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Megachurch Pastor Says Trump Has God's Approval to Start Nuclear War


Taliban have more sense then these fuck head “evangelicals”, they are more like ISIS another US creature. But worse because ISIS will state their real character whereas the evangelicals pretend to be christian.


And today’s nukes are multiples of times more powerful than the ones used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki! They must never be used, for any reason!


Hmmm… What if Gawd is using North Korea–and helping them with their nuclear weapon development–to send a message to the world’s biggest terrorist state for its policy of hiding behind Christianity to justify it’s rogue behavior?


Jeffress is a blasphemous heretic.


We should be most concerned about whether or not Trump’s generals believe he has god’s approval to start a nuclear war.


Well, shoot. I’m a blasphemous heretic myself, but I don’t want to start a nuclear war!


This guy Jeffress has no clue of what God wants. God certainly does not want to see the end of civilization on this planet. That 's what would happen in a nuclear war, The planet would be uninhabitable! Having all of us on the planet dead is not God’s plan. Dump this guy before he makes things worse.


““God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong-un,” the leader of North Korea.” Really!!! He told me Jeffress is a phkn liar and eats sh*t for breakfast. Who ya gonna believe?


Yes, he’s either a vile manipulative liar or a psychotic. Either way, he and his are so dangerous…anyone not alarmed to 8 (10 ain’t quite upon us yet), is asleep or imbecilic.


Religious beliefs are ‘righteous roadblocks’.


N. Korea, Syria, Venezuela or Iran, it doesn’t matter to the PTB residing in the Deep State. ( And, don’t let them convince you their New Order/Religious Doctrine/Convictions and the U.S. Capitalist System aren’t as intertwined as kudzu and a rotting oak stump ). Any country that has something wealthy American ( Multi- Nat’ls Corporate , too ) interests want, or has a strategic military location, etc., is going to feel the heel of the boot upon their throat. That is the ultimate end goal in all their work. The Dulles/Kissinger/Rumsfeld/Clinton style Neo-Con " realpolitik " foreign policy and gov’t schemas.
Every European & Asian Empire, and now the U. S., ties missionary zeal and religious conversion ( read slavery and servitude ) to capitalist exploitation and illegal confiscation ( robbery ), thru military force.
We could really use 3-4000 years of bland old school type paganism on this dying planet!:wink:


Yes, these charlatans are somethin’ else…but what really amazes me is their following…so blind, so ovine, so vacuous, so mindless… They creep me out more than God’s Agents do…


They don’t give a rat’s ass about how they appear to anyone, other than their check writers. I truly believe Trump is doing this to show what how big his ego and weight are. He has no clue as to the ramifications, nor does he care as I am sure the taxpayers are financing an underground bunker for him and the other mental cases in his family. Wow, there are worse things than being dead! Imagine living underground with that troop of inbeciles while waiting for the frost to die down and the sun to reappear.


The center of their power is their wealth. The center of their wealth is oil, coal, and natural gas, etc. And banking and selling anything, rolls from there. They believe that god; in giving them these things, justifies their calculated, mercenary behavior. What would the Essenes think of all this?


Agreed! But the horror of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are windows into the widespread and complete devastation wrought by ANY nuclear holocaust. And DJT is certainly no student of history (or any other subject for that matter), which is why I thought photos would be the way into his cavernously empty skull.


They talk about going to heaven, but none of them want to die. They don’t even want their wives to age or reach menopause. That’s what their quiver full really gets filled with: kept barbie doll models and young hotties. And, funny that Trump really likes men in uniforms to give him counsel and calm him down. Funny that, eh?


When I was a kid, my parents had a photojournalist’s (I think) book of mostly photos of the aftermath of our bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was an oversized paper bound book published by Alfred Knopf. The impression made on me was indelible. Any war photos are horrific. I have always been and am now unalterably opposed to any war.

I think our schmuck leaders are too far gone to be affected by the photos in that book…but maybe it would be a good idea for the media to start running these photos and try to stir some sensibility in drumpfsville and other places. The iconic photo of the little girl who’d been napalmed is nothing compared to the photos from Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

An omnipotent god? Right…


Touché! Excellent!


Comment I hope I didn’t mis-address: wouldn’t you love to see Clarence Darrow…or hell, even Spencer Tracy…give your neighbor some Socratic cross-examination?


There it is.