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Memo to Rudy: Collusion Isn’t a Crime, But Conspiracy Is


Memo to Rudy: Collusion Isn’t a Crime, But Conspiracy Is

Miles Mogulescu
Hey Rudy: back in the day when you were a federal prosecutor, you were a pretty good lawyer. Maybe you’ve gone senile. Or maybe you’re just making stuff up to confuse the public about the possible criminal liability of top Trump campaign officials, or even President Trump himself.

Monday on Fox you claimed, “I’ve been sitting here looking in the federal code trying to find collusion as a crime. Collusion is not a crime.” On Tuesday, your client, Donald Trump tweeted the same claim, “Collusion is not a crime.”


And now we know more about the VIPS memo too, which guys like Solomon have been pushing for way too long:


“gone senile and just making stuff up to confuse the public about the possible criminal liability of top Trump campaign officials, or even President Trump himself”

Miles also accurately points out - “A criminal conspiracy commences when two or more persons agree to commit an unlawful act, then take at least one overt step in furtherance of the conspiracy. Criminal conspiracy does not require that the ultimate ends of the conspiracy are ever even carried out.”

“take an example closer to home, if Russian operatives contacted the Trump campaign to say they had access to the DNC’s security system and Hillary Clinton’s emails, and top Trump campaign officials met with the Russian operatives seeking to obtain this information, they could be guilty of criminal conspiracy, even if no information was actually then turned over by the Russians.”

The term “the Russians” covers a lot of ground, mostly claimed to be “The Kremlin” and Putin…trump is in bed with the oligarchs, bankers, and mob, in possible “collusion” - follow the money!

The questionable charge is used by Clinton (Hill & Bill) and Obama DINO sellouts and corporatists to excuse and divert attention from HRC’s embarrassing defeat…and especially the DINO party establishment arrogantly nominating her instead of Sanders and being responsible for the rise of trump and all the evil, white supremacist racism, tax-cuts for the richest, environmental destruction/pollution/exploitation, racist border family separations, making the US even more of an Israeli lackey and lap-dog fomenting war against Iran, other warmongering (Yemen) war-crimes and obscene military/war-machine funding…collusion from the DINO Dem war-machine supporters and war-criminals in their own right!..


Wow! Thanks for the link. I just read it, but I need to read it again. Lots to digest there. Like a nested Russian doll. Disinfo…


As I’ve noted before, there was never any reason to invest any more truth in theVIPS memo than the Intelligence Community, if you want to treat information as equal. The VIPS memo was based on partial early information and members of the tech community, along with members of VIPS itself, pointed out that there were other ways of reaching adequate download speeds. People chose to believe what they wanted to though and propagandists, like John Solomon—sorry, but I believe his last article was willful deceit—pushed that narrative. Frankly, I’m embarrassed by the whole thing. It’s really opened my eyes.


The oddest of ironies in Flame Brain’s Monday tweet: he’s not guilty of collusion because collusion is not a crime BUT Hillary is guilty of collusion [because she’s crooked??]


One thing is coming clear-----Trump was asking for Russia’s help and in return he was promising to drop sanctions. AND PEOPLE ON THE LEFT NEED TO START ASKING IF THEY WANT TO BE CONNECTED WITH RUSSIA.


What? That reasoning is NOT clear to me. Spell it out please.


Yeah except for the fact that collusion could be considered giving aid and comfort to an enemy which would indeed make it a crime.


The December 16, 2016 Steele Dossier doesn’t just claim informants believed the Kremlin was in the election for Trump, but that the Trump campaign was actually spending money for hacked election materials. Per Steele’s sources, Cohen traveled to Prague not just to get information, but to figure out how to transfer money undetected.

I believe that’s what is being referred to. That, in addition to lifting Magenski Act sanctions in exchange for election help.


Well, I get that. After re-reading “illusion’s” post 6 or 8 times, I realized that it was the faulty antecedent that tripped up my understanding ALTHOUGH THE SCREAMING CAPS DIDN’T HELP MUCH.

You see, I don’t want to be connected with Russia.


Personally, a connection to Russia isn’t an issue for me, but the aiding and abetting of the theft of proprietary materials for the purposes of winning an election with the help of a foreign government, much less repressive fossil fuel oligarchs. I find it ironic that progressives who rail against the money and influence of wealthy Americans in elections, work diligently to obfuscate the role of rich foreign oligarchs in the same.


In the election their is video of Trump asking Russia to get Clintons 30,000 emails----Donald Trump is asking a foreign power to commit crimes for his election. Trump is also asked by a Russian “reporter”(she is currently being held in custody for being a foreign agent) if he would get rid of sanctions—and Trump said he would.< This is in video.

We live in a CORPORATE MILITARY POLICE STATE(There is a reason we hear so little about the military when it is the center of what the US has become) Russia also is a POLICE STATE!!! Do the Russian hierarchy want the US to become this beautiful progressive state??? Right now we need to go to paper ballots----because no one knows who has the keys to the voting machines. Though the democrats most likely don’t want the keys because they really don’t want to win.


Any other citizen carrying on like DJ Trump would have been declared an enemy combatant and been thrown in solitary confinement without benefit of legal counsel.