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Memo to Democrats: 'Taxes/Healthcare' Better 2018 Message Than 'Trump/Russia'


Memo to Democrats: 'Taxes/Healthcare' Better 2018 Message Than 'Trump/Russia'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

For Democrats to win next year, voters need to hear that candidates are "fed up" and "the economy and politics are rigged against the hard-working middle class"

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi


That photo is a real stomach-turner. I’m reminded of a bit of doggerel written for the New Yorker, about one of Chuck Schumer’s spiritual and ethical forebears who was nominated to lead the Senate Ethics Committee:

“Here’s a thought that could drive you to drink
Drink, until completely blotto:
The thought you might someday be judged
On ethics, by Alphonse D’Amato.”

As to the fate of Brand D, may it go the way of the Whigs. The sooner, the better.


You would think that Democrats could win simply by making it clear that they don’t support fascism and white supremacy. But apparently with so many people okay voting for a fascist white supremacist it will take more. Maybe all they really do care about is their economic situation and could care less whether or not they lived in a dictatorship. If that is the case then I guess the Democrats do need a message emphasizing health care and taxes. Although it is a pretty sad comment on the American electorate if they don’t care about American ideals anymore and even don’t care if an adversarial country is involved in selecting who is president of the United States.


Taxes/healthcare vs rump/Russia is similar to saying Love vs Hate.
Young voters don’t want to hear messages about hate. They don’t want their votes cast against something they hate. They want to vote for something they love. Just a perspective on this is all I’m suggesting.


I think the point is people want to hear what Dems are for and not what they are against.


Exactly, and so tired of the middle class nonsense. Many people WISH they were in the middle class. It’s like working class and poor people do not exist. And what about poverty??? Let’s stop this class garbage, and let’s just advocate for a climate class like one poster had stated months ago!


Edited for accuracy: “…rigged against the hard-working middle class, who take it out on the poor.”


It may not be as simple as that. Are you in any economic pain and/or physical pain?


Yep. You got that right.


"As 2016 - and yesterday’s polling from @daveweigel - showed, Trump can’t be beaten until the Dem Party - its messaging & agenda - are fixed.":

Glenn, it is going to take more than this because they need a candidate with a proven record of caring for ordinary people.


Legal Bribes/Election Rigging would better get to the heart of the matter.


There’s a self-professed “jackoff nite club comedian” on YouTube named Jimmie Dore who has been saying this for years!


And why exactly it has to be either or ?


I think it’s because all they care about are donations so they do not care about people who are not rich or at least well off.


I agree- a real statesman ( or woman) would be able to handle more than one issue with integrity.


That “Better Deal” is Grade A bullshit. The Dems could START by thanking Clintonista Donna Brazile for spilling the beans on the gross corruption in the “Democratic” misleadership, and THEN go on to put forth a platform that begins with disowning Feinstein, Pelosi, and Schumer.


We currently live in a country where politicians are bought and paid for on both sides,we currently live in a country where the military is worshiped and kills with no understanding of what they are doing by the populace. And you talk about ideals.

Healthcare for all is an ideal that is achievable now.
$15 minimum wage is achievable now—corporations can get a 2 trillion tax cut but they can’t pay workers a half decent wage???-----There’s a trade off lower corporate and small business tax to 25%(cut out all the business loopholes) and raise the minimum wage to $15hr.

Return a share of the wealth to the real owners of this country would be an achievable ideal that could be done NOW!


Memo to Democrats : Drop Chuck and Nancy or lose the next 3 elections.

Let Mueller do his job, and speak to the “People” about their wants and needs. The Corporations are self sufficient.


Good suggestion Rocky.

There’s too much Hate in this world.

We must embrace Peace and make that the focal point of the conversation in this country.


Sanders and Warren are the only leaders on the left, the others are enablers of the center-right at best–if not complete corporate whores.