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Memos Show Trump Suggesting Journalists Being Raped in Jail So They Would "Talk" and Comey Just Laughs


Memos Show Trump Suggesting Journalists Being Raped in Jail So They Would "Talk" and Comey Just Laughs

Jon Queally, staff writer

Amid more salacious talk and other key interactions—including discussions of "golden showers"; how President Trump claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin bragged to him that Russia had the "most beautiful hookers in the world"; and a request by the president for the then FBI director to "let go" of the investigation into national security advisor Michael Flynn—a revealing moment


Recently I have not been frequenting this site as often as I used to because of all the Trump obsession I find here. Sometimes it is hard to believe that the knowledgeable and well-meaning people who populate this site are so taken in by the Trump distraction created by the Corporate Media, the propaganda arm of the true Axis of Evil (AOE) – Wall Street, the Military Industrial Security Complex, and the Energy Industry. Trump should not be the main focus of anyone trying to understand the political situation in the US or the West generally. Trump is a narcissistic clown who is little more than an interloper on the modern Great Game, run in the US by the AOE.

Trump likely only ran as a publicity stunt in order to help him launch some new business venture, probably a planned new media company positioned on the right, hoping to start off with claims of being robbed of winning the election. But the bumbling and idiotic Clinton team, hired mostly by the incompetent puppet Hillary Clinton, somehow managed to lose, in part by being so dense they continually attacked the simple-minded narcissist personally, enraging and energizing him to the point he became a dangerous opponent.

In the aftermath of his victory, the AOE has been trying to remove him, not of course because he is a clown or because of the silly charges regarding his personality or his stances on social issues, but because he has claimed that his approach to avoiding nuclear war is to improve relations with Russia (possibly even for the right motives, as he clearly loves his children and grandchildren and wants to minimize the risk of WW III). The AOE has been planning for years to continue the Shock Doctrine through Syria and Iran and Russia stands in the way, so they want to confront Russia and push it aside regardless of the risks, which is the opposite of Trump’s purported plan. They are trying to force Trump to accept their plan, and, if they cannot, they will get rid of him one way or another. Though in the meantime, they certainly don’t mind his cutting taxes for the rich, cutting environmental and industry regulations, and increasing the military budget.

By focusing on Trump and claiming he is the source of the danger, too many people are falling into a trap set for them and missing the big picture.


I very much dislike Trump but this article kind of makes me angry. Nice Click bait headline, and I’m sorry but ‘making friends in prison’ could just as well mean, getting one’s ass kicked. Not that it makes it much better… but saying he Said rape… is like saying Assad used chemical weapons.

Be fucking accurate.


Is there any crime or immorality where mr. tramp will not go?


It is an exclusive club. Comey and Trump are both members, but you and I are not. This is all smoke and mirrors.


The click bait in the headline is completely unfair. Not only was the word “rape” not used in the 2/14/17 memo, but Comey’s laughing is shamefully misrepresented. Remember that this is Comey’s own account of a private meeting demanded by the POTUS, after a “homeland threat briefing” with a lot of people present. Reince Priebus was rushing djt to another meeting. The laughing comes on the 2nd mention of going after the press, and “as I walked to the door Reince Priebus had opened.”

It was not a time to dicker with the POTUS. They’d been trading impossible scenarios for dealing with leakers — “head on a pike,” and in the earlier exchange “nail one to the door” had been Comey’s contributions. But the first time djt brought up punishing reporters, and mentioned Judy Miller by name, Comey says “I replied that I was a fan of pursuing leaks aggressively but that going after reporters was tricky, for legal reasons and because DOJ tends to approach it conservatively.” [emphasis added]

Suggesting that Comey has been caught in something bad by one word in his own memo is so unfair as to be laughable itself. I myself have smiled or otherwise let an offensive remark by a boss pass to get out of the meeting, especially if I’ve already made clear how inappropriate the sentiment is. But yes, if it’s important enough, I might memorialize it for later reference.


Two sectors of the US economy that ARE thriving during the Trump regime…legal services and book sales.

Ain’t it gonna be great when the Dims rescue us in November ? LOL


Missing “your” big picture which not everyone necessarily agrees with.


kivals… you wrote out your obsession with Trump bashing too. Free speech really under the gun. Maybe carry a sign in public saying Trump Sucks all by your lonesome. How long before the police show up? If hundreds of thousands plus did the same thing we could get this rejection of tyranny started. A bigger opposition movement free of outside manipulators does not have to be over organized. It’s people using their voice publicly for all to see and hear without fear. Otherwise the evolving writing on the wall will eliminate all of humanities freedoms.


