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Message to Congress: Big Pharma’s Trail of Greed, Power, and Cruelty Must Be Stopped

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/07/message-congress-big-pharmas-trail-greed-power-and-cruelty-must-be-stopped


They are the legal government sanctioned version of the Mafia. They are one of the clearest examples of what happens when an Industry is allowed to regulate itself and they expose the lie that those champions of “The Free Market” are always trying to shove down peoples throats.


When Obama claimed he’d conduct the most transparent legislative processes in history and then cut a backroom deal with Big Pharma in the run up to passing RomneyCare, voters who were paying attention clearly saw how the fix was in.

On the other hand, many of them are lined up behind an even bigger corporate tool, Uncle Joe ByeDone.
I’m pretty sure that means we’re fucked.


I guess it time for Canada to offer a new service to"Friends and Family."

I can see people connecting on facebook looking for a Canadian family to adopt them, so dear “family member,” will be able to buy more reasonably priced drugs than America has.
That’s competition, drug people—and competition is sooooo American.
Maybe an Adopt a Sick Person , campaign would work… a kind of Go Fund Me, for Americans that currently have to use their whole paycheck for the obscene price of American drugs.
COMPETITION drives down prices , Drug MAKERS of Life and Death PRICES! YOU see, American drug czars----Americans need A MARSHALL PLAN for Americans who should not die because your prices are TOO HIGH and because you companies are TOO GREEDY!

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I’m sure that the reason the number of US Border Patrol agents assigned to the Canadian Border increased tenfold between 2005 and 2010 is to keep things like single payer and negotiated drug prices from invading from the north.


"Big Pharma’s greatest strength is its hold over Congress."
-Ralph Nader

What else needs be said - and to how many other industries does that apply - let me count the ways !


Ralph Nader gives an honest & verifiable summary of Big Pharma’s deepening socio pathology.
But the Pharma scandal really needs to be seen in tandem with the USA’s mainstream food monopolies, whose highly chemicalized raw farm produce and toxified shelf-food products often initiate the very health problems that consumers later try to ‘treat’ with Big Pharma’s overpriced & frequently unsafe pills – pills Rx’ed by a just-as-sociopathic, de facto industry of professionally ignorant, money-mad doctors and gold-digging ‘diagnostic specialty clinics.’

Such intertwined horrors of Bad Human Health-via-Corrupt-Political- Economy are the predictable end-stages of a morbidly diseased Body Politic, brought to its knees, in the case of the USA, by meanly-unenlightened private wealth gaining decisive ownership of not just civil government, but also of mainstream mass media, the Academy, the arts & sciences, etc., etc., --approaching in sum, The Human Noosphere Itself.
Much as I admire Nader’s always optimistic exhortations about How to Improve Capitalism, I’m wondering if he might benefit by re-reading H. Marcuse’s “One Dimensional Man.”
Maybe, too, some of C. Jung’s essays on The Human Shadow…<><>

to the list of horrors of the drug companies I’d add the tons of ads they inflict on us on television

“Focused voters mean more to politicians than campaign money.”

But contacting legislators/candidates controlled by big money interests to let them know you are against the pay or die industry will do no more good than letting them know you are against pay to play politics. That’s not the right focus.

The way to let them know you are against pay or die and/or pay to play is to send the message in the voting booth.

And citizens can let candidates know they will not be voting for big money candidates in 2020 NOW by registering at www.onedemand.org that they will only vote for small donor candidates in 2020.

One galvanizing move by an enlightened billionaire could get this advocacy group into the public discourse. Don’t hold your breath.

The amount of money, time and effort spent trying to convince big money legislators to not represent the big money interests over the next decade or two is astronomical compared to the amount that would be spent to support small donor candidates to replace the big money legislators in 2020 and 2022. And in just a few election cycles we would have enough small donor legislators that will already be representing ordinary Americans so they won’t need to be convinced to betray the big money interests in order to take on Big Pharma, Big Energy or any of the big money interests.

One galvanizing move by Ralph, living up to his statement on Washington Journal in the fall of 2018 that this idea deserved to be heard and that he would have me on his radio hour to discuss it, could get this into the public discourse so citizens could decide if they want to take advantage of this opportunity to wrest control of our political process from the big money interests by creating this “Union for Politics”.

Just as workers can go on strike by withholding their labor, citizens can go on strike in the voting booth by withholding their votes from the big money candidates and registering a voter against the big money candidates to create and demonstrate demand for small donor candidates (even if it means casting a write in vote if there are no small donor candidates on the ballot).

It is the embodiment of the statement above of “focused voters mean more to politicians than campaign money.”

One galvanizing move by a citizen combined with a galvanizing move by other citizens reading this comment of contacting Ralph, Common Dreams, and other media to enter this idea into the public discourse could get this started.

Or we could wait for an enlightened billionaire.

People of America. How far are we going to let this whole mess we live in go?. I mean Dam it to hell. When I have to start paying for some of my parents DRUGS that just to F’ing much. This BS must stop. My parents are in their 80’s and live on fixed income. WTF is wrong with the American values. Do we really hate ourselves as humans?.

Thank you Mr Nader and Common Dreams for your important work! One aspect of Pharma greed and corruption that is unfortunately often overlooked is that of the vaccine product divisions of these companies. It is fascinating to me that while so many “on the left” enthusiastically (and quite justifiably) criticize Pharma for their malfeasance and duplicity with so many of their products and practices, the vaccine divisions of these very same companies remain sacred cows that must never be questioned. Why is that? These are the same people with the same goals of selling as much product and making as much money as possible.

An important piece of legislation that this article overlooked is the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which granted full indemnity to vaccine manufacturers from any and all injury or death caused by vaccines. And now we have a major national effort by Pharma lobbyists to make all of 72 doses of vaccines on the CDC schedule absolutely compulsory for everyone. Every child, every shot. No exceptions or exemptions. Compulsory use and zero liability is a great business model but poor public health policy that should be of great concern to everyone.

I urge Mr Nader, Mr Sanders, and everyone on the left who is critical of pharmaceutical companies to critique the vaccine industry with the same rigor and intensity.