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'Message Loud and Clear' Says NAACP After Latest Trump Snub


'Message Loud and Clear' Says NAACP After Latest Trump Snub

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

President Donald Trump's decision to decline an invitation to attend the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's 108th annual convention, "underscores the harsh fact: we have lost—we've lost the will of the current Administration to listen to issues facing the Black community," said Leon Russell, the group's board chairman.


The message was loud and clear throughout the 2016 campaign.


No. Actually, this snub is a good thing. It indicates that, like Bernie, Trump is concerned for ALL the working class, but especially the down-trodden white working class which has been ignored too long. The NAACP is just a bunch of identity-politics city-slicker elitists, blah blah .blah…

(In case the last bit did not make it obvious, this piece was parody - only a slight exaggeration of one can read from the Trots on the World Socialist Web Site who never pass up an opportunity to condemn the NAACP and especially Black Lives Matter…)


What a surprise, a white supremacist hitched up to the alt-right turning down an invitation to attend the annual NAACP convention. Did Trump make this decision or is he simply following the advice of his political strategist Steve Bannon? In either case this decision will certainly pay dividends in the Rust Belt with those angry white working class voters who have found a leader in Trump. The Democrats are going to have to figure out how to flip a few red states. They need to figure out how to get more minority voters in states like like Georgia and Texas to actually vote instead of sitting out elections.


I think bush did the same thing when he was in office.


DJT and GWB are both innate cowards. “Five years in a row now, President Bush has had something else to do instead of attending the annual NAACP gathering. That streak has encouraged speculation about the president’s apparent reluctance.”

Although GWB did speak at the 91st NAACP convention while he was governor of Texas. Guess his handlers thought it would be good pub for his future run for the big top.


I’m afraid that Bannon may be doing much more than giving advice! It’s possible that he’s at the controls.


No wonder the republicans are more racist. The Abrahamic religions are the biggest perpetuaters of homophobia, racism and sexism on the planet.