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Message to Congress on Trade and Inequality: Wake Up, ‘Trickle-Down’ is Dead!


Message to Congress on Trade and Inequality: Wake Up, ‘Trickle-Down’ is Dead!

Nick Galasso

The debate over trade is red-hot these days. Proponents in Congress are revving up this week to push through their ‘Plan B’ after a grassroots uprising took them by surprise earlier this month and defeated ‘Plan A’, which the Obama administration had hoped would grant it ‘fast track’ trade negotiating authority designed to facilitate completion and quick passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement.


“Trickle down dead” ? Who writes the headlines for these articles ? Trickle down is driving more decisions in Washington DC today than it ever has and the end of its reach is nowhere in sight.

Obama has quoted and compared himself to trickle down champion Ronny Raygun more than any of his other predecessors and his regressive legacy is outdoing Raygun’s. During his past three state of the union messages Obama has reminded us that TPP and TTIP are his highest priorities, along with tax reform in the spirit of Raygun’s 1986 “tax reform” (that was the most regressive tax reform in US history).

Obama’s goal in taking trickle down to new heights is to match Bill Clinton’s post white house eight figure annual corporate speaking fee income.


It’s only dead in the 99%'s mind. By the way, the new “trickle down” is entrepreneurship.