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Memo to Hillary Clinton: What’s Not to Like About Denmark?


Memo to Hillary Clinton: What’s Not to Like About Denmark?

Derrick Z. Jackson

Dear Hillary Clinton,

You looked so proud of yourself when you threw Denmark under the bus at last week’s presidential debate. You couldn’t wait to jump all over Bernie Sanders’ suggestion that the United States should look to Denmark, Sweden, and Norway as models of free health care, free education, and paid family leave. You responded with:


While Denmark is a much more advanced nation that the U.S. is, its corporate income tax is much higher than the U.S. This factor alone makes Denmark public enemy number one for the corproate fundamentalists that run our government. No guns, no poverty, great public transportation, national healthcare, national dental care, paid maternity leave, great pensions, high wages, more leisure time, less pollution, more civil servants and less stress. This should make Denmark, rather than the U.S., as the world's "indispensible nation". But the sad reality is that most Americans have never been to Denmark and have no idea that many countries are much wealthier and more democratic than here at home.
If HRC endorsed Denmark as a model for the U.S., she would suddenly find her political career come to a crashing halt. It's bad enough that quite a few Americans have visited Canada and found that this country to the North of them is safer place in which people live longer and and seldom does the population even see a soldier in their midsts.
The "Happiness index" is a metric that corporate America despises and therefore is immediately dismissed by our MSM as 'meaningless' and 'irrelevant'. Longevity, financial security, the eradication of poverty, peace and a strong social safety net are all considered by our corporate State to be of less value than our tax base, inflation or our balanced budget. In other words if the U.S. eliminated poverty, introduced universal healthcare, ended all wars and weaned themselves off of fossil fuels forever, this would be considered two steps backwards if it meant we had "economic stagantion". The growth model is wholly embraced by corporate fundamentalists but rejected by humanists. It is no secret which group runs the show.


It's almost impossible to convince people under the grips of capitalism, consumerism and materialism that there is more to life than money and ... stuff.

Capitalism mocks happiness and contentment. A happy and contented person has no need to live his/her life for consumption that only benefits the oligarchy class.

Life is about living in harmony with one self, our family and friends, our co-workers, our community, and Mother Earth.

A happy, contented life is not about besting someone else to get the upper hand or to exploit for financial gain but rather living in a spirit of harmony and cooperation.

As long as I have enough money to meet my basic needs, I'll take happiness and contentment over money any day.


Want to know why they are all on bikes? Because Denmark has a 180 percent tax on automobiles...happy pedaling to visit family in Jutland...


Is your comment sarcastic? Absent automobiles, there are lots of other ways of getting around than bicycles - like intercity trains that leave every 15 minutes - something people in Europe and Japan take for granted.

Also, can you provide a source for the "180 percent sales tax" on cars?


Hillary continues her uber-nationalist, phony prog bsing of mostly older, mostly female, mostly black primary voters. Her flag waving may look real but the rest of her messages are status quo; and, certainly not tracking a Scandinavian economic model. Triangulated and poll tested, to be sure, though. She's really hoping for a " small " vote in 2016 with a campaign based on DWS delivering Florida and bypassing some populist states, but iffy blue areas, in the West. Despite what Howard Dean tells us about the DNC's 50 state strategy. This is Gore in 2000 and Kerry in 2004, yet again. Where her Senate majority comes from matters not a whit to the Clintonistas. They can, and enjoy, bartering for the Centrist wing of the 1% with the Right Wing of the 1%. Status quo results, maybe worse, for the rest of us on the home front. And, a foreign policy disaster for the rest of mankind who are not war profiteering stock holders. This is why the Sander's insurgency is being hammered on by The Establishment and their surrogates in the MSM. Too bad for Hillary and her calculating bunch that they won't win in 2016. :wink: The majority of USains want real change and prefer a Scandinavian type over a Honduran 1% type ( Sorry, Lanny Davis and James Carville ). No more of the " bombs away " Goldwater b.s. and " split the difference " economic hoodwinkery platform. They've learned bubbles are for bathtubs and champagne, imo. And, 90% of them learned it the hard way, too.


This comment by Hillary on Denmark is from the 90"s. To bad Anderson Cooper didn't follow up and ask what she was referring to. Its a sound bite,slur,to put down social democracy. In this comment we see Hillary's true face. Throw the 99% crumbs while the 1% walk away with the whole pie!


Exactly! Why can't people recognize that she was mocking the 99%? Flipping the finger at us (the 99%) would have had more integrity than her flippant, self-absorbed comment.


But, they have excellent public transportation, so cars are not a requirement for the long haul.


Space Cadet: You are spot on in your comments. I was stunned when she made the remarks about Denmark....it's like she didn't have a clue


A good article and I agree with most of it but there are a few points worth noting:

Iceland, Bhutan, Lesotho, Albania, Paraguay, Mozambique are pretty much tied for number one in clean renewable electricity at essentially 100%. Costa Rica is up there at over 95%; Scotland is over 50% and plans to achieve 100% by 2020. Norway produces an amount equal to its own consumption (has peaked at 122%), has the highest per capita ownership of EVs and is doing all it can to increase that, since they're almost all run on renewables (hydro, geothermal and wind, with more wind on the way). It exports most of its renewable energy.

Others, including a number of African countries are also near-100% renewable (including a lot of hydro, which often has the most ecological impact of renewable energy). Portugal, Spain, and Germany are all doing very well—Portugal & Spain because of a high and growing percentage and Germany because after only 4 years of a nationwide concerted effort, renewables are providing more than 40% of the power for the 4th biggest economy in the world, and the amount is rapidly growing.

Red, white and blue? Norway's flag is red, white and blue; Denmark's is red and white. Sweden's is blue and yellow.


