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Melania Trump: I Am Spartacus, and Four Score and Seven Years Ago I Had A Dream


Melania Trump: I Am Spartacus, and Four Score and Seven Years Ago I Had A Dream

We were gonna leave the RNC jamboree to its own demented devices, but this! It seems the carefully posh Mrs. Drumpf, having to come up with words from her own wee little brain, made the carelessly dumb move to steal Michelle Obama's instead. When news of the plagiarism hit - the campaign evidently hasn't heard of the Internet - the hashtag FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes went berserk. Now the GOP is trying to float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.


If we could just get the Donald to steal from Barack, we might be treated to a little of the grace, humor, and intelligence we've come to expect from a president. Trump makes even GW look like a Yale graduate.


Steve, you nailed it.


I would think this kind of woman-shaming would be unacceptable on this website.



If she were a candidate, then this would be an issue. She's not and it's not. I can't imagine why this is worthy of two articles on CD.


Notice that MT is dressed in white (to reflect her virtue?) but they left off the halo and wings.


Not woman-shaming, gold-digging bimbo-model shaming.


Trump supporters are referring to Melania as a member of a "minority". To refer to a white person of eastern European descent as a "minority" in the US is to render the word meaningless. In my city, people with Slavic surnames are the majority.


Reading over Michelle Obama's 'original' is hardly an excursion into imaginative and inspired oratorical expression---a triviality filled with the expected cliches and platitudes one expects of all such perfunctory addresses Is it possible to plagiarize a cliche?
One thing you can say about it, it's not how you start, it's how you finish. It can be said she did have her game face on. She came to play.
Too bad her staff dropped the ball on this one. Bet she wishes she could take that one back. It's a tough game their playing. You really have to perform at your best all the time if you ever expect to be a winner. Everyone has got to be on the same page. At moments like this it's certainly gut check time. But, in the end it's all about momentum. In these races anything can happen, even when your back is to the wall. And though it seems like there's no tomorrow you've got to treat this like any other game. Take it to the next level, give it 110%, and let the chips fall where they may. Have to take 'em one day at a time, and may the most deserving win.


Thank you. I was thinking exactly the very same thing. I mean, seriously. An increasing number of people on the left are beginning to sound just like the right when they talk about Obama and Hillary, etc., and its just very sad. Its supposed to be about a whole lot more than just who you vote for PEOPLE! Geeezzz.


Didn't Michelle plagiarize it from her speechwriter? This is a tempest in a teapot. Leave her be.
And that "wee brain" comment was misogynistic.




To insult an individual who happens to be female is not to "shame women". To criticize a Black person is not to be racist. To dislike an LGBTQ person is not to be homophobic.


LOL! I couldn't stop laughing for close to 30 seconds!

Well done, Jazzbo! Brilliant in conception and in execution.

In addition to your witty series of cliches and platitudes, I especially like your question:

"Is it possible to plagiarize a cliche?"


They proved what this election is about to so many of their followers. These people were racists who hated having a black president and black first family. Basically they want the same thing but with white people.

The Trumps even seem aware of this - and they're so arrogant about it - they even blatantly flaunt it - their deliberate manipulations.

The other piece is that racism is believed, in some psychological circles, as a form of jealousy. So this little stunt of Melania's is also evidence of the jealousy which they stroke (or stoke, if you will) for their followers, "Poor dears - of course you should feel this way"

Then - in the height of irony - she stands there with her "exotic" accent telling xenophobic Americans that the daughter of Slovenia is "proud of them." Idealized mother juxtaposed with idealized slut-porn-photo-spread.

It's almost .. Warhol? John Waters?

She's standing there before 35 million viewers with an openly plagarized speech about raising children with values ...? So what is the point? That she is amoral?

They're nuts. He appears to be a sociopath. She may actually be a very intelligent psychopath. Trump's butler said she's a very compassionate person. I think it's crap. She's an actor and she feels very little.

Consider that you're knowingly doing this before 35 million people - at this event. It's high risk fearless behavior - psychopathic.

He may be a psychopath, too. But his former ghostwriter describes an attention deficit issue and a kind of impulsiveness which seems more associated with sociopathy.


Lets be honest Melania Trump's boobs are much bigger than her brains, that's why Don Don, in the most shallow way possible choose her. Blaming Melanie Trump for that crappy speach is stupid, simply read what was put in front of her, nothing more and nothing less.
Trump appears to have some really shite speech writers, lazy insider, plagiarists con artists. The typical low end types you usually find in marketing and public relations agencies. Trump had better get some left wing intelligencia types to write for him, ASAP, otherwise it will just end up looking worse and worse.


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So...Melania Drumph is an idiot -- what a surprise!!


Nooooo -- I don't think we should go so far as to suggest that Melanoma Trump might be "very intelligent". Psychopath, maybe. Intelligent? Noooo!!!


Nice body but no brains, why are pretty women generally dim wits?


I will say it again. This article was both inappropriately insulting and lacking in meaningful substance - which I'm used to from the political right, but which is also becoming all too frequent on the left as well. As such, it was an extreme disappointment. If this can get published in the Left press, then I guess anything goes at this point. It just makes me very sad.