for lasting this long - a good and decent man.


In other words, you favor making legal what used to be–for very good reasons!–illegal. Got it.

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Yes, but lets not allow the corrupt DNC to submarine Bernie again in 2020 to promote either Biden or Bloomberg!

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Did everyone here notice? This Trump-er likes Tulsi Gabbard. That should tell you something.

Strong economy which started under Obama and has continued the trend, but is beginning to slow. Also benefits only the top 20%.

Jobs with decades-stagnant wages that have not kept up with inflation, and continue to lose benefits.

Deregulation which has resulted in monopolies, increasing prices, unmitigated greed, and tanked the world’s economy in 2006.

Protect our country by pouring more trillions into the most bloated military in history, making the warmongers richer and the world more dangerous for everyone.

Call unborn fetuses “innocent babies” while locking already-born babies in cages and letting them die from preventable diseases to send a message that brown people are not wanted here, and sending grown up babies to foreign countries to bomb and kill innocent already-born children in their own homes.

Appoint conservative judges who will rubber-stamp the corruption and criminality of the conservative mafia in charge.

Defund women’s health care.

Sounds like the kind of country I’d like to see sent to the dustbin of history—again.


I have seen him advocate for strong unions, but not for worker ownership of the means of production, nor for nationalization of industry. which would more closely resemble socialism.

I would like to see many more worker-owned companies and all power generation under government control, eliminating profit and having one agency accountable for instituting clean power for the entire nation.


As if we needed another billionaire president. Citizens United court decision put big money control of politics on steroids. Move to Amend is pushing an amendment that would clearly state that corporations are not people and money is not speech. Be active!

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I’d settle for 51% government ownership of an essential utility, such as power generation, stronger unions, and transparency - real transparency.

And there is no reason a well run utility, even an essential one, could not turn a profit.

The difference would be that the degree of profit is optional, and all stakeholders are treated with a certain amount of respect, bearing always in mind that the only job of government is the public interest at large.

This is demonstrably not the case today - not in the United States, not in Canada, where the number of regulatory, financial, academic and media institutions have been effectively captured by Oil & Gas & Coal, and perhaps The Pentagon and The National Security State - which leaves the Deep State in Charge …

Decidedly Not in The Public Interest at Large.

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Disclaimer: I am a Bernie Bro. With that in mind I am not happy with your so strong pro Bernie stance that you resort to attacking the other candidates, in particular Bloomberg. Begin by stressing what is good about Bernie but attacking the others will wind up with a divisive party and a win for you know who. Vote Blue no Matter Who has to be our mantra.

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Nope. Sorry. Been doing that for 42 years and it has never brought about any improvement.

I refuse to be fooled again. Last chance DNC… prove yourself or lose MANY of us forever.

We know they too are ALL liars and thieves. It is like being asked how you wish to be executed. From here on in, my answer is “I will pass if that is the only option I have”.

Edit to add: That means I won’t vote blue, red, or rainbow unicorn unless I truly believe it is a GOOD choice. No more mindlessly being led by the nose and trusting those who promise the world and deliver a handful of (polluted) dirt.

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I don’t owe any corrupt party a vote, and I will not vote for an oligarch to prevent the election of another oligarch. If you are a Sanders supporter but can, in good conscience, vote for someone whose entire existence is a testimony to all Sanders opposes, then you have no ethical reason for voting at all.