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Mental Health Experts Demand Corporate Media Keep Trump's "Massive Human Tragedy"—Child Separations—in Public Eye

Mental Health Experts Demand Corporate Media Keep Trump's "Massive Human Tragedy"—Child Separations—in Public Eye

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

A new interview highlights a call made by a coalition of human rights advocates and mental health professionals for major corporate news outlets to keep in constant public view an ongoing "massive human tragedy"—the Trump administration's immigration policies that have included ripping children away from their parents crossing the Southern border, roughly 140 of whom are still not reunited with their families.

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The media should be required to mention each and every child by name, 20 a day, every week until they are ALL reunited with their families!


Was separated from my Mom when I was five without explanation. Totally damaged my ability to have relationships.

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Just because the MSM has dropped the immigrant children from the news cycle doesn’t mean that Americans don’t give a damn about them—the would-be corporate overlords don’t want to give time to anything that could rile the public into—gasp—revolution. In which case, the human rights coalitions should hellraise in any way it takes to reach the general public.

And the worst thing is, we already know that Ice and the Border Patrol lie, and lie and lie a lot.
Are any corporations using these kids to test drugs? Are there actually psychologists to work with the kids? Are little kids in with older predator kids? If the government can’t find the kids —does that mean that they’re dead? Are kids being used in medical tests-----this is sounding a lot like the camps in WW 2 and how the Nazis operated.


I like the comparison with Cronkite and the cumulative duration of the Iran hostage crisis being reported each day (even though I find plausible the conspiracy theory that Reagan’s minions undermined and prolonged Carter’s negotiations with Iran, by making secret promises if Iran stood tough and thwarted Carter in order to help Reagan win, and these promises became the basis of the Iran-Contra scandal). Another comparison would be with the daily totals of killed U.S. and Vietnamese that were recited on the daily news during that war. Those totals on the “enemy” side turned out to be largely guesses by the Pentagon, but the daily reporting did keep the drumbeat of American losses in the public consciousness.

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The article says 140 kids are in custody. I received an email today from Sen. Jeff Merkley that said there are 14,000 kids in detention. WTF?

That treasonous act also got quite a few people killed in a failed rescue attempt, and accelerated and increased the special operations arm of the military.