I knew that Trump was a monster, but this?

Lordy, I wish James Comey had a tape of that conversation.



Many of us here at Common Dreams agree with your comment wholeheartedly.

Many are too proud to take any responsibility for their decades of support they’ve given to either of these two corrupted political parties.

It’s a psychological addiction. An “us” against “them” mentality they can’t shake.

I am putting my faith in the youth who I believe will not tolerate the wanton rape and abuse of our planet, and the theft of our country’s treasures.


AMEN!   Tweetle-Dumb is just a symptom of the disease — a festering pustule on the surface that distracts us from the cancerous corruption coursing through the veins of our body politic.  But the greed of Wall Street, Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Ag, the Military-Industrial Complex and the Fossil Fuel cartels is not the only prob­lem.  Don’t overlook the Funny-Dementalist “christian” Dominionists like DeVos, Cruz, Pence, Rubio and their ilk who are working hand-in-glove with the AOE to undermine what little is left of our democracy and replace it with a theocratic dictatorship.


Ah yes, Comey and Meuller-- police state fascist functionaries – are going to save the Dems, “liberals,” “independents” (feel me Bernie?!) and 'progressives" from their own collective suicide. It aint so great for the rest of us though. Time to wake up.


This morning driving into work I listened to two short excerpts ( eye witness accounts ) read from a Mr. Jones and a Mr. O’Brien concerning what took place at My Lai and in Da Nang Province in 1968 and continuing into 1969. It was darkness at high noon every day, by the aforementioned accounts.
There are no degrees of darkness in these atrocities during wartime. And, the U.S. has been involved in these abominations since 1942. Overtly, covertly, at home or abroad, the discourse and crude coldness which has burrowed into our daily consciousness is hardly new or even newsworthy. Raping, torturing, shooting the heads off infants for sport or to " send a message "; and much worse, is as acceptable as coffee table talk was in the 1950s. Of course, then, the children were told to leave the room and/or told nicely but firmly to go play outside. How quaint.
These recollections of Comey concerning his conversations with Trump are much ado about nothing, pretty much. The darkness enveloped us all a long, long time ago. Being shocked is naive, at best. Being unprepared is being willfully ignorant. Nothing, is like darkness. Nothing is sacred anymore. We " screwed the pooch " on that a long while back. Photos and journals, but not much remorse, remain though.
Jailing journalists, hinting that sexual assault will loosen their collective lips; phffft… come on, that’s child play anymore. Just ask Trump, Comey and … it’s getting to be a very long list.


CD is starting to resemble a supermarket tabloid for progressive soreheads.


Agreed… most media people, especially the ones who graduated in the bottom half of their class, and way too many, if not most, people go for the low-hanging fruit (a very useful expression). They’re too lazy, cowardly, or dense to perceive the real threats you talk about. THAT is outre scary to me.

Here’s hoping these mobilized kids can lead us through… am crossing my fingers and agreeing with PonyBoy.


I’d upvote your post, succinct and on-target, 1000X if it were possible.


Is there no one out there who has laughed when so upset or horrified that the person responded by laughing?
I laughed once when told that a favorite teacher had just died. The laughter was followed a little later by tears. Trump will do anything, say anything, to deflect criticism of his abysmal behavior.
This man is so full of himself he couldn’t see the sunrise if he was staring right at it.


Believe me, I am not missing the big picture and you are right about it not being all about only Trump. Of course it is not just Trump! Trump would never have gotten anywhere and he would not still be president if it weren’t for many other equally disgusting republicans and many other things. Read Democracy in Chains if you haven’t already. That was an eye opener for me because it validated something that I already believed and gave me plenty of evidence and facts and background info that I never knew. There is a vast evil faction in this country that is not just going to disappear when Trump leaves office.

One good thing about Trump is his stupidity. He is revealing the truth with his easy to uncover lies and machinations and making the total moral bankruptcy of the entire Republican Party, the so called Religious Right and the entire right wing in America blatantly obvious to anyone who has eyes to see or who doesn’t have earplugs in their ears. Trump is exposing the serious danger that we are all in in America. Trump is the ultimate wake up call to every freedom loving American. The greatest enemy that America will ever face is here at hand and it is a faction of American citizens, not people outside of our country.

