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Memo to Mainstream Journalists: Can the Phony Outrage; Bernie Is Right About Bias

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/17/memo-mainstream-journalists-can-phony-outrage-bernie-right-about-bias


The problem here was that once this story of Bezo’s hissy fit about Bernie questioning the motives of his paper (ie, Bezo’s bagman editor and his phony outrage from the cross) hit the liberal alt media, many of the actually circled the wagons around the main stream media. I was reading things like the daily kos and mother jones who presented articles actually defending the MSMs editorial process. Then I turned on Stephanie Millers show and her and her producer ( Chris Lahoy) spent 15 mins with more passive aggression towards Bernie ( more than usual I mean) with Miller suggesting Bernie is nuts and Lahoy saying that he’s worked in radio for years and never heard of an owner or editor blacklisting stories and reporters.
Before the left can have a true debate on this we must first convince OUR supposed “independent” media of the clear and prescient fact that, here we go, BERNIE DID NOT MAKE HILLARY LOSE TO TRUMP. SHE DID THAT ALL BY HERSELF. To listen to people like miller, and the editorial staff at the Post, you would think that somehow a combination of evil Bernie supporters not voting for Hil (a lie) or Russians stuffing ballot boxes (another lie) or even the outrageous claims that Jill Stein cost Hillary Michigan and Wisconsin when it was clearly low turnout among black voters in urban areas who were kept from the polls by voter suppression laws.
The problem is that there clearly remains an organized pro-Hillary pro-Third way bias in the “independent” media. Just check the comment boards on the supposed progressive sites. They are filled to the brim with Third Way trolls and Hil-bots. Until those groups are excised from the Democratic Party, real progressive change will be impossible.


Shakespeare’s “brevity is the soul of wit” serves us well here. Editorship through a wink and a nod goes a long, long way. Paper trails are not needed. Alphabet Soup Agency control of international media was so effective that the game was brought to the Homeland. Ya?


It’s dumbfounding that this is still such a unquestionable assumption of the MSM and so many Democrats. But, it only seems to have gotten even more entrenched. That and the notion that Julian Assange, James Comey, along with Sanders, Stein, and progressives in general, were all part of Putin’s ‘war on US democracy’.

Question this ridiculous nonsense and supporters of establishment Dems label you a Russian troll.


I agree, but I’m not optimistic. From my experience with the Democrat’s local and statewide Party organizations, I believe that real progressive change is not possible. The influence of wealthy plutocrats as well as center-right law firms, business associations, think tanks, and political analysts is structurally entrenched throughout the organizations. I worked with agroup of progressives activists who tried to get a few representatives, but despite popular support, those in power changed rules, got names taken off ballots, got write ins dismissed from counting, etc., and when all else failed, eliminated seats. In summary, my sense is that the Party is very anti-democratic.

My experience, however, is just with the Party apparatus in a few East coast states. I’d like to see a more comprehensive assessment of the Party dynamics throughout the country.


Just for an experiment, try going to the Mother Jones website and just for giggles, post a pro Bernie, anti Hillary/third way comment. You will immediately be inundated by caustic replies from countless trolls and bots. It’s really quite extraordinary to see just how entrenched the conservadem ethos is in the supposed “independent” media.
And not that anyone pays attention to Bill Maher anymore, but last nite I guess he had another anti-Muslim, anti-Palestinian meltdown while following the company line and decrying the BDS movement. Of course this is very telling, as what you hear leave Mahers lips you just know was previously approved by the likes of Saban/Schwartz and the other big money east coast (Jewish) democratic power brokers.
( Now I’m of course going to be called anti-Semitic again because I mentioned Jews and money in the same sentence)
Until the Democratic Party tells Haim Saban to take his racist hateful money and give to republicans, the Democratic Party will continue to flounder in a prison of their own creation, one where they are now Nixon republicans.


I live in southwestern PA, and I can tell you from personal experience how frustrating it is being a liberal in an area where the Democratic Party has all but given up. Around here all you see is the democrats playing the identity politics game of rallying only African American votes in Allegheny county (Pittsburgh) and spending almost no time in the suburbs with the exception of slapping a donkey sticker on a republican (Connor Lamb) and hoping the GOP is so stupid as to run a Nazi.
The Democratic hierarchy have convinced themselves that the only way to win votes on the Rust Belt is to shift to the Right. All that faulty thinking has produced is wack-a-mole teapublicans and now their evil spawn, trumpsters running formerly democratic strongholds, all the while democratic voters are alienated by center/right candidates posing as progressives.
All we old democrats out here in the Rust Belt want is a liberal to vote for. But if we contact the local democratic precinct captain, we are dismissed as out of touch old crackpots.


Today’s media jobs are another example of what “workin for the man” meant back in the 60s.

“Left a good job in the city,
Workin for the man every night and day” - Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Proud Mary


Couple definitions here …Corporate Journalist - one who’s paycheck (often in the 7 figure range annually) depends on: 1. maintaining ratings 2. maintaining the status quo, which always favors the corporate sponsors 3. broadcasts on traditional cable TV. Challenging the prevailing narrative can mean loss of job - Phil Donahue, Iraq war; Jesse Ventura, the same; Ed Schultz, just interviewing Bernie in 2015. Often the endless rantings tend to make the newscaster look like a raving nutcase - Rachael Maddox and the never ending story of Russiagate with all the accompanying drama is one example.

Citizen Journalist - one who mostly goes on you-tube and examines the news based on what is never said by the corporate lackeys recognizing that the status quo most usually works against anyone not a member of the elite. The citizens journalists are now challenging the their corporate counterparts and winning over viewers on a an increasingly massive scale forcing the corporate heavyweights to pressure you-tube to cut off financial support of what are very popular outlets with hundreds of thousands of viewers.

