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Merkley Holds the Floor for More Than 15 Hours Against 'Extreme' Gorsuch


Merkley Holds the Floor for More Than 15 Hours Against 'Extreme' Gorsuch

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) held the Senate floor overnight from Tuesday into Wednesday, talking for more than 15 hours about his opposition to Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.


Lets have A BIG round of applause for Senator Merkley!!!
I sincerely hope that his efforts will not be in vain to keep this little PRICK Gorsuch out of consideration for A lifetime career of fucking the common man out of Justice in this Country-
This non appointment is the most important issue out there at this point in time-
Ray Del Camino has been harping on this for good reason....


Good for Jeff Merkley!
This 15 hour marathon shows dedication, sets a great example for others to follow and gives me hope.


Yes Golestan- I firmly agree and am very proud of Jeff Merkley-


Merkley makes us want to move to Oregon so we can vote for him.



Contact Senator Merkley to thank him for what he has done.

"In other words, despite the clear intent and language of the law to educate students, Gorsuch again twisted the law to say that warehousing these children is fine.": Gorsuch is truly appalling and convinced this poster that we need to earn our humanity.


Vote for the duopoly, Ray? You? You, who spoke so constantly, if not so elegantly, against the Democrats during the campaign? You, who said that Democrats are responsible if Trump wins?

You spoke out loud and strong against Clinton, repeatedly, and you got what you wanted, Ray, she lost. Yay! The Red Queen is defeated!

Y'know, when I wrote about losing the Supreme Court for another generation, not a single ABC clown here said a WORD about it. Nope. They talked about Syria instead. Not ONE of you pretenders cared a whit about the Supreme Court during the campaign.

You're not on the Left, Ray. You're just another nihilist who is "anti," like that line in the old Brando flick "The Wild One." Remember it?

"What are you rebelling against, Johnny?"
"Whaddya got?"

Oh, so very cool.

No. None of you get to pretend to care about the Supreme Court now that it's too late. You propagandized against the only candidate who could prevent this. This is yours to own. Yes. You. Personally. The world is a worse place because of you. Personally.

You earned this contempt. Enjoy it.


Recognizing that rebellion and resistance are not a strategy, I am not rebelling against anything, just shining a light on fake news, irrespective of its origin.

I take full responsibility for shining the light on Clinton and will continue to shine the light on any politician enriching the 1% at the expense of the 99% irrespective of what color flag they wave... blue, red, or any other color. Readers who confuse transparency with propaganda need to take responsibility for their actions and effectively deal with their demons, rather than blaming others.

With respect to SCOTUS appointments, in shining the light on Bill Clinton and Obama during their tenures I often noted that they were working against our local died-in-the-wool Democrats' admonitions during the past three decades to vote for Democrats solely to get better SCOTUS justices...NAFTA and ACA triggering losing control of Congress being foremost examples.

There is simply no excuse for the "constitutional law expert POTUS" not being able to get the Senate to vote on his Merrick Garland nomination. Had the Democrats not sold out we would have never ended up with Eddie Munster heading the House or the turtle heading the Senate, or a Trump White House or a Gorsuch nomination.


In some instances, like this one, Merkley comes through strongly on the side of justice, but he still takes the lapdog position on issues such as Israel, Ukraine, Russia, and, domestically, if memory serves, an oil export terminal on the Oregon coast. Whenever he doesn't agree with a position I've expressed, he'll send back a mealy-mouthed, wishy-washy response. Rather than just stating his position, and his reasoning, he'll say something like, "I've heard from many Oregonians on both sides of this issue, it's a complicated issue, I'll keep your thoughts in mind if this comes before the Senate, blah, blah, blah..."

In other words, don't pack your bags on his account. :wink:


Although my two Democratic Party US Senators provide the same mealy mouth responses, Merkley has a more progressive voting record than they do and he was one of the few Senators to back Sanders early on.


Just can't summon the integrity to "own" the fact that you and your neoliberal fellow travelers insisted on torpedoing the candidate who could have beaten Trump, can you?


I have lived in Oregon for the last 20 years, wouldn't live anywhere else.


A big round of applause. Of course, Trump most likely has an even worse little prick in his back pocket should Gorsuch not get the nomination.