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Memo to the Media: How Not to Cover the President


Memo to the Media: How Not to Cover the President

Lynn Sherr

Dear esteemed colleagues, former colleagues and other members of the responsible media I’ve never met:

I am not being sarcastic. Honest. I respect your work and I know that you — we — are the only thing that has ever stood between a robust democracy and the hydra-headed evils of corruption, greed, incompetence and ignorance. Not to mention the hypocrisy of lies and self-aggrandizement from an unrelenting narcissist with no ability to temper his own apparent madness.


It is encouraging to finally hear a MSM figure speak truth to power. Mostly the MSM parrots the comments of the powerful and then it ducks behind intimations of decorum and polite accommodation to avoid asking the questions the media knows that people want to hear asked.

This article was refreshingly honest.


A similar suggestion for journalists covering this White House. "Who's News?/Whose News?" https://youtu.be/mAzadLr0QW4


My rant to the MSM:
Quit being sycophants, presstitutes, stenographers, whorespondents and cheerleaders for: AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM, AMERICAN HUBRIS, AMERICAN HEGEMONY, AMERICAN WARS AND AMERICAN WAR CRIMINALS!


Ms Sherr: It is for the very reasons you state in your piece that I do not read most "news' outlets. Editors may think that readers can be fed swill and that those who cannot stomach it are in such small numbers that it does not affect revenues from their advertisers, but our numbers are increasing and - with the current flood of lies coming from the administration - rapidly. Thank you for sharing your views. ,


I'm not convinced that ignoring the carrot topped quasi elephant in the room is that good an idea, but perhaps the suggestion should have included ad nauseum to the request. I have noticed as the wire tap kerfuffle progresses and our "socalled" president keeps revisiting it for an impossible win, he seems more and more ridiculous and unhinged. Rave on sir, rave on.