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Melania Trump Planned to Use Presidency as Profit Machine for Herself


Melania Trump Planned to Use Presidency as Profit Machine for Herself

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

First Lady Melania Trump on Monday revealed that she had intended to leverage the presidency into a lucrative venture for herself, with plans to establish "multimillion dollar business relationships" during her time as "one of the most photographed women in the world."

An attorney for the first lady filed a lawsuit arguing that Trump had missed out on a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to grab up "licensing, branding, and endorsement" deals because of a Daily Mail article that alleged she had once worked for an escort service.


Very sick. Capitalizing on an opportunity is the basis of capitalism. The human being sees an opportunity and has a choice to try and benefit from the opening or not. But perhaps not. That describes a conscious choice to capitalize. Maybe the drive for more is deeper. Reminds me of a fairy tale where a King chops down a heart wood tree in a sacred grove is cursed by a witch for so doing to have insatiable hunger. He cannot stop until he devours his whole kingdom and then himself. The greed is driven by something insatiable within, something deep, a wound or wounds perhaps. It cannot be filled up unless it is healed. More and more money more and more things will not fill it up. Melania I suspect is not conscious of this. Sociopaths do not care because the relationship to their soul and heart is damaged.


I've been trying to cut her (on behalf of and in addition to her son Barron) some slack, to empathize with the way she keeps looking to djt when she's out with him, checking to see that she hasn't done something that will be punished once out of camera range. But even though this has the familiar ring of his own lawsuits, it is in her name, and I'm more embarrassed by the marketing plan than by the tabloid allegation.

Anyway, she's really been avoiding being photographed, all along. Hard to make the claim, isn't it?


Through the campaign it appeared, and on November 10 (when his first appointee candidate shortlists appeared) it was confirmed that Trump's POTUS mission is to make the 1% wealthier at the expense of the 99%.

This brand Melania suit is consistent with Trump Regime actions each day since November 10 that are already draining the US Treasury and exacerbating US income and wealth inequality.


But, gee! No conflicts of interest in this presidential family! Impeach? There's no 'there' there!


I don't see what the big deal is. Most politicians profit from their positions. Was she planning to sell perfume or give $250,000 speeches? And they did call her a whore. Instead of focusing on the Trumps because you don't like their politics, maybe fix the system - or throw it out entirely and start over with a new one - instead.

Again, I'm no fan of Trump, but when the media promotes baseless allegations of prostitution or Russian hacking or whatever, it kind of legitimizes Trump's attacks on the press. Just saying.


I suggest looking a bit deeper. Melania is a spy- specifically, a Presidential model MK Ultra asset. She has f'ed her way straight to the top- a quaint, rags-to-riches story, like "Pretty Woman," right? Actually, the call-girl-turned-golden-girl-handler-of-old-men-in-high-places is the oldest spy trick in the book. Acting like a greedy princess is just a cover to make Melania seem more American, while distracting critics from the truth. This is not going to end well.


Well why would anyone stop her from doing it; they haven't stopped him.


I'm afraid there may be no way to stop her. I believe First Lady is not a government position and not subject to any conflict of interest rules.

It is a brazen thing to do, lacking in any sense of what is right and what is wrong, but she probably can't be enjoined from or punished for doing it.


I can see it now--all of us wearing Melania underwear or wigs or some such...strong text


Yeah, unfortunately, since "First Lady" is not a constitutional office, there's no mechanism for impeachment.


First, this was not "the media," but a classic British tabloid (I can't wait to see it reported in the BBC's display of front pages). I'm guessing her solicitor was focused on the British libel laws, which are about damage more than truth. It wasn't covered in US media until she responded.


Sorry, but there is actually little history of any past US presidents or their spouses openly running a business out of the White House. Some made money from their fame and connections after they left, but nothing like this.

Gotta love al the spontaneously, retroactively made-up historical facts going on right now to normalize the Trump regime.


Greed-One of the 7 deadly sins. Seems the 'Trump' brand is bound to be boycotted. Only those whose sense of ethics is twisted towards, the Worship of Money, will buy any thing with this 'brand' on it.


Actually, For anyone who doesn't know about this already, Google -'The Crimes of Mena' and read a report about a Washington Post article suppressed many years ago by criminals within our government, that would have implicated, Reagan-Bush-Clinton. Imagine where our country would be now, if these criminals had been brought to justice. This is not propaganda or fake news. This is 'Abuse of Power'.


Fortunately, few of us can afford the luxury of having to decide whether to boycott the gilded brand.


FWIW, I've maintained a lifetime boycott of all things Trump. :slight_smile:


Can anyone blame the first lady? Melania knows her husband ran for POTUS for selfish, business reasons and is just following in her husbands footsteps.


She sure as hell did not marry DJT for his looks, personality or moral character. It was, is, and always will be about the money for her and thousands like her. (And M cemented her position by bearing a boy child for the emperor...) Ivanka is breathing a sigh of relief to have one less nationally recognizable competitor. During the inauguration neither M nor Iv even looked at each other and stiffened at each other's proximity. No love lost there.

Not surprised...the dung is being slung everywhere in our country.


djt seems singularly disinterested in his youngest child. I've seen some speculation as to why, but for the boy's sake I won't repeat it here. It has to do with a neurological condition with a high incidence among children of aged fathers.