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Megachurch Pastor Says Trump Has God's Approval to Start Nuclear War


As someone who used to do nuclear war planning, my opinion is @robertjeffress is out of his GOD damn mind #resist #notnormal #perpetualwar


Unfortunately, I don’t even thing that would make them change.


The “Rapture” is more phony “Christian” bullshit. It didn’t even make an appearance in church teachings until the 19th century and yet so many of these idiots treat it like scripture. Scum like Jeffress are what I refer to as the “American Taliban”.


No, there are many, many gods which were created by people who needed to believe in them. You are wrong and your view of the “one true God” has been responsible for the death and suffering of many, many millions of people down through the ages. I don’t recognize your “one true God”.


I hope I’ve found another radical monotheist? Hindus recognize their multiple “deities,” not as separate gods, but as facets of the immutable one God. Muhammed recognized the one he called Allah as the same as the biblical El/ohim, whom Jesus called Abba. Indeed, Jeffress is not listening to that God who loves all the kindred of the Earth.


You’re are probably right…all they see is the coming “Rapture” as DJT just might think of himself as the “second coming of Christ.”


These two only worship the pantheon of the gods of money, obviously.


Don’t know much about Jeffress (and want to know even less), but indeed djt is about the money. He thinks he’s using the evangelicals, and they think they’re steering him. The only good news here is that they’re not actually anywhere hearing each other.


This just in: God denies claim, gives authority to take out Pastor Jeffress.


Remember that people, both in Wall Street and in Wall Street’s Puppet Government in DC have interpreted the Golden Rule as "Do unto others before they can do it unto you."


I’ve considered most Southern Baptists as the “Christian” counterpart of the Islamic Wahabists.
*“Do as we say or you’re going to Hell, and we’ll help you get there!”
*Neither of them reflects the religion they claim to represent.


Jeffress went on to say he is “heartened to see that our president…will not tolerate any threat against the American people.”

Umm, Pastor, I think you’ve got your panties too far up your ass-crack; you and your president are the threat against the American people AND the entire world.


When you thought these nutters couldn’t possibly be any more crazy they step-up and prove you so very wrong…yeah rev, god sez “nuke 'em all - I’ll sort 'em out later” right? - so who is that, the father, son, or wholly-owned spirit? Or am I missing something?

Unfrelling believable! Ain’t no nutter like a “religious” nutter!


The brown turd and Jeffress are the jackasses kicking at the barn and braying all the while.
I remember when Reagan and his cabinet had regular prayer breakfasts with Billy Graham as the preacher. Newspaper articles said they spent much time discussing the “Rapture of Armageddon.” That spooked the Hell out of me.
*I had a pair of neighbors that were “Born Again” Christians around the same time. I was talking across the fence with them and mentioned the danger and threat of the “cold” war going nuclear.
*The young wife smiled a beatific smile at me and said, “Oh, we’d welcome a nuclear war! God would take us up into the clouds and we could watch all the sinners burn”
*I wondered how many of similar ilk were in the government and military with their fingers close to the button. It just never seems to end, does it.


I live in DFW … Jeffress is homophobic and a hate monger. He is the type of person warned about in the quote attributed to Gandi " … Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."


Unchecked, “Christian” craziness. Time to take to the streets worldwide and stand up to this Orange anus and dirty cabal. The U.S inc. needs a renewed anti-war/pro-peace tidal wave. It should even be promoted pre-game and at half-time. How’s that for hyphenating?:dizzy_face: Time for a deep breath in and slow exhale out…aaaah!:triumph:


Another Gandhi quote I love. A reporter asked him, “What do you think of Western Civilization?”
“I think it would be a good idea,” he answered.


The embracing of New-York-fast-talking-yankee Trump by southern fundie-evangelical Christians has got to be one of the most gob-smacking things about the whole Trump phenomenon. It just goes to show that religious fanaticism is just a thin veneer covering fascist political extremism.


This is historical–Christians claiming that their version of God supports their barbaric bloodthirsty assaults on others. This is why I became an atheist–God worship just seems primitive to me, and a pathway to justified self-indulgence.


The USA evangelicals are not even human much less Christian, they are racist war mongers, they have a lot of money and have always backed wars of aggression against people incapable of defending themselves.