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Merkel Urged to Temper NATO’s Belligerence


Merkel Urged to Temper NATO’s Belligerence

Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity

MEMORANDUM FOR: Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany

FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS)

SUBJECT: NATO Summit in Warsaw

REFERENCE: Our Memorandum to You, August 30, 2014


Wise words!

I don’t recall the source for the following quote; but the material is apt:

“The enlightened warrior best understands the benefits of peace.”

The implication is that any warrior who’s known war intimately surely must work towards peace! That’s due to the fact that the calamities war inevitably turns into certainties are beyond what the moral imagination can countenance… no less repeat, ad nauseum.

Germany may have more at stake being close to Russia.

Material by Pepe Escobar explaining how Europe and Asia will be connected by modern train routes suggests that in lieu of war, prosperity could instead open through trade where trade had not formerly been possible (or feasible).

Certainly, I hope the VETS’ message gets out to appropriate channels.

It’s so odd that someone born to the name “Breedlove” could instead make breeding HATE and VIOLENCE and WAR his life’s callings.

How many readers even considered that Putin has warriors breathing down his neck, too?

The first strike usually works tactically to disable the “enemy.”

All this provocation… and one day, that first strike may arrive from a completely unforeseen source or hit a very unexpected target.

I pray this never occur. But with insane people in positions of power, all bets for humanity are off.


Great to know this is happening as things are heating up against Russia for no good reason other than Americans love to hate Russia.
We already know where Clinton stands on these issues. Can’t remember who said this, sorry, but they referred to the three Harpies as Clinton, Nuland, and Flournoy and their push to create a confrontation with Russia over the Ukraine and Syria.
A misguided paranoid response to things that could easily be worked out diplomatically.
So happy these obviously intelligent people have made this attempt to bring sanity into the growing danger. I’m hoping something can be done before HRC gets hold of it. Her and her General buddies are already scheming on more aggressive actions.


Just wait until Hillary takes the helm. This should have been an important campaign issue and it was essentially set aside. Reminds one of the 1992 presidential campaign that virtually ignored the brewing unrest in Yugoslavia and its potential to light off the entire Balkan region.
Years of woe followed. No telling the woes we are yet to face once Clinton Round II assumes command.


I heard Obama praise Hillary as “the most qualified person (man or woman) to ever run for president.” Did he ever hear of FDR? Do modesty and truth-telling go out the window when the donors call?


Secretary of War Clinton started this mess in the Ukraine with her hawks Kagen and Victoria Newland.

So, if Bernie Sanders is not nominated at the DNC in Philly the week of the 25th,
I’m pulling out the “Dump-Clinton-Doomsday-Weapon”.

At least this monster is against TPP and world war by Skynet
(if we can just reprogram it’s brain to interface with humans…)


I heard it, too.

I have to be gross to convey what I feel about this…

They seem to like kissing each others’ butts.

Each one covers for his predecessors’ war crimes, etc.

The LIES flow like floodwaters to pollute the collective consciousness.

At minimum, it’s the stuff of cognitive dissonance. Many people must recall the cackling laugh at the death of Qaddafi, perhaps know about the coup in Honduras, the lust for war and thus the endless blood-letting. They hear about the 6-figure speeches…

How can they take in ALL that and see in it, the resume of leadership?

Well, part of the reason = indoctrination into the rites and rituals of Mars Rules where the more blood a leader sheds in battles, the greater their legend, legacy, and reputation.

But this is an old and self-defeating model and ONE the world must transcend. Frankly, I think a LOT of people “are there,” but it’s the old powers holding back the shift and progress in the same way that the Old Energy Behemoths literally pay off or shelve any threats to existing fossil fuel technology; or the way the oligarchs punish truth tellers so that every citizen will be fed the same felonious food for thought. In this case, if the entire culture is saturated in lies, then the lies told often as related by Goebbels indeed come to be taken for the truth of the land. (And woe to any so bold as to publicly counter them!)

Thank GOD for societies’ rebels, rabble-rousers, iconoclasts, inventors, innovators, and nonconformists… the ones who keep Cass Sunstein up at night.


Thank you VIPS, keep up the good work.


Now, if these worthies will only make a comparably-effective appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin, that he curb his belligerence as he tries to steal the rest of Ukraine the way he stole Crimea. The only thing which Putin respects is STRENGTH, and a weakened NATO ALLIANCE only helps Russia, not the rest of Europe. Think: 1939, and Neville Chamberlain, then-Brit prime minister who caved in to Hitler, helping lay the groundwork for World War II. When will they ever learn?


Evidence? A single piece of evidence that justifies even the slightest similarity between Russia now and Germany in 1939? Or would that be too onerous? Utter bullshit.


Here are two words which justify my view: VLADIMIR PUTIN, a former KGB agent who has had opponents horribly poisoned with polonium-radioactive umbrellas, who threw a musical group into prison for singing about him, and who used the Russian Olympic games for purely-political ends. Having lived through the Holocaust in America as all of my European relatives died at Aushwitz, I well know whereof I speak. So much for your challenge-question.