I was reeling and mad as Hell @ Cooper's snarky questions; I had forgotten how he is a zillionaire [inherited]; of course he would be nastiest to Bernie. We all must keep pounding on the Dems for MORE DEBATES. The more people see Bernie, the better they like him--that is, the real people like y'all posting here & yours truly. And NOT on CNN; I don't think I can stomach a long period of time w/Wolf Blitzer; he nauseates me after a few seconds! Move the debates to ABC or CBS & have one of the following who would be a great moderator: Jon Stewart? Mike Pappantonio of Ring of Fire radio? Thom Hartman? Cenk Ughur[sp?]Ed Schultz? I posted these suggestions on a political site for the Dems that "polled" me and then asked for $$. Wonder if anyone will take any of my advice? Oh, and fire Debbie Wasserman Schultz w/her now-uncovered shenanigans to promote her pal HRC & cut O'Malley, Chafee, and BERNIE out of the running. Better than firing her: put her in stocks right next to W and Cheney&his ilk.

On the topic of Shillary, when she said she is a Progressive I thot, well, there is one more whopper to her account! Yea, and I am WonderWoman, Superman& the Incredible Hulk. Like Hell she is a Progressive! Her being favor of "no fly zones" is political-speak for MORE WAR.

We've all gotta Feel the Bern if we want to save what few shreds of our democracy we have left.


Seriously? My gosh, this generation of US liberals clearly oppose the socioeconomic agendas of the successful nations, including Denmark -- an agenda that is built on a strong welfare system, necessary for the economic stability and growth of the nation. Indeed, Americans so strongly believe in the success of the corporate state that they think everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief. And the Clintons were THE key players in converting Americans to this philosophy.

Although the VP usually goes on to run for president, liberal media were recruited early on to sell "New Democrat Party" Hillary Clinton, with her long record of support for the right wing agenda -- pro-war, anti-poor, pro-corporate empowerment, anti-New Deal. The US created a hell of a poverty crisis. Now you tell me, when was the last time you heard a Democrat or liberal call for restoring basic poverty relief for our desperately poor, and many of our unemployable?


The internet is quite a tool, taking off on your mentioning Cooper's snarky questions, here is a piece I found by William Boardman which goes into detail on Cooper's biased role as moderator at the debate.



Vietnam has 200% tax on cars and the silly b---s are buying them; they used to use bicycles and small motorbikes, but status is SO important.


Which "Bernie" would we get? Remember, Sen. Sanders used to speak out powerfully about US poverty and the need for legit poverty relief programs. Times change, and Sanders climbed up on the Middle Class Only bandwagon (with an occasional pat on the head to low wage workers). While liberal media will twist itself into pretzels to avoid the issue, our poverty crisis will play a powerful role in how the 2016 election turns out, as was true of Gore vs. Bush. Sanders did get more middle class campaign donations by dumping the poor, but he lost a mass of (both poor and middle class) supporters.

Either way, Democrats already know that they are likely to lose 2016. It is revealing that the media marketed to liberals went into overdrive to disappear Joe Biden, to sell Hillary Clinton, arguably the most anti-poor Democrat available -- pro-war, anti-poor, pro-corporate empowerment, anti-New Deal Clinton.


Space_cadet: The Scandinavian countries have done a wonderful job building their social democracies, but you are absolutely wrong about the corporate tax rate in Denmark (or any of the other Nordic lands) being higher than in the US. The rate (in 2015) in Denmark is 23.5%, while the rate in the US is 40%. See https://home.kpmg.com/xx/en/home/services/tax/tax-tools-and-resources/tax-rates-online/corporate-tax-rates-table.html to learn more.


I just want to add a small personal comment, being a Danish woman, living permanently in Africa.

I think that our opinions about the physical conditions in our lives has a strong relation to habits: what we are used to is easy for us to relate to and understand, and we tend to like it better, since we are inside our comfort zone, unless of course we are thrown in the dungeons.

So many aspects of sharing and cooperation comes easy for me having been born in and growing up in Denmark with its all-embracing social values including free health, free education, well-functioning public transport, and many more socially supportive elements. I take such things for granted as the foundation for a good quality of life, and I find it fair that wealth does not determine well-being.

Having lived for many years in Africa, I am aware that what I find "normal" is not available here. People have learned to live without a supportive public structure inside a reality where individual struggle for well-being is the daily activity. I often feel sad when I in my daily life experience that people suffer and die because they do not have sufficient funds to get healthy food or proper medical support, and that they do not prosper and develop their intellect because they cannot afford formal education or training. However, I also observe that many find this way of life normal. Most do not protest or demand changes, exactly because they are used to this reality and having not tried an alternative they cannot compare with something else. After all, we only know about day light because we experience darkness of the night.

Being able to compare, I have come to conclude that although a solid physical foundation in life does not necessarily mean that one becomes a better human being, it does mean that one can focus on other issues than merely survival. It is unfair that higher pursuits are only available for the wealthy ones - they anyway earned their wealth by taking more than their rightful share of our common resources - it must be something to which we all have access.

Conclusively, when we get the privilege to compare more realities, we are better able to put our habitual way of life in perspective, to compare, and then conclude and demand what we find being socially optimal for humanity. I am not supportive of any global political ideologies, all of which I find not useful in supporting society and nature. Instead, I fully embrace the values of cooperation, sharing, justice and allowing for a quality of life for all living beings in society and nature. I trust I received the seeds of these civilized values from being born a Dane.


They have adequate "stuff" in Denmark. If you need more stuff than they have in Denmark it is an indication that you require too much stuff.


If Denmark was as huge as the United States they would probably rely more on cars. Duh.