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Memo to Trump: US Interests in the Era of Climate Change


Memo to Trump: US Interests in the Era of Climate Change

During the US presidential campaign, President-elect Trump argued that global efforts to address climate change, such as the Paris Climate Agreement, were a “bad deal” that posed an unnecessary burden for business. Although he initially indicated he could withdraw from the Paris Agreement, he has more recently suggested that he has an open mind. I would urge him to reconsider his opposition to climate change cooperation.


Trump seems just to want chaos and turn everything upside down. I would expect most of the world including most Americans will just have to ignore him and move on if they want to fight climate change. The most compelling reason to fight climate change is that is an existential crisis. Now that we have reached 1C we may be only a fraction of a degree away from the tipping point for thawing permafrost in the Arctic regions to start releasing large quantities of methane and become a driver of global warming. That could mean at least an extra 2C of warming eventually. Climate scientist James Hansen has argued in a published paper that this is very likely to occur. Whatever the circumstances are we need to drastically reduce emissions immediately. All delay is harmful. This is an emergency that most people do not seem to be taking seriously or are even aware of the emergency situation.


Yes, you are right... and so... do you really see the action needed... taking place?...... I do not.... and .. the feedback loops that are ALREADY SPEWING CO2... for instance... article I just saw/read a week ago or so.... Big Ag ...has, since 2009..... plowed up 3..6 million acres of new farm land... which, it stated, is not even as productive as that that has been in use before this.... AND SO.... all that plowed up land... has now released enough co2... to make the equivalent of 670 million new cars on the road....