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Melting Greenland Ice Cap Will Expose Military's Cold War-Era Toxic Waste


Melting Greenland Ice Cap Will Expose Military's Cold War-Era Toxic Waste

Nika Knight, staff writer

The rapidly warming climate will melt Greenland's ice cap to such an extent that thousands of tons of hazardous waste left in the 1960s by a secret U.S. military base will be unearthed by the end of the century, new research finds.

The biological, chemical, and radioactive waste will then seep into the ground and the sea, endangering humans and animals alike.


Another ghost from the cold war past comes back to haunt us. The cleanup task will be monumental but the mentality that led to this mess is still alive and well. We've gone from MAD to madness as the neocons, including Hillary, see nuclear weapons not just as a deterrent but useful in the ongoing warfare for hegemony over resources that we have been engaging in for decades, and certainly useful as we keep prodding the Russians into WWIII. Secrecy about real intentions is the norm. Fighting wars for "freedom and democracy" has always been a bunch of BS, especially post 9/11. I'm sure little Denmark figures this mess in Greenland is the least of their worries.


All to chants of USA USA USA. Is there any where on this Globe that the Military has not left its toxic footprint?


That's it, the security and safety of the world's citizens it too important to leave in the hands of politicians and military organizations.

They ask at the end of this article, Who is responsible to clean it up? Is this to tell me that the moral, upstanding, never wrong United States is trying to distance itself from cleaning up this soon to be superfund country that they poisoned.


In 1968 I was stationed at a joint US Canadian air base at Goose Bay in Labrador. Out of nowhere came an order to mobilize several dozens of US military personnel to deconstruct a whole lot of portable buildings, load them on flat bed trucks, and ship them off to (at the time) we did not know where.
Later, it came out that a B52 carrying nukes had crashed in Greenland and the buildings were needed to provide on site shelter for the clean up crews going there. This, of course, was in violation of treaties forbidding such over flights so time and secrecy was of the essence.
Now after reading this article I wonder if the waste from that crash was stowed in the site mentioned. And for those worried that I might be giving away classified military secrets by writing about it, even Popular Science magazine had an article on the incident.


The true American government (Republican, Democrat) way. Dump deadly toxic material everywhere, kill off everything in the process, then leave it for somebody else to try to clean it up. In this case Denmark? Stop the Nightmare! Go Green 2016, Vote Dr Jill Stein M.D.for President!


Every day we are brought face to face with examples of the murder of life on earth by the actions of the few --- those whose life force springs from short sighted greed, ego and lust for power/control. Yet another example here on CD today.

I have been remiss with my tax installment payments. Was going to get to that this afternoon . . . . . writing the check to the government from a pathetic income of which 1/4 goes to "obamacare. Will put it off again-----can't do so after reading this.

Wondering how other people cope with this. In the meantime, U.S. multinational corporations are stockpiling profits offshore ----- avoiding over 695 billion in u.s. taxes.

How can anyone believe that with all that is unfolding (environmental collapse) we have any time left for another "election cycle" to make things better and have a habitable planet?

It's a toss up between Melancholia and Snowpiercer (although the ending was really stupid) for movies that best represent (for me) the collapse that is happening now.


"Coming generations" aren't you the optimist.


As callous and irresponsible as the US and its military minions were, the Soviets were equally environmentally destructive and arrogant. So take everything we know or suspect about the US toxic legacy of the cold war and multiply it by at least 2.

War - what is it good for? And the answer keeps coming back: nothing Jack.


Right back atcha!!


Those idiots didn't know that ice is unstable? Gdamn,we were doomed from the start, weren't we?


Yes, we were doomed from the start . . . .

And now this:


Gotta give up to Hadyn Parry, (chief executive of Oxitec). His determination to release these GM mosquitoes rivals HRC's determination to be president. To hell with anything else----three cheers for power, money, control at the expense of others---- including nonhuman life!!


"War and militarism also fuel climate change.The amount of oil burned and the burden of smoke released,increases whenever the Pentagon goes to war," Gar Smith, Editor Emeritus - Earth Island Journal. www.PlanetInPeril.ca




I rather think that when the Greenland ice-cap melts and sea-level rises by 5metres that there will be released into the oceans a lot more pollutants than will come from the USA's former military establishment under the Greenland ice. Think of all those submerged petrol stations in Florida; and that is just the start.


The Blob!


Pearl Harbour was merely a bombing raid.Our lot invaded the mainland and wore RED coats and burnt Washington. THAT is an invasion.


And..... did not the president say that we will be spending up to 1T. dollars in the next 10 years to "upgrade" our nuclear arsenal? I hang my head in shame regarding the feckless spending of the military industrial war machine.