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Menendez Downfall Could Be Diplomacy’s Windfall


Menendez Downfall Could Be Diplomacy’s Windfall

Medea Benjamin, Katie Powers

Senator Robert Menendez, a powerful democrat from New Jersey, has been down on his luck lately. He is currently under federal investigation for corruption, and although the Senator has denied all allegations, charges are expected to be filed against him any day now.


This situation provides us with another opportunity to witness a demonstration of the political power of AIPAC.

Specifically, will the zionist lobby let their number one boy in Congress go down in flames? Do they care? Can they easily replace ol’ Bob?



Bob Menendez should resign. He has been very detrimental to New Jersey & the USA. He supports Israel which persecutes its Arab population & commits ethnic cleansing. He supports sanctions against Iran & Cuba which hurt the average people in the countries. He is very corrupt.


American politics: receive and you shall give…


They’ve already got their replacement: Chuck Schumer, who is an Israeli citizen. He will lead the Dems down to the depths of hell on these key issues. And they will follow like sheep.


You’d think that someone like Benjamin would understand that.



It is nice to see another AIPAC psychopath self-destruct.

Only about 265 more of those traitors to go to clean them all from Congress.


Chuck Schumer is not an Israeli citizen, Chuck Schumer is a Jew. This meme that accuses every Jew in the US government of being a “dual citizen” is simply stupid.


Chuck Schumer is a zionist, not a Jew.



Neo-Liberal and Neo-Con … both war-mongering pigs!!!


Menendez stated “It was a bad deal, and I will oppose any further changes to U.S. policy – any additional sanctions relief – that are not conditioned on clear, upfront concessions from the Castro regime that moves the Cuban people toward a free and open democratic government.”
Really Senator, and what if the Cuban people were to decide for themselves that they would prefer to continue to have a socialist form of government instead of your dictate of a democratic form of government. What would the US Government do then Senator? Bay of Pigs 2.0? Just remember how the first one turned out! Of course Senator, you, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio could always show real leadership by leading the invasion yourselves!


webwalk’s point is still valid. I am tired of all these ‘dual-citizen’ accusations also. Unless it is verifiable that someone actually went to Israel with the intention to immigrate and was granted citizenship, or some other proof of dual-citizenship is shown, the accusation of dual-citizenship should not be made.


Not sure if your post is supposed to be serious, and perhaps the jj at the end of your post is some sort of emoticon that should alert us to a form of sarcasm. But Schumer is Jewish. Born Jewish, and while not a rabid religionist (listed in some bios as a Reform Jew), the ‘reason’ Schumer is smeared as a “dual citizen” is because he is Jewish.