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Mega-Utility Dodges $500M 'Bullet' as Feds Slash Potential Fine for Pipeline Explosion


Mega-Utility Dodges $500M 'Bullet' as Feds Slash Potential Fine for Pipeline Explosion

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

A federal judge on Tuesday night quietly slashed a potential $562 million fine against Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (PG&E) for the privately owned, publicly regulated utility's role in a 2010 deadly natural gas pipeline explosion near San Francisco.


Out maneuvered, out gunned…or bought out? Follow the money.


The corruption of representative government, especially “regulatory” agencies is a growing criminal treason. I have been to many NRC meetings to witness their repeated reduction of safety standards to serve the nuclear industry. It is a fiction that they serve and protect the people - they do not, they serve and protect the nuclear industry, period!

The 42 inch high pressure fracked-gas pipeline, now nearing completion, runs thru the Indian Point nuclear complex, only 105 feet from infrastructure - taken together with this reduction in fines for what is essentially criminal negligence and incompetence, we are all put in great potential danger! 20 million people live within a 50 mile radius of Indian point, only 35 miles from downtown Manhattan!



Just desserts not on the menu


I guess “privately owned, publicly regulated” means taxpayers enforce collections that go to investors who then count on the public to carry the burden of ‘damages’ inflicted by lowest-bid construction … like military contracts and privatized prison systems - only costs an extra 25-35% for overhead and profit to pretend we have “smaller” government by turning over public assets to private exploiters. wherein the PUBLIC has not right to intrude behind the corporate veil.


Proving again that we have the finest government that money can buy. Apparently justice, like democracy, is nothing more than a name for an outdated concept.

What is surprising, is that abuses like this can happen in a country where the right to bear arms exists without people resorting to vigilantism.


Corporations do not pay fines. Consumers do.

Same goes for taxes. There is not a single tax in existence that a consumer does not pay.


Mandatory time for corporate crimes! If they weren’t a large corporation the charges, under RICO, would be for manslaugther. CEO’s need to do prison time. Fines, even large ones, are just the cost of doing business.