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Mental Health Experts Warn of 'Emotional Toxicity' of Neoliberalism



Our species is a social one meaning social and community interaction is vital to the well being of its population.

Neo-Liberalism and those that advance it as an economic system is about breaking down community. They want to turn all people into individuals concerned solely with the SELF.. When people advance the memes that "Taxation is theft" or "Why should i pay for the health care of someone else's child" or any of that Randian nonsense about "self-reliance" and the cult of the self and self interest they are in fact advocating the disintegration of community. When a Community disintegrates the role of Government becomes one which promotes and protects the few and the Government devolves towards a police state.


Business schools promote the narrow viewpoint that productivity can be increased among employees by increasing the stress levels under which they work. Whatever suffering their workers may endure is not their concern until it starts to cost businesses money.

Governments are simply applying this business principle to their citizenry in service of the corporations which control them. This is the point where fascist rubber meets the road.



This not surprising one bit. So the Dukes and Ducheses arnt happy unless the serfs arent.


I am delighted to see this initiative from the mental health personnel. It is an important contribution to the ongoing criticism of these unbalanced economic policies. I wish that many, many more who experience the consequences daily will react, such as teachers, medical doctors, nurses, etc. The more that protest these mad policies the better. I trust that every bit counts - also the ocean is made up of drips.


Austerity 101:

Austerity is a very old, tried and true, european colonial policy.

The general populace is reduced to subsistence slave wage employment by job creator corporatists. Any surplus value above subsistence survival and procreation cost of replacement wage slaves then trickles up through the oligarchy.


It really does, seem to me, that whether in the Euro countries, or in USA...... there is no "fixing" the problems with a democratic vote... at this point... that may be moot.... I'd like to say that if we REALLY worked from a grassroots election orientation... we could eventually, get there.... but, we do not have time at this point.... between abrupt climate change... and financial collapse..... it would take too long to fix this by voting in the "right" people......so, what does that leave us...???? .....tellme if I am saying the wrong thing... .about changing things.... democratically... I should probably not mention my true feelings here....
so, how do I think change will happen?.... well, I think we will just run out of time... catastrophic climate change consequences will take over... along with financial collapse.... and... there will be a need to form community back again.... people, will band together.. to help each other.... okay, I wasn't born yesterday..
I do think that there will be a whole, hell of a lot of conflict... but, there will be those who understand that no man is an Island.... that co operation is the way to go if one wants to survive.... and...well, it will be up to we who know why things fell apart and what to do about it....to help others "make it"... by modeling sense of community.... and by educating as to what went wrong.... (not one thing, but a few).....


Degrowth to less than one planet worth of pollution recycling services for those at the above one Earth consumption rate and a growth in quality of life for those billions who are seemingly extra but are actually a tremendous reservoir of distributed intelligence.

How much less than one planet? Enough for sufficient specie diversity to maintain the life-built atmosphere we depend upon to breath.

I believe we can have faith in cosmic powered biology clinging to life on a very popular island we call Earth. The pentagon may want to blow it up but when the ecology shifts to non support of warm blooded creatures, the cosmic rain of life will invent something new to live on Earth.

Will humanity abandon fourteen billion year-old roots and roll over and die without a whimper so the spies, pentagon and three branches of government can keep up endless war on Earth, Life and Democracy wherever it tries to be born?


Cooperation is the key idea. Life on Earth is a cooperative adventure. Corporatist pirates are parasites and, yes, parasites are a natural phenomena in evolution. Even so, one can avoid parasites as ugly and disgusting.

Primitives afflicted with insatiable want are parasites, how to deal with them can no longer be avoided.


People who are benefiting from neolibralism and reduced or eliminated taxation, namely the 1% to 10% of the American population are going to promote and protect neolibralist ideology willfully ignoring the horrendous damage it causes others. These neolibralists get so wrapped up in their own frenzy of wealth and power accumulations that they act like Augusto Pinochet type inhuman dictators.
I am not sure when this tide will finally turn but I certainly hope it does very soon and I'd love to take part in breaking up huge banks, the PG&E, the big nasty oil cartels and take a huge dump on Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher's graves.


Awesome, loved what you wrote!


England gets it better than we seem to. Congrats, Brits!


My macro or micro economics course taught me that when the private economy takes a downturn the government steps in with programs such as infrastructure projects until the private economy gets back on its feet. History shows this worked. That and Glass-Steagall Act.


Suspira: You are right.
Americans think that they're exempt or, more fairly, the mainstream media keeps them distracted (that's long been a significant part of its job).