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Melting the Ice in the Human Heart


Melting the Ice in the Human Heart

Robert C. Koehler

How close, how intimate, have you ever gotten with Greenland?

A new documentary called Stella Polaris, directed by Yatri Niehaus — part of Chicago’s tenth annual Peace on Earth Film Festival — takes you on a meditative journey to this lonely, extraordinary island, to its melting ice, its rampaging waters and crumbling glaciers, where climate change is a part of daily life, and where the native people have wisdom and heart to offer the rest of us.


Robert Koehler can always be counted upon to write columns of beauty, peace and wisdom week after week after week. Even now, when we are daily inundated with horror, meanness, greed, violence and cruelty, he always finds some little slice of beauty with which to salve our bruised souls.

I admire you, Robert! I am very thankful that Common Dreams features your column every week!


[ “From clothes to food, we had everything we could ever ask to have,” a man named Angaangaq says at one point. “Then the government came and declared that the village of Qaggat, my grandmother’s village, is very poor. ]

wow! the peace on earth film festival! now that’s a great idea. i cannot fly up to chicago–and speaking of global warming we should all cut back our demands for fossil fuels. i like the idea of the q & a which includes attendees. i wonder who wanted to drill on the land where the small village of qaggat? capitalism destroys the land, the oceans, rivers, forests and jungles and fouls the air we breathe. indeed, robert, our so-called “civilizations” could stand some lessons from those beautiful, sustainable “primitive” cultures. capitalism always demands "more!’ and today how many on earth now are literally starving?

i’d like to find a “peace on earth” website where people can chat and strategise together for peace. that way all of us peace seekers could meet online. maybe the peace effort would snowball. we could learn from one another. you know?

[ “The Old People of Greenland have told us, since the sixties, this time it’s too late to stop it,” a native man says. “. . . Your religion, your money and your politics cannot stop the melting of the Big Ice.” ]

and this from today’s democracy now! broadcast, “Freakishly Warm” Arctic Weather Has Scientists Reconsidering Worst-Case Scenarios on Climate Change

i so like the rupert ross quote:
“As the First Principle in The Sacred Tree is phrased: ‘It is . . . possible to understand something only if we can understand how it is connected to everything else.’”


Extraordinarily beautiful and overwhelmingly heart breaking…


I did not have a choice of being born. I did not bring another life into existence. Too many people.


yes indeed! too bad, though, that more peace seekers haven’t joined the discussion yet. if more people would think toward peace rather than react to war . . . ?

ooh, i had a nice image of a person in silhouette walking into the sunset bearing the message:

It’s Better to Walk Alone
than with a crowd headed the wrong way! :slightly_smiling_face: