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Merkley Calls for FBI Perjury Probe into Homeland Secretary Nielsen After Child Detention Memo Leaked


Merkley Calls for FBI Perjury Probe into Homeland Secretary Nielsen After Child Detention Memo Leaked

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

After releasing a damning draft memo that showed the Trump administration planned to "traumatize" migrant children with family separations and expedite deportation by denying asylum hearings, Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) on Friday called for an FBI investigation into whether Homeland Security Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen lied when she testified before Congress about the policy.


She should be doing paper, scissors, rock with Ivanka for top bunk…


This entire trump regime is based on lies, deceit, frauds, astonishing ignorance and fantasy …gotta be a way out…damn soon!


What do you want to bet, Nielsen was told to lie by you know who?


One lesson for the US needs to be never, ever, interfere in the affairs of other nations with the aim of overthrowing their elected representatives. Don’t want desperate people coming here? Then don’t go there with your guns and economic jackals and hit men.



Maybe they should look at Nielsen’s memo a little more carefully, because the idea she is selling is that they had no intent to separate families “At the border,”
BUT probably written in lemon juice so it’s hard to detect she would probably add is:" BUT as soon as one toe is over the border, Grab and separate them. "
There is no lie that is ever TOO BIG for America : (


Every time I see something utterly unconscionable, I think “That’s got to be the end.”
Then I see something worse.
I can see why people are cynical about politics. Me, I’m just broken-hearted — or something like that. Maybe despairing and despondent.
How in God’s name can people treat other like this?


Thank you to one of my senators, Jeff Merkley.
I have no interest in any of the democrats who have said they would run for president. Merkley has stood up for some very progressive ideas, and was the only senator to back Sanders.
Other than Sanders running again, if I had to get a little excited about a democrat, it would be Merkley.
Merkley is 90% of a Bernie Sanders without the age disadvantage.


you cant use the judiciary to stop lawlessness and corruption when those issues have corrupted 95% of every branch of the government including the judiciary.


Since there was a court order to release those children, then holding them against that order is kidnapping…Straight up. That offense holds decades of prison for everyone, no exceptions, whether directly involved or aiding and abetting, from the bus driver, to the guards, to the administrator, to the department heads, to the administration itself. If you don’t support that, then there’s hundreds who have to be released who were locked up for the exact same crimes.


oil nazis. these children were not bombed from their moms so again we search for a heart in the living dead. Homeland Security is falsifying public documents and if true it’s criminal. it will stop when the bankers stop it. oil nazis. have a nice weekend. peace.


“nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” – 14th Amendment, United States Constitution.

If the federal government can’t prove to a judge that a particular toddler is now committing a crime, and in particular the government must prove criminal intent beyond a reasonable doubt in the toddler’s actions (as if a toddler wearing a diaper even has learned the word “no”), then the Constitution’s “without due process of law” clause can never apply to the little kid. So, the federal government can’t deprive a little kid of liberty in an anonymous jail. The tyke can’t be just disappeared. Nor can the government hold kids for torture in “ICE boxes”, freezing cold single room prisons that tend to sicken or to kill children, who are highly susceptible to the cold.

The 14th Amendment abolished slavery. Running a grand slavery conspiracy and lying to the law about it is a pretty big criminal offense, and the judge should probably throw the book at the kingpins of this grand conspiracy.


A recommended book along those lines is - “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins.


Mike Gravel from Alaska:

Four senators, including Oregon Democrats Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, filed an amicus brief in the case Wednesday, calling for the documents to be made public. An amicus brief, sometimes called a “friend of the court” brief, allows interested parties who are not involved in a case to offer their input.

IMO Merkley and Wyden need to grow some balls. Mike Gravel put his on the line.


Great great book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. I had forgotten about it. It is one of those reads you remember as really eye opening like Orders to Kill by Pepper about who killed King and The Assassinations by Probe. One last one. The Gemstone Files. You can find it online. It is a compilation of conspiracy theories. I am saying you should believe it but YOU should absolutely read the Gemstone Files. It will take your breath away. Have a wonderful weekend.


Ho hum - another day, another 50 lies from the trump administration, lead by the king of liars, his lowness, trumpty dumpty. I am very concerned that millions of Americans - especially trump’s remaining “supporters” - are becoming numbed by all the madness. We must not allow this to continue. If 1/2 of all the stuff coming out about trump, his family, his cronies in the entire administration - especially Nielsen, EPA, - all of them must be drummed out of OUR government, and our lives, forever. This is truly insane, and most people with critical thinking abilities still intact agree. These people must go. Just let them twist in the wind so the equally corrupt liar - Pence - spends as little time as possible so the word, “incumbent” makes no sense in 2020.


What kind of animals are we dealing with in the Department of Homeland Security. Can we criminalize sub human behavior on the face of it?


Elect Tulsi Gabbard as the next president of the united states.


Nielsen looks like the Ace Casting blonde Nazi killer in a movie. Heartless, vindictive and cruel.