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Memorial Day – 7 Facts Documenting Our Neglect of Millions of Veterans


Memorial Day – 7 Facts Documenting Our Neglect of Millions of Veterans

Bill Quigley

While flags fly and politicians preach patriotism, millions of our veterans remain neglected. Here are seven examples.

20. Twenty veterans die by suicide each day. In fact, the risk for suicide is 22 percent higher among veterans than the non-veteran population according to the Veterans Administration.


America has never truly cared about it’s veterans. 20 Suicides a day…think about that horrific statistic. The military serves the interest of military industrial state and big oil. The soldiers are to be used and then discarded.


It is always a pleasure to read Bill Quigley. Even though the subject matter is depressing, we need someone like Bill to keep it in front of us. In the starkness of the statistics he provides lies
the hollow cheapness of the “Thank you for your service.” platitudes, as well as the hypocrisy spewing forth from the mouths of Congress, with a few exceptions.


Ah Bill, there ya go with the facts again. Ur spoiling my M-Day barbecue. What kind of patriotism is that? I’ll bet you didn’t even watch the Indy 500 and certainly were not among the 300,000 patriotic souls in person who didn’t get to see anybody die (but there were some good crashes at least). And finally, don’t forget"



I have gotten another job at valdermot (the corporation that cannot be named).
I still can’t pay my bills, but that is another story.

In the parking garage, the number of “light trucks” of american manufacture have increased substantially.

There is one particularly massive one with a full cab and full bed, it would seem. it always sticks out into the driving lane a little.

If anyone is familiar with decals on autos that represent flames, this one has one of those on it. Only the shape is that of the flame, but pattern inside the decal is the American flag.

It is parked in the handicapped spot on the ground floor right next to the elevator.

I suffer from some dissonance every morning as I pass it.


And some nausea as well, I expect!


Nobody points out at these fault lines and discuss them to the general masses in a significant fashion.

And the media just keeps hammering home the jingoism.


What a pity the veterans don’t make those responsible pay for their failure with their lives… would be amazing how fast the problems would get fixed… it would be like magic.


I thought I’d sneak this one in here too.

I introduced myself to “Dulce Et Decorum Est” some years ago and was thereby made first aware of Owen’s poetry and tragically short life. I was already in my middle years.

I took the coward’s way out of service in Vietnam 1969. I didn’t present myself as all that bright during my Catholic elementary, high school and collage. I hadn’t any distinction, other than ploding along as a slow student, going thru a high school which George Carlin had ditched two years earlier and a college that Mario Savio had also dumped a couple of years earlier to rouse rable on the West Coast. I believe I only realized some degree of self-aware cleverness, after going up against a draft at the tail end of the filthy and brutal war against the Nation of Vietnam. I weaseled my way into Naval officer flight training and got assigned to a four engine, Russki submarine snooping aircraft over the North Atlantic. It was great having your friendly traffic cop wave you on with a mild warning “let’s slow down Lt”. Essentially, as I crept into the middle of life I became more and more convinced that all military entities (especially US ones) and the wars they fought were shit.

So here I was this morning, checking my investment funds , sitting in front of a computer here in Germany, wondering why the count on the NASDAQ haden’t moved since it’s 9:30 EST opening. And it suddenly dawned on me - It’s Memorial Day You Jackass.


A parade of hypocrisy


Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler USMC, an American Hero:





And just so we don’t forget, it was that prick General Douglas MacArthur who rousted the bonus marchers and beat on them until they left or died.


If you ever wanted to see a class system at work this is IT. THE BLOOD IS DRIPPING FROM THE HANDS OF THE PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES. WE DO HAVE CHOICES—even though we live in a military police state-------and we speed on down the road to war with Iran or North Korea or someone------The leader of North Korea has no plane available that can fly more than a thousand miles----and this is a country the US media throw up as a mortal threat???

I thought of joining the military in my younger years-----get in shape -all kinds of benefits----but just one problem-----THEY ARE TRAINING YOU TO KILL PEOPLE!