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Megachurch Pastor Says Trump Has God's Approval to Start Nuclear War


The money, boss, the money.
That appears the common link in their comportment.


The 72nd anniversaries of President Truman’s dropping atomic bombs on an already defeated Japan is cause for reflection. Then General Eisenhower went on record as opposing the bomb because Japan was no longer any threat. Later as outgoing President, Ike warned about the growing influence of the MIC. Jump forward to September 1961, JFKs speech to the UN on the murder of UN Sec.Gen. Dag Hammarskjold: Mankind has the sword of Damocles hanging over it by the slender east of threads etc.
That this Pastor can make such a speech in the JFK Centre for Performing Arts is poignant testament to how low AMERICAN leadership has sunk since 1963.
The CIA know more than they will ever admit about their roles in the murders of both Hammarskjold and President Kennedy, and even considered pinning the blame for JFK Assassination on Russia because the Pentagon figured that they would win the nuclear exchange. This madness still prevails. As JFK was going to say in his Texas Trademart speech, Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other. Neither quality has been evident in Washington since.


Ah yes, just one more Jesus freak proselytizer with an ego problem spilling his crap into the presidential empty head. I thought that was Mike Pense’s job.


I, too saw that book and I also watched the stark, frightening documentary film “White Light/Black Rain: Hiroshima and Nagasaki” (see it here: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/white-lightblack-rain-the-destruction-of-hiroshima-and-nagasaki/ ) and the images and interviews with victims have never left me. Yet our nation persists in nuclear proliferation…it is all about the money and only the money.


It’s in the water. (And all of the other stuff they consume.)

As we used to say in IT (computer-land) …“garbage in, garbage out”.


So could someone please explain that if this pastor represents God (and as God hasn’t struck him down) i’m figuring he does, then why would anyone want to be a christian? My invisible friend is bigger than your invisible friend.


Why be a christian? Cuz if you get good at it, you can con people out of lots and lots of money for filling their minds with bullshit. You don’t have to know anything at all, just make grand claims and pass the plate.


Since the arrival of the European settlers , the Puritans and Pilgrims in America they believed GOD was on their side. They claimed to be escaping religious intolerance but they were in fact ousted from Europe for wanting to maintain a theocracy based upon the insanity of the Old Testament. When they ousted free thinkers and massacred the Naive people over the next five centuries they believed they had God on their side. No matter how unnecessary how unjustified a war , an invasion , an intervention a coup in another nation their sovereignty was ignored because the US had God on its side. These same people still rule in the USA and still believe God is on their side. The elites continue their propaganda that America is an exceptional nation though it lags behind all other industrialized democratic nations when it comes to economic and social justice. Hillary Clinton and Obama and Bush and Reagan all believe USA has the duty to conquer the world in the name of God and sometimes in the name of a corporatist Capitalist elitists form of democracy. Those in power in the USA and their elite supporters believe that the destiny of the USA has become clear since the fall of the Berlin Wall and so any push back from any other nation they see as an affront and intolerable. Therefore those who do not submit are on the side of evil as in the Axis of Evil and so can be obliterated in way the US deems it must. Trump is just the latest in a long line of socio-pathic US leaders who are victims of their own propaganda. Trump said he didn’t want more wars but it seems the Deep State and others have put him in a corner and like a wild animal he will respond . The liberal and conservative elites are now playing a very dangerous game just as they did with invading Iraq, bombing and destroying Libya , engineering the ousting of democracy in Ukraine replaced by NeoNazis but they just want power nothing less is acceptable.In the end it may end up being a literal scorched earth policy with no do-overs. GORD.


F-F-Further proof that ALL religions are evil — they are based on Fraud and resort to Force when confronted by Facts.

"One day of prayer, six nights of fun –
Odds against goin’ to Heaven six to one . . .
– Elmer Bernstein


and @theHeirophant

Please don’t tar all with the brush this heretic deserves. There are plenty of Christians putting themselves at risk for the sake of others. I’ll introduce you on an appropriate topic, but you can start with the Christians in Korea. They have bigger megachurches than Jeffress, and though they’re pretty conservative in most ways, they’re pretty unanimous in praying and working for a true end to the war the US created to split their country.


Not at all a straight line. Learn some history.


Sea, thanks for that link! I’m delighted you know what book I meant. Do you by any chance know the title or author(s) for sure? I searched for about 15 minutes before I posted but couldn’t find it. When my dad died, I couldn’t find the book…wanted my kids to see it. The other prized book was A Quarter Century of Un-Americana (about HUAC-----cartoons, photos, and text). I THINK one of us has that one. And Heavenly Discourse…whew! THAT’S a fantastic satire of heaven. Olllld book.


And serious about bringin’ about the End Times and The Rapture.  Hot Dang Doodle-Dashers, Bring it ON!!!

"Oh, we’ll all go together when we go – fused in an incandescent glow . . . "


Another good one, but far more factual, is Samuel Clemens’ masterpiece ‘The Bible according to Mark Twain.’


Have you read Heavenly Discourse!!??!!?! I don’t know another soul (no pun intended) who’s read it!

In spite of my dad being a Mark Twain scholar, I have not read the book you named. It’s on my miles-long to-do list now. Thx.


Makes me thankful that I’m an atheist.


Totally delusional; and more proof that “religion kills.”


The US armed forces (and the UK ones) are full of people claiming to be Christian who blatantly long for the chance to go out and kill. It’s sexy to be caught up in that kind of violent adventure and plenty of human beings are addicted to the vice (mostly vicariously, watching violence-porn on their screens instead). Christianity’s failure to exorcise human nature of its lust to kill is as good a demonstration as you could wish for that there is no God.

We invent gods in our image who tell us to do what we want to do with our own blessing.


All comments are to the point and with true values. The infamous Pastor is a christian that talk to God. I wonder what the established christian institution such as that of the Pope in Rome has to say about his colleague that talk to God who is ugly and full of hate and his aim is killing of the innocents.
Your Holiness, pope Francis, stop this criminals people that will destroy the world.


God, I hate the ignorance found in theistic religion.I use to try to be open-minded and counter balance it with what I saw as the good parts, but the foundational basis of it all is just irrational poppycock.