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Message from Paris: We Can Reverse Global Warming


Message from Paris: We Can Reverse Global Warming

Ronnie Cummins

“Humanity stands at the edge of an abyss. We have destroyed the planet, its biodiversity, our water and the climate, and through this destruction, we have destroyed the ecological context for our survival as a species. Ecological destruction and resource grab are generating conflicts, which are being accelerated into full-blown wars and violence. A context of fear and hate is overtaking the human imagination.


Grass fed? That is part of your solution? If Americans were to switch to grass fed beef, it would require converting the entire country to pasture land, plus about half of Canada, all of Central America, and a good portion of South America as well. There would be no more cities in any of that area; it would all be pastureland. Watch the movie Cowspiracy.


"Food, climate and economic justice advocates must unite forces so we can educate and mobilize a massive grassroots army of Earth Regenerators: three billion small farmers and rural villagers, ranchers, pastoralists, forest dwellers, urban agriculturalists and indigenous communities—aided and abetted by several billion conscious consumers and urban activists."

The greatest enemy to this objective is Monsanto and its gen-tech partners in massive crimes against nature. Using their power and influence, Monsanto's goals are part of the TIPP and TPP... and odious, anti-Democratic trade pacts like these two make citizens' in put, well-being, and legal channels of redress moot.

It's important that these incentives build momentum BEFORE these legalized muzzles on human rights (and environmental protections) become enshrined into today's version of Purchase Law: rule by the corporate overlords, a/k/a the 1%.

Thank you, Mr. Cummins for your commitment to this key issue and raising awareness about it.


The situation that's been normal throughout human history: Natural forces working to release CO2 into the atmosphere and those working to remove it have been very closely balanced, with human farming & industry being barely enough to move the balance point.

Now, as I understand things, we've pushed our thermostat so far over -- melting of Arctic ice cover and destablization of glaciers virtually everywhere, with methane starting to leak out of Arctic deposits rapidly enough to make the whole warming process self-sustaining.

So even if we manage to change our agricultural practices back to traditional -- & there's considerable political/economic pressure to prevent that -- we will be taking out our own industrial contribution. How does this compare with those new Arctic factors? -- Is there someone more knowledgable here to give us some perspective on that?


The reality is that a vast infrastructure (from cities down) around the globe irreversibly uses up the limited natural resources while producing the waste that has such deleterious consequences as climate disruption and ocean acidification and warming. Any rational discussion about what decisions people should make to cope should take this reality into account. Regeneration policy does not.


One of America's biggest barriers is our refusal to consider the impact of traffic pollution. Americans have fought every effort to invest tax dollars in a modern mass transportation system, necessary to significantly reduce the number of privately-owned motor vehicles on the roads. On the bright side, we also threw away the tools necessary to rebuild our economy, so as poverty grows, fewer people can afford motor vehicles. (Yes, Reagan's "dumbing down of America" worked.)


True, but this is this generation's only idea for addressing our critical issues without touching the issues that brought us to this miserable point. More jobs for middle class men!


Well, if there were no cities in the USA it could save a lot of problems. But I don't know where we could put the USAians; maybe in the Middle East?


Bless your heart, Ronnie Cummins, for this excellent article, and the work you do. I am delighted and on the Regeneration Movement


You intentionally mis-read what Cummins writes.

"consume organic, grass-fed, locally-produced"
"boycott factory farms"

You can actually read their manifesto and study the work they have developed over decades of stalwart effort on behalf of humanity and the Earth. But you won't.

They are advocating FAR LESS MEAT. And only grass-fed that is produced on lands that make sense as pasture. NOT replicating the massive industrial factory-farm system while replacing CAFOs with endless Earths full of pastured beef. Despite your intentional distortion.

But you actually know this. You are compelled to misrepresent in service to your ideology.


I understand that they advocate far less meat. That is required because feeding 10 billion grass fed animals would require turning the huge land mass mentioned in my post into pasteurland. And far less meat would still wipe out vast areas. For example, cutting meat consumption in half would still require all of the land in the contiguous 48. Stop accusing me of distortion when I recite a fact. We commenters are not covering every possible nuance of interpretation when we make a comment. Your eagerness to find fault with my every word is sickening. My point is that grass fed beef is not the answer. Meat is murder.


Hello everyone, my name is Dusty Hinz. I am the co-founder of a nonprofit called the Experimental Farm Network. We are building a grassroots, collaborative, open-source plant breeding and agricultural research network that is focused on developing perennial crop plants and agroecology systems that sequester carbon. We are also doing regionally-based breeding programs to adapt to climate change by location.

This year we mailed seeds out to over 200 volunteer growers in our network and we facilitated several other breeding projects. Vandana Shiva and William Woys Weaver are on our board directors. Essentially, we are trying to crowdsource a carbon-sequestering, plant breeding revolution. We have some great momentum right now. You learn more about our organization in this link. There is a video and more info. Please share far and wide to people that you think might be interested. We would welcome your participation in the network.

We just launched a big Indiegogo, which I can't post on here because I am a new Common Dreams user. If you search "Indiegogo Experimental Farm Network" it will come up. There is a video and more info on this page.

You can also find us on Facebook and find our website by searching "Experimental Farm Network".

Thanks, and let's go change the world!


"Meat is Murder" is your point, as has long been obvious. Thanks for stating it here.


Indiegogo link also directly from the EFN web site:


Thanks Dusty!