It is a battle to control the flow, content and access to quality information.


I hear you loud and clear.Thursday morning on CNN, Poppy Harlowe had a female freshman Congress member from Pennsylvania on air. Poppy almost demanded the woman ( suburban district flipped in 2018 to Democratic ) endorse Joe Biden, ostensibly because he was the favorite son candidate from the state. The Congresswoman, to her credit, wouldn’t take the commands/hints from Ol’ Poopy the Harlot, and twice refused to give " Grandpa Lecherous Joe " the thumbs up.
Such a blatant exercise in intimidation I was waiting for Ol’ Poopy to reach through the TV screen and pull the Congressman’s hair out. What a shrill, brittle ol’ bottle blonde Poopy showed herself to be.
Just another day of the MSM throwing their hips around, pretty much. The tough pro-$$$-moneybags for the MSM status quo. Yikes!
So it goes when wealthy MSM anchors need to suck up to Managment by acting like Nurse Ratchetts on the TEEVEE.


neoliberals sort themselves according to class. even the “indy” media is a middle class enterprise at worst, so it’s natural that they would be neoliberals. this site included, incidentally.

there is no real working class media in the US. Even most of the socialist sites are run by middle class, educated people.

sanders’ campaign is a class-based campaign, so it’s going to be at odds with most media outlets that have their financial interests in the status quo. this is an obstacle that’s just going to have to be overcome.


"Hypocrites The Lot Of Them."

Just say “no” to the Judases on air.

Steve, thanks for putting those of us who’ve had anything to do with the Democratic Party on the spot. While I don’t usually like incriminating myself, I’ll share a little.

Our family logged a lot of volunteer door-to-door hours to get Obama-Biden, and also Harkin for Senate, elected in 2008, and what did we show for it? That’s a rhetorical question.

There was a distinct feeling of the beltway Dems purging those of us left-of-center. From 2009 until 2016, I had little to do with our local Democrats, but I caucused for Bernie in 2016. In 2018, our son ran for Iowa House as a Democrat in a 3-way primary race, but another candidate won.

Iowa Democrats are lost in the woods. Dubuque County voted Repub for President in 2016 for the first time since 1956. Democrats are in the minority in the House and Senate, and the governor is Repub. I’ll leave it to the pundits to analyze us, and that’s enough for me to share today.


What kind of tax subsidies does Amazon get?

As we learned from recent testimony by Dr. Robert Epstein (on Youtube), Hillary’s popular vote margin was actually generated by Google & Facebook manipulation and slant in pre-election stories. So there goes another Dem trope about the cause of our national distress. The situation appears to be unsolvable from the inside. The curse of Exciting Times.

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Yet here in the 21st century the vast majority still “works for the Man” except the “Man” himself. That includes most politicians. Another name for “the Man” is “the Establishment” Peace


Fortunately, (I live in suburbs west of Chicago) there’s a really good FM college radio station that specialized in all manner of jazz. I listen to WCPT AM because I kind of like the chatter on the Stephanie Miller show. I listen on the way home as well, to the guy at 6 pm or so. He’s more of a centrist. Both shows talk a good game, but they do steer the topics and the callers a certain way. I switch to the FM jazz station during WCPT’s many commercial breaks, and don’t make a big effort to switch back. I gave up on MSNBC a long time ago; and I no longer watch Bill Maher as much. Good guests, but he, as a conversation “conductor”, swings a pretty heavy baton.

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Though Jeff Cohen is preaching to the choir on CD, this topic is never old. Every minute we see gross examples of media bias and it is our duty to dissect, criticize and expose this campaign of misinformation if we’re serious about establishing a functioning democracy one day here at home.


This reminds me of the Editorial Bias of the NYT::

I sent this comment on Hong Kong (and the world) to the NY “Times” just this morning “To Understand Hong Kong, Don’t Think About Tiananmen” — “Memories of the 1989 crackdown in Beijing loom large. That’s understandable, but misleading.” By Ilaria Maria Sala

Yes, Ilaria, “Don’t Think About Tiananmen” — think about the aborted Second American “Revolution Against Empire” in 1968 — and about the coming peaceful & globalized “Revolution Against Empire”.

Chief Joseph 1877 “Hear me, my chiefs! I am tired. My heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands I will fight no more forever."

Joseph and his Nez Perce people in Oregon allied with the Lakota people, attempted to survive within the Northwest Territories and Canada.

Chief Joseph was finally moved to the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington, where he died in 1904.

Along with this comment that I wrote over two decades ago:

"Fighter pilots have a saying that, “speed is life”. But, for all the rest of us, “inclusiveness is life” — and tribalism is death by the oldest lie of empire.

Racism is another deadly old lie of empire, as is aggressively fundamentalist religion.

Nationalism is a somewhat newer lie of empire, proving particularly deadly in the 20th century.

While, economic ideology is the newest, and current, lie of empire (which is causing our economic and environmental collapse).

But all the lies and deceptions of “empire-thinking” lead ineluctably to the very same grave — so choose your empire poison, stupidly. Or choose your inclusiveness, wisely."

And ended by saying only that:

"There are only two levers in the voting booth — one labeled democracy and the other labeled Empire.

The ironic and oxymoronic labeling of “Citizens United” by an un-Supreme Court — which should accurately have been named “Corporate Power & Money United”.

Although the “Times” has previously published my comment of two decades ago — the “Times” somehow didn’t want to publish the whole thing together?

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I gave up watching Maher years ago, after he all but encouraged the genocide of Palestine and for that matter, most Muslims.
Stephanie Miller, like all the Clintonites, gets tiresome in her passive aggression towards all things Bernie. And her “blue no matter who” screed is tiresome. Is she saying that if Nixon rose from the grave today and won the nomination that we should vote for him?
I do miss college radio.

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