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Melting Permafrost Could Cost World Economy $43 Trillion by 2100: Study

Melting Permafrost Could Cost World Economy $43 Trillion by 2100: Study

Jon Queally, staff writer

The melting of the Earth's permafrost could unleash hundreds of billions of tons stored CO2 and methane by the end of this century, warned prominent researchers on Monday, with resulting economic costs that could reach $43 trillion in damages related to the runaway impacts of climate change.

What we see is the ‘me’ generation saying ‘not me’ when it comes to the future. The intensity of short term greed blanks out the long term costs as long as it will be someone else (even one’s own children) who will pay the penalties.

The question becomes if I can make myself $10 dollars now why should I care if it costs you $100 dollars after I am dead.

Except that grandpa was asking his infant grandson napping in his crib.

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43 trillion dollars in COSTS means 43 trillion dollars in profits for the Investor class. They are just itching to get on THIS deal.

putting this disaster in money language, i’m sure will get some attention. but the human costs are incalculable- what that melting has done to the people of the Arctic has already destroyed the culture of the people who live there. and that was worth more than any piddling 43 trillion

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Someday, someday soon, someday soon I hope, wish and pray that the Planet’s 2-legged upright’s with 1/2 a brain see that we are in the throws of the 6th life extinction event…the negative feed-back loops have already pushed us past the tipping point…Dr. James Hanson recently stated elsewhere on the web that we have an “emergency”…but…so many turn on the t.v. and pretend that nothings wrong…even if we stop doing what we are doing right now this moment it would take 100,000’s of years to get the planet back to where it was 410 years ago, that is when we first started shipping seeds of plants to different parts of the globe…look what we have managed to do in 410 years…shame on us all and yes I’m human and feel guilt(y).

quick edit…should be: transporting plants and seeds…

and: this says nothing about all the radiation coming from Japan, The EU and Amurika…this radiation is killing the oceans and our air quite nicely without GW/CC.

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I say that once we get significantly more methane, especially a 50 gigaton release… Money will mean nothing, so why are they talking in terms of money?


Once more with feeling. Our Earth’s celestial orbit has reached the threshold position that precedes the Ice Age, that our Earth has endured regularly for millennia. Because we are nearing the end of our warming period, that time when our warming is reaching it’s maximum, Large amounts of cool water ice melt is flushing into our oceans, thus cooling them. Ocean temperatures play a large part in the climatic changes over land masses. The cooler ocean currents and flows dictate cooling over our continents; thus the new ice age begins, continually reinforced as our celestial orbit swings deeper into the ice age territory.

It is thought by some that this change into ice age conditions could develop quickly, more quickly than our current thinking allows for. North America is destined to be covered once again with sheets of ice hundreds of feet thick, all the way down to New York, and glaciers will cover Europe down as far as Spain.

Whilst this transition occurs the human race, and indeed all life, will experience extreme cold and deprivation of all kinds; this is what we should be preparing for now; the “armies” of current war induced migrant flows, will pale into insignificance, compared to those that will eventually materialise as most of humanity seeks food, shelter and warmer climes, once these truths are recognised. Those of us still clinging to the notions that all of this can be influenced by mankind need to re-examine some basic facts.

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,and, it’s not about the money… the title should have been… Thawing Permafrost could cost Billions of LIVES…

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The title is just a way for the PTB to say, Oh, we let the media know about the methane… they reported it… we didn’t keep anything secret… no no… but by putting the “damage” in terms of money INSTEAD OF LIVES… people who are not truly understanding climate change in the first place… will not be informed… this is along the same lines as the deniers that point to cap and trade and say this is all about money…

Just a slight correction to your otherwise good comment.

Negative Feedback loops make self-correcting stable systems.

It is the Positive Feedback that causes problems. Consider putting a microphone in front of a speaker driven by that microphone. The resultant unstable squeal is positive feedback. A thermostat which turns off the heat when the house gets warm is negative feedback.

Global warming is positive feedback. As the Earth heats up, the formerly reflective polar ice caps melt, resulting in additional heating - which is positive feedback, and is an unstable situation.

However, the resultant mass extinction is actually negative feedback. When the Earth finally rids itself of the human parasite, it can return to normal after a few million years…

gosh thanks, you are of course correct…the “self-correcting stable systems”, is it then a positive that the planet is trying to cleanse itself of the human infestation?

We’re still leaving the previous Ice Age which only ended 11,000 years ago and we are not due for another for tens of thousands of years to come. Our warming period is hardly getting started (at least in terms of ice ages) and has not reached its maximum. In fact a slight cooling trend is just ending (even though recent years have been the hottest ever recorded they will be getting hotter in the next few years. So these the hottest years on record would have been much hotter except for this tiny cooling period which has ended this year.

Large amounts of cool water ice melt is NOT cooling our oceans (ice melts every year although there is much more melting now it does so because the oceans are warmer and the amount of ice melt is too small to cool that much water. Think of a single ice cube melting in a couple of gallons of water) the average temperature of the oceans has increased even down to lower strata which scares the pants off oceanographers because it signifies that the oceans upper levels have warmed so much that they are now unable to absorb the excess heat (global warming) so lower levels (middle upper not the lower or bottom layers although that is also happening but only slightly) are now warming. All the worlds oceans have warmed none have cooled.

Your information is incorrect. Our celestial orbit does not swing although there is a very slight wobbling that may have an effect over thousands of years. There is a myth of a sudden hollywood style cooling but there is no evidence for this. The ice age will return someday most likely 80,000 years from now though.Once again there is no sudden onset extreme cold scenario except in hollywood movies.

What humanity should prepare for is crippling heat, drought, lower crop yields, over population in relation to resources and so forth. In short, over seven billion people and our technological civilization has to have an effect on the environment just as would an overpopulation of deer eat all the forage in their area and experienced hunger and cause a rapid deterioration to the forest as they desperately eat whatever is available including killing young trees (buds) etc.

To suggest that 7 (or 8 or 9) billion people would not have any effect on our environment is nonsensical. Cause and effect times 7 billion+ people… causes a lot of heat/pollution.

The Ice Caps aren’t melting because the oceans are cooler but because they are much warmer…everywhere There is no Ice Age in our future (not for several tens of thousands of years).

Humanity produces HEAT and that is in our future.

Let’s face it…we are doomed. The world is ruled by seven energy firms and they run world goverrnment outright. There’s really nothing we can do to stop the destruction of the planet. We are completely enslaved (physically and psychologically) to our dependence on oil (and gas). I would say that it is fairly impossible to change the collision course we’re on.