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Merkley Senate Bill Would Abolish 'Undemocratic' Electoral College

Merkley Senate Bill Would Abolish 'Undemocratic' Electoral College

Julia Conley, staff writer

Denouncing what we called the nation's "profoundly unfair" system of electing presidents, Sen. Jeff Merkley on Friday introduced legislation that, along with a number of pro-democracy reforms, would abolish the electoral college.

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YES, YES, YES! I would like my vote to actually count----“we don’t need no stinking electors.” One Person, One Vote makes perfect sense to me. Actually America should look into the elections in Venezuela, they are well done, and fair, per Jimmy Carter


What’s the point of voting when each vote travels from hand to hand and tampering becomes rampant? Start with the outdated and rigged voting machines. Far from secure. Next up is the issue of Superdelegates who can be bought with bribes. Electoral college is an antiquated system who’s time should be over. After that, the votes have to be counted fairly. Good luck! 1 person = 1 vote, counted and supervised by regular people… like a jury.


It won’t pass the Republican Senate and Trump.

Thanks a lot Obama, for bending over, screwing your supporters, stifling the vote and letting the fascists take control of all branches of government.


America would categorize America’s election results as crooked by the exit poll criteria we apply to other countries. That is, our vote tallies don’t match how the people say they voted.

There are plenty of reports from around the country about machines that make errors, or are easily hackable. Debbie Wasserman Schultz won her last primary by ballot rigging.

In other news Democrats and Republicans are rigging the voter rolls, removing qualified voters who might not have the right voting intentions.

THE PROBLEM IS HONEST VOTE COUNTING, this electoral college diversion is just more theatre of the absurd.


A problem easily fixed by cellphone and Blockchain voting, like our troops use to vote safely from overseas…


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“… with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell suggesting on the Senate floor that pro-democracy, anti-corruption legislation would harm the GOP…”

Ya think?!


Abolishing the Electoral College is a good idea, but still the difference between Clinton and Trump was trivial compared to the over 50 percent of people polled before the 2016 election that said they hated them both and would only vote for one to prevent what they thought was the worse one from winning. Solve the problem of voters being faced with 2 choices they don’t want, and other choices they don’t know about!


We don’t use an Electoral College system for State candidates, why should we have to suffer with a President chosen by some outdated practice that no longer meets the needs of the US government or citizens?


Oregon is also considering lowering the voting age to 16. After the scene in Diane Feinstein’s office, I’d say lower the voting age to 7, since a 7-year-old is more qualified to be a senator than Feinstein is. Also, given the hellscape older generations are on track to leave younger generations with, how about everyone under 30 gets 2 votes.


"Either the people of America elects a President, or a corrupt system does."


One of the most relevant arguments for doing away with it.

Just_Chubbles: Gets a ☆

  1. The electoral vote system is likely responsible for people not turning out to vote. Why vote if your state is solidly “blue” or “red”? It’s only in the “swing states” that your vote has a chance of making a difference.

  2. Mandate that states use non-partisan commissions to oversee their elections. No more secretaries of state (Kansas, Georgia, Ohio … I’m looking at you) overseeing the elections. And use either the same or another non-partisan commission to reapportion their congressional districts every ten years - instead of the party in power in the legislature doing the deed.

  3. Gray v Sanders struck down the Georgia Democratic Party’s use of an electoral college like system (the County Unit System) in their primaries. Rural counties got 2 votes, Town counties got 4 and Urban counties got 6, the result being the Rural counties decided the primary winners. At the time there was no Republican Party so the winner of the Democratic primary routinely won the general election. The court’s decision was based on the “fairness doctrine” in the 14th Amendment, which the court interpreted to mean “one person one vote”. My guess is that the result of Gray v Sanders has not been applied to the presidential elections because the 14th Amendment, and thus the “fairness doctrine,” applies only to the states!!!


This is much ado about very little. The easy, sensible way to solve this problem is to have each electoral district send its winner to the college, instead of the winner taking the whole state. This is better for third parties and does not require a constitutional amendment. Nebraska and Maine do it already, and I am sure their district winner counting will yield a proportion almost identical to the popular vote. Anyone who studied statistics would see this easily.


I hope this Merkley bill passes. I’ve always felt that the Electoral College was a scam to cheat the voters out of the one person one vote rule!


Hell of an argument. He should be removed from office just for sayin git out loud


Go back to the beginning. Each state currently has the authority to change the vote in their state. Two states do that now.

Would love to see it. But between the fascists and the “centrist” Corporate Dems (both scratching and clawing to keep their jobs) it’s not going to happen right now.

That still transfers my vote to the hands of hand picked Oligarch stooges.

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Not sure that Merkley would approve of looking at Venezuela’s elections. I’ve received two emails from him in the past few weeks calling Maduro a brutal dictator, and saying the US should apply economic pressure (make the people suffer, iow) to hasten the day when Maduro leaves power. I don’t still have the first email he sent me, but as I recall, he referred to the elections in Venezuela last year as a sham, or some such thing. He totally buys into the current media bs regarding Venezuela.