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Meltdown City

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/11/05/meltdown-city

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They should call this right now------Biden has Penn and Nevada —Clayton Co —John Lewis old district is working all night because they want to put Biden over in Georgia------it’s +600 Trump right now.

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The President has been divorced three times. He is now divorced from Ivana. He is now divorced from Marla. He is now divorced from reality.


He has been living in the bubble of his own mind since his inauguration. I don’t know if he deserves incarceration or committal but institutionalization is certainly in order.


Please don’t trivialize obesity Anderson. It’s a serious mental health disease caused by massive misinformation and propaganda, often from advertisers on your network. More than a third of Americans suffer from this deadly disease largely because of the corrupt corporate state that people like you enable.


Truly Accurate…it is an easy goto slur…
Better left out as you say

Trump was raised in an brutally authoritarian family. He has lived as a dictator, denying workers their fair wage, serial polygamy, lying with every breath. He was not fit to be in government in any form, from local to federal, because government, by its nature in a republic, is based on consensus and compromise. Given the US is an oligarchy and has always been so, it still depends on a modicum of civil behavior.
Now that the US has had a taste of authoritarianism, one wonders which way we’ll go. If Trump drags this mega-drama out too long, he risks a Mussolini type ending. But conceding with the hint he’ll run again in 2024 would be a reasonable compromise. “No, I didn’t really lose, but I’ll give the other guy a chance to fail on his own, then return to save you.”
Covid, of course, will have its way with all of us. And there will be no return to “normal”…


A better metaphor is that of a tick. After they have gorged themselves on your, or your pets blood they are so big that if they fall on their backs they lie there helplessly with their little legs wiggling. Trump has sucked the blood out of this country now he’s flailing helplessly with his little hands wiggling. They will look good in cuffs when the Southern District of NY gets him. And there is no more Roy Cohn to save his sorry corrupt ass.


Yes, politics comes from the Greeks, which translates: poli, meaning many; and tics, meaning blood sucking leeches! Pretty smart those Greeks.


This picture of Trump as a turtle is not such a good choice.

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Why ? Do you want to save face for this country but not having “our choice” of IQ45 televising his meltdown ? People of the world already have had four years of exposure and have formed opinions based on that and do not always equate the people of this country with those elites in power anymore than does the world equate the people of the Philippines with their leaders.
We can say what we will about IQ 45 but he did have it right when he made that statement about shooting someone on fifth avenue and still being elected president.

I am thinking the full display of this man should be presented and perhaps a few of those who did make the choice to vote for him may see him in a different way, eventually. That is something to hope for even if the chances are slim.


Really, promoting body shaming, Abby Zimet? During my career as an RN, my eyes were opened to the harm that body shaming, including fat shaming, causes. Trump won’t suffer from your fat shaming, but I’m sure that there are readers of CommonDreams who will experience this as validation of the fat shaming that they experience every day.

It’s no surprise that a privileged creep like Anderson Cooper indulges in body shaming, but it’s a sad surprise to me that CommonDreams would do it, too.

Hi fern:
I like the idea of showing his oId show , " The Apprentice" . Actually as trump has no clue as to how the world actually works---- he truly enjoyed saying the “YOU’RE FIRED,” part.

So actually when he loses----- show his face as on ," the Apprentice," and then have wonderful people all yelling out to Trump,“YOU’RE FIRED.” That seems fair. : )


Hi stardustlBID

hehehe…yes. followed by there are still a lot of people that want to talk to you though.

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Track down Mary Trump’s excellent book. She spills the tea. This is dysfunction, at it’s highest.


I did buy it as soon as it was available. Had to be on a waiting list, but it was worth waiting for. Granddaddy Drumpf should have been sent back to Prussia the second time he entered the US. Would have saved us a world of hurt.
But…playing devil’s advocate here as I was raised in such a culture, I can understand where Donnie was warped so severely. He watched his older brother being tortured because he wanted a life outside of the limited area of The Family. His brain was damaged by cortisol(I’d love for someone to do a PET scan to see how damaged it is). When a person is taught to fear, and taught to be the best, succeed at all costs…well, you have a sociopath in the making.
Those lovely little small rural towns…what goes on behind those closed doors would blow you away. Remember the BTK serial killer in Kansas? He was a pillar of his little town, a church leader. I saw my uncle kick my cat right in front of me, and I broke the Omerta-I told him to leave, STAT. And not come back unless I had a chance to put Cloudy in my bedroom. Animal abuse, child abuse, domestic violence is common. And now our nation is paying for it.


Are you kidding------when fox called Arizona for Biden he did have a meltdown??? And if any of these corporate news stooges had the guts to call this election the way they would in any other election he ----yes Trump will have a meltdown-------They are doing this so Trump doesn’t do anything rash------like blowing up the world--------this guy is in big trouble when he gets kick out.

Don’t worry Trump says he will run in 2024----and a lot of little dictators are ready to follow in his footsteps.


How astute to let a little steam off bit by bit. I do that when I’m using my pressure cooker. But maybe those “pundits” are just keeping their rating up. I am happy to not have a TV and do not enjoy watching it if I am visiting someone who has their blasting garbage.

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Yeah, the worst kind … a gotdam lunatic.
Turtles, on the other hand are very cool. I always hated the McTurtle meme, and now this. Come on.


Trump: h~ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lCsuD0Sbv4A