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Mental Health and Nuclear Weapons


Mental Health and Nuclear Weapons

Tom Engelhardt

How the US arms the world with weapons and impels violence.

The U.S. also topped sales of weaponry to developing nations.  In these years, Washington has, in fact, peddled the products of those arms makers to at least 100 countries, a staggering figure if you stop a moment to think about the violence on this planet.


When it becomes necessary to face down the MADness, I remind myself that it is a predictable outcome of an exclusionary, monocultural, predatory premise of fearful dominance.

People are beginning to have public conversations that break through the advertising priorities of coersion and talk outside the sociopathic boxes. Funny how weird it sounds at first moving through an imaginal landscape without many of the rules in place.


Now that Washington is so addicted to endless war, ever notice how the phony slogan of “peace through strength” has gone out of style? In fact, peace is the one word that has disappeared, entirely, from conversations inside the Beltway. It’s a politically incorrect word to utter and bad career move. It’s the one thing that both parties fear the most.


I wonder how many people understand just how important your posting is, I also wonder how many people understand what is being said here. I wonder a lot. Thank-You for this.


I wonder how large the US military budget for adverts alone actually is in addition to the gross obscenity of for-profit wars, arms industry & Congress subversion, & Pentagon career-generals spending?

The US Navy - “A Global Force for Good” (whose “good” would that be?) a prime example of jingoistic adverts brainwashing the public (“a light rinse would be more than sufficient” - GM) to approve any funding for the war machine regardless how obscene the cost to our civilian society and diversion from critical civilian needs and priorities (real universal health care, education, infrastructure/mass transit, green energy eg).The overt subversion, both foreign and domestic, of ostensible “civilian rule” for the Common Good by for-profit military of our republic is the threat (along with vast wealth) - the trump regime just an extreme example that runs thru both duopoly parties.

war and its mechanisms/arms industry ARE a Racket as Marine Maj General Smedley Butler and general Eisenhower both warned our nation against - too bad their voices, and many others, have been ignored and defunded…


The hypocrisy of “for-profit” war enterprise is colossal! Needed for a start: War excess profits taxes (that are barred from reinvestment into war industries); true universal conscription, no exemptions, no private contractors involved making them hired killers; All CEO’s of military supply companies work for $1 year…Congress re-entering the responsible territory of actual declaring of war instead of these smarmy, accusatory declarations of some country or entity, “hating our freedoms”. Actual international prosecution of war crimes. Tear down the Pentagon; abolish the CIA, NSA, NRO, most of the dark intelligence agencies buried in the basement of the Pentagon; the Black Budget; Get the damned Deep State out of the drug trade.
Finally admit to the world that we have contaminated so much area with depleted uranium, and chemical weapons and pay for the damages.
None of this will happen of course. That’s why all of this we are doing around the world is not going to end well.


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