But then, the final two words of your post – UTTER BULL____ – show the true colors of your thinking. You deserve no further reply, and will surely not receive one from me.


I asked for a single piece of evidence to support your claim that, like Nazi Germany in 1939, Russia is about to embark upon an expansionist war in Europe. What you provided instead are examples of how Putin is an unsavory character and a condemnation of Russia’s domestic policies. I didn’t ask how you felt about Russian politics or about Putin or about the Russian judicial system, I asked for your evidence that Russia is an aggressor state. You’ve admitted that you have none. Fine.

While I wouldn’t deign to give you any history lessons, for those readers who might be fooled by your rhetoric it’s worth pointing out that it was the Russians who defeated Nazism, and so one ought to maybe be sensitive about that fact before making the comparison.

If one were to make comparisons to Nazi Germany, a decent place to start would be the contemporary Nazi Ukraine. Yes, that’s right, the Nazi Ukraine that was put in power by the U.S and NATO, the institution to whose power you are appealing to contain the Russian aggression for which you are unable to provide a single hint of evidence.

What you are actually advocating for in your cheerleading for NATO is that favorite imperialist trick the regime change. You don’t like Putin, so Putin must be deposed, by military force! Who cares whether Russian is an aggressive state.

Look how well such policies have done in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Argentina, Guatemala, Chile, etc, etc, etc. It’s very unfortunate indeed that your European relatives died during the imperalist wars of the 20th century. Perhaps then you should reconsider acting as a propagandist for the imperialist wars of the 21st. The wars initiated by the U.S and their NATO lackeys have killed millions and displaced millions more.


Trump actually said we should get rid of NATO.


This is one weak nominee: Hillary Clinton’s problem is Hillary Clinton, not Bernie Sanders - Salon.com, 5/14/16


Your successive posts are proof of why it wastes time and effort to answer your questions, The point should have been obvious, if you knew anything about the history of the Nazis: HITLER STARTED IN COMPARABLE WAYS TO THOSE PUTIN HAS BEEN USING. Compare, for example, the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany with the most recent Russian Winter Olympics.
(Too bad we did not have anyone now, comparable to American Runner Jesse Owen in 1936.)

Rather than waste more time, I leave you with the following:
The Oldprof1 Five Laws of Many Lefties on the Internet, including this present one:

  1. The less they appear to know, the more forcefully will they assert that ignorance.
  2. The less they appear to know, the more rudely will they state that ignorance.
  3. The less they appear to know, the more Ad Hominem & Straw Man arguments will they use to attempt to disguise that ignorance.
  4. The less they appear to know, the more oversimplified and overstated will be their arguments, presenting their world in black-and-white, with no shades of gray as in the real world.
  5. The less they appear to know, the harsher and more insulting will become their successive posts, substituting blatant blather and vile verbiage for real cleverness and successful sarcasm.
    Good bye, hej då, so long, sayonara, auf wiedersehen, hasta la vista! Have an appropriate life!


With all the low grade violence endemic to life in the US, most people are unaware of the massive planet-destroying violence inherent in the current NATO/Russia stand off. I can understand the need to stand by Poland and the Baltic states in the face of Russian encroachment BUT that is no reason to build up NATO forces on the Russian border where a single misstep could lead to world war. No one who values human rights and democracy wants to see Eastern Europeans once again enslaved by Russian imperialism but they can be protected from much farther back from the explosive frontier areas. At the same time, all sanctions should be removed fromRussia and every effort should be made to increase trade so that Putin does not need to cast about for foreign adventures to distract his people from economic troubles at home.

Unfortunately, Hilary Clinton will likely do all she can to provoke Putin’s paranoia while a President Trump would likely seem so weak that Putin would be tempted to truly foolish moves, such as annexing the Baltic states.


You think Putin is like Hitler because both countries hosted the Olympics?

Then the world is full of Hitlers.

Anyways, you should follow through on your threats. You promised you wouldn’t be responding to me because of my naughty words, and yet here you are!


You are wrong on both counts:

  1. the Olympics comparison related to both Putin and Hitler using worldwide sports events, seventy years apart, in misguided attempts to prove the superiority of their misguided systems. Can you conceivably see that comparison, or is it too much for you to do so?
  2. I did provide a substantive response to your query because I mistakenly thought you had reformed, and were actually serious about the substance of my analogy. Regretfully, I see that was not the case. By the way, nasty words alone are the least of your problems, think: COMPREHENSION ISSUE – or perhaps you just enjoy baiting others, to no real purpose.


The reason that ‘typical’ Americans are held in such low esteem by the rest of the civilized world stems from the repeating the rash of unsupported, fabricated, dangerous even… claims that make up such a large part of our rhetoric, whether it is from political platforms, paid pundits or the poorly informed like you oldprof. That anyone can watch the endless stream of videos of the Crimeans crying tears of joy while celebrating their return to Russia in the wake of their successful referendum to do so, (with a vote topping 95% in favor) and call them ‘stolen’, means they fit the foreign viewpoint of a ‘typical American’ or they’re a paid troll. And FWIW… you obviously failed to read this excellent article.