They are not Muslims, not blacks, not Mexicans, not gays, not feminists, not immigrants, not non-Christians or atheists, but they are white Anglo-Saxon type Americans of Northern European decent who consider themselves to be good Christians, but are not, and think that they are Patriots, but are not. They are approximately thirty five percent of the voting population and they vote for republicans mostly. There are unfortunatly millions of them in America in cells and militias and they are gun lovers and well armed. Millions of them are brainwashed and will believe almost anything that right wing media tells them to believe. They don’t read or appreciate knowledge or education. They are influenced mainly by raw emotions and can easily become violent mobs. They love to scapegoat others and don’t take responsibility for their own actions or lives very well but blame others instead. They are bigots of every kind and believe lies easily and hate easily also. They are the kind of people that burned all the witches in the Middle Ages and they are riled up!
They are being provoked, financed, and encouraged by evil rich and powerful men like the Koch brothers and the Mercers and Steve Bannon whose goal is for absolute power for themselves in an oliogharchy of wealthy racist elites much like Putin’s Russia or Pinochet’s Chile.

The rest of us, even though still the majority, are in deep peril from all of this. Every good person, true patriot, true Christian, and lover of our own freedom must oppose these evil men. We have much work to do. We are outfinanced and disorganized and confused. We must stand up for everything that we stand for now, or forever submit to eternal slavery under the rule of men with no mercy whatsoever. The motto of the Koch’s is " All for me and nothing for anyone else." We must never forget this and never give up fighting these evil men every way and any way we can with all of our strength or we will be lost. This is exactly like Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and the enemy is just like Sauron and his minions are all under his influence in similar ways. Republicans and DINOS and the white supremacists are like the orcs and goblins. I hope that Frodo and Sam are still around somewhere. We will need Gandalf and Aragon too!

There is also a worldwide faction involved that is related to the Zionist Jews, Netanyahu and the phony Religious Right Christians who support Israel in their genocide of the Palestinians and fossil fuel and mining oliogharchs and other dictators. They are angry about losing their investments in fossil fuels because of the need to address climate change. They profit off of war which is most profitable of all, and they use war to acquire other countries’ natural resources and kill off their enemies and pit factions aganst one another to their profit like the Ferenghis on Star Trek. They have been doing evil things all over the world for many years, perhaps even over one hundred years. Their end goal is global world totalitarian domination. They would love to get absolute control over our overblown giant military might. We must never let them do this. I just wish everyone could see what I see. Doctor, my eyes!


Yes, that is called hysterical laughter. You are not being insensitive,you are just responding to shock by laughing. Sometimes life is so horrible that it is almost ridiculous. It is also called black humor.

We are all laughing just like that because of what is going on. It is weird but it is almost fun, but not really. I couldn’t stop laughing about CNN putting an ad on TV showing a picture of an apple and saying that it was an apple and not a banana. I thought boy we are all in deep trouble if we can’t tell an apple from a banana anymore in America! It struck me as being terribly funny. Then I thought about it and it is not really funny, it is terrifying because it is true. Americans have lost touch with reality, especially those right wingers and people who watch and believe Fox so called News or listen to lying right wing media. Also most of the other so called left wing or MSM is also not telling us more than they are actually telling us and perhaps what they are not telling us is even more scary.

I like Channel 5 Community TV or Free Speech TV because anyone can make a program and get it on TV. I learned a lot from programs I saw there about 911 truth seeking and how the Federal Reserve was started in 1913 and we got the federal income tax and how a faction of bankers are trying to take over America by controlling our money supply and Nixon taking us off of the gold standard which was a very bad idea and has led to trillions in national debt. The media leaves out mention of pollution and climate change a lot and you have to read a lot of books to make up for what is not on TV. The entire news media lied about the Iranian hostage situation and 911 and the Iraq war. I think that our media needs a great deal more freedom,and improvement. Our media is too corporate and not independent and without a real free press we cannot have a proper democracy. We must pass laws to restore freedom of the press and freedom for journalists to say whatever they want and to allow them to tell the truth. They are allowed to.lie and are even forced to lie, but often they cannot tell the truth, that is terrible. Anyway, I hope that you aren’t so brainwashed by bad media and that you know that an apple is not a banana! Ha Ha Ha!