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Megachurch Pastor Says Trump Has God's Approval to Start Nuclear War

Megachurch Pastor Says Trump Has God's Approval to Start Nuclear War

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Comments by president's spiritual advisor sparks condemnation amid "fire and fury" threats against North Korea


Is Jeffress’ megachurch on the North Korean target list for this coming Sunday’s late morning?


I haven’t been to church in many years but isn’t “thou shalt not kill” one of the commandments? How do these guys get away with claiming to be"Christian" and then say shit like this?


Recall that the anti-Christ will be ushered into power by “false prophets”. These anti-Christians abound in the good old USA and have found their truest expression in Jeffress and Trump.


Tell me, Mr. Jeffress, who would Jesus kill today, tomorrow, ad finitum?
There is no real love and caring in churches such as yours.
It seems to me that all people like you preach is that “Gawd” tells you what to do and people had better obey you or Gawd will be angry with them. And please send me your Social Security check to help with Gawd’s work, and help pay for one of my Cadillacs.
I think you are in for a surprise if you get your nutty Nazi buddy to trigger Armageddon and find yourself sickened and dying from radiation and perhaps blast effects, wondering why you are not sitting on a cloud in good health, watching others suffer as you are.
“Wake up, little Susie, wake up.”


They ignore most of the Bible and particularly the synoptic gospels. They focus almost solely on Revelation. Read Revelation 14:14-20. Jesus becomes a head chopper, kind of like Islamic State only he uses a sharp sickle instead of a Marine Ka-Bar knife supplied by the U.S. taxpayer. Oh and Jesus goes global.



With two unstable personalities locking nuclear horns over rhetoric … you probably didn’t think that it could get any crazier! I didn’t but I was wrong. This bizarre and aberrant tale has yet further scares to go. In comes a malevolent religious charlatan who evidently feels a nuclear conflict is justifiable even if only to show them that Trump isn’t playing around.

It needs be asked >>> Who would Jesus nuke today? Blessed are the peacemakers is out it seems.

Seriously, what the hell is going on out there with these maniacs? Yikes people… there seems to be a lot of them!


How the foch can Jeffress possibly have any idea what God wants or doesn’t want! Does he have a direct hot liine to the Almighty? What conceit! What hubris! “Keep the collection plate full, folks. I’ll let you know what God thinks!”

I am so sick of these phony charlatans! They have caused this nation more trouble than they are worth, going all the way back to the “Great Awakenings” of the 18th and 19th centuries. They are no
better than the Mullahs! Actually, they are two sides of the same coin!


You’re close, Po. Jeffress is a Southern Baptist (thank God that he is subject to at least some denominational discipline, though they’re pretty congregational in polity), and they (see item X in their FAQ) are a bit weaselly about the Rapture. They don’t quote the verses you do, but a couple of isolated verses like the old bumper sticker, "Jesus is coming. Look busy,’ and the last chapters in full, the whole denouement of this world. And on their site (I don’t care to look too deeply into Jeffress’s own) there appear to be lively discussions about just what all that means.

The one who really scares me about apocalyptic is Pence. He wanted it to happen on Easter weekend, when he took his wimmenfolk to what he expected to be Ground Zero (oh, I mean “New Jerusalem”). And remember that there are others sprinkled into the West Wing, such as Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a mole for her daddypastor from Arkansas.

Pat Robertson once ran for POTUS specifically to get his finger on the Armageddon controls. Fortunately, he made the mistake of saying so before he could get elected. The scary thing now is that the immature, inexperienced, swaggering djt has advisers with this hidden agenda.


Megachurch Pastor Says Trump Has God’s Approval to Start Nuclear War??? What the F***??? This so-called pastor could only be the anti-christ. Send him to me I’ll talk with him. What the hell? Maybe this guy wants his name behind bringing on the final judgement day or something. 'Cause that’s what a nuclear war would be: The. End.


Let these arch-conservative, flat earth, anti-science, cultish creepers, and The Tumpster, explain how a nuclear reaction actually occurs. Let them explain all the physics, the mathematics involved, and then give a public lecture to the nation about what all of it means. What actual stages take place, etc. How this is then weaponized and launched, et al. Duh:
" Any jackass can kick down a barn, but it takes a real carpenter to build one ". Trump as a barn builder? Trump as a rocket scientist? Trump as a whiz bang genius? Same questions to Jeffers, et al.

We don’t need science-deniers and creationists selling or promoting anything. Especially, regarding modern mathematics and scientific principles, while promoting pure baloney, soulless heresies and unproven metaphysical gobbledygook.
There’s nothing divine in being willfully stupid and promoting falsehoods, of all types. That’s just called being openly deceitful, lying and promoting cheesy propaganda. We’ve had plenty of that since Jesus supposedly walked on water. Just sayin’.


Your eloquence mixed with wry humor are unrivaled. Thanks again!


Time for horrific photos of the aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be plastered all over the WH walls and corridors including images of the charred human remains, total destruction, and the after affects of nuclear contamination reflected in the myriad children with birth defects and adults exposed to the radiation covered in weeping wounds, blinded eyes, and rotting limbs. Maybe then Jeffress aka Lucifer and his diabolical dimwit aka Satan might have second thoughts about inviting a nuclear holocaust. The mark of the Devil of Darkness is tatooed on the arses of these demons on earth: 666


That’s funny, I just talked to God and he said; “Thou shall not kill.”


Christian extremists limit “thou shalt not kill” to fetuses.


The Most High God tells us that a genuine ‘Christian’ is one who “worships in truth & spirit”, that these are the people he calls his own. Now I don’t know who this charlatan worships, but it is most assuredly NOT the God I have come to know & worship. Please accept my apology for the stupidity & falseness of these people like Jeffress. They DO NOT represent the God I know. This entire djt travesty (some refer to it as a presidential administration) supported by mostly apostate evangelicals is shameful, not to mention humiliating & hurtful for those of us who truly care about our fellow humans, the earth & all that dwell here with us. I’m just so sorry.


All I see are 3 decades of the selling of a sort of Intelligent Design to the U.S. citizenry. By a bunch of semi-intelligent religious hucksters who have real, measureable and quantifiable designs on creating a theocratic nation-state.


There is only one true God, the one whom Jesus Christ spoke of as his father. I don’t recognize this “God” Jeffress speaks about.


Unfortunately, in some religious texts there are exceptions to that rule. But I like yours better.


As someone who used to do nuclear war planning, my opinion is @robertjeffress is out of his GOD damn mind #resist #notnormal #perpetualwar