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Message to Democrats: Get on Board With Medicare For All or Go Home


Message to Democrats: Get on Board With Medicare For All or Go Home

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Amid surging support for Medicare for All at the grassroots—which can be seen both in recent polls and at anti-Trumpcare protests, where demonstrators have brandished signs declaring "healthcare is a human right"—activists, physicians, and policy experts are imploring Democratic lawmakers to either get on board with the growing majority of their constituents, or go home.


Preview of coming attractions:

  • Establishment Dems making promises they won’t keep
  • Backpedaling and excuse-making from Manchin-type conservadems
  • The introduction of half-measures like a public option
  • “We can’t chase unicorns with the Republicans in power”
  • The for-profit model is basically working
  • We’re going to fix ObamaCare with help from the Republicans
  • Hippies have nowhere else to go…so stay the course

Trusting the D-party is akin to a handshake at a used car lot. Hell to the NO.


Hello Jake Johnson and Everyone, It is long past time to remove anyone standing in the doorway blocking the Federal Government providing healthcare for all. We need to take the government by the balls and put them into a vise and squeeze until we get our share. If they lose their balls in the interim then they have gotten their just deserts!!!


Here in my state, California, every one of my “representatives” is a Democrat. Here’s how the top level ones stand:

Governor Jerry Brown - No
Senator Dianne Feinstein - No
Senator Kamela Harris - No
“Representative” Nancy Pelosi - No

The heavilty Democratic California legislature can get a single payer bill to a Republican governor’s desk, but not to a Democratic governor’s.

Waiting for the Democrats to pass single payer is like watching Waiting for Godot, except that the Democratic farce is taking a whole lot longer than the play.


Jake Johnson and Common Dreams keep it up the elite of the demodogs won’t like you;-)

Dump of the demodog gatekeepers.

Improve Medi-Care for all from birth to death.


Don’t stand in the doorway
Don’t block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled
There’s a battle outside
And it is ragin’
It’ll soon shake your windows
And rattle your walls
For the times they are a-changin’.


It’s such an honor to know that Dr. Carol Paris, president of Physicians for a National Health Program, is taking the lead along with Dr. Margaret Flowers, Dr. Jill Stein and RoseAnne DeMoro and many, many other real people, not one of the “its” - corporations - or the “its’” congressional pay-to-play corporatist dem bluedog, “turncoats” lol. Watch the “rats” scurry to “their” corporate sugar-daddies, when alas We the People, coalesce around NIMA - National Improved Medicare for All - and make it very, very, very, very, TOXIC to waste our time any longer!


The “disaster of single payer” grunts the genius. Market good, socialism bad, grunt grunt.


how to write a new health care law. Change 65 to 0 on medicare and away you go. Let’s see that took… 14 seconds.


The Democrats have to understand that the US with only two political parties does not need two Republican ones. The Democrats have always stood fr the most benefits to the largest number. Now for some reason (Clinton anyone?), they stand for the oligarchs just like their political opposition. That has to change if they ever want to see a Democratic majority in both the White House and the Congress.


There is an awful lot of we should and hardly any here’s how. Combine this with the Clintonian "I’d rather not just now and the formula for failure is a lock.


The obvious solution: "Medicare for All " There is no path to privatized healthcare. Monopolies do not bend to a free market solution. We learned that with Glass-Steagal and the Robber Barrons. Drug companies have a government protected monopoly, insurances game the system and guarantee a profit with algorithms, Hospitals the same. You can’t go shopping for a hospital if you survive getting run over by a bus in New York city. Hospitals can’t deny you treatment if you are indigent. No, but they can let you wait in the waiting room til you croak, then you are the coroners problem


To all of you registered Democrats out there: Like many here on Common Dreams have said, the Democratic Party Establishment will continue to lie to the American People in order to secure your vote and then support their Corporate Donors whose money will enable them to get reelected.

If you continue to vote for them, ‘you’ are enabling them to destroy your children’s futures.

Wake the Hell up and realize what you should have 25 years ago.


Administrative costs in the U.S. ( forms, paperwork, coders, people, et al ) are 4 to 5 times more than any other country which has a universal healthcare system.
( Let’s at least end that. ) Then tell the people not all countries are fully public: they just have to play by the same set of rules. (Damn the gatekeepers, too.)
They may/could be a private insurance co. But they cannot deny service and/or make excessive profit on any of what we call Medicaid recipients or those currently in the exchanges or with no insurance. End bankrupting people for health issues and filling lawyers and bill-chasing collection services’ pockets. Shhhheee÷e÷e÷eeeee÷eeeeeeshhhh!!!
Let’s start there. Cut bad administrative costs now.
Also, businesses change insurers all the time to lower costs, etc. so guess what; if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor… doesn’t mean squat if your employer is providing/subsidizing your
healthcare. ( He shopping better deals, too, btw. ) In lieu of wages, salaries, etc. That big lie puts no pressure on the cost of affordable care, either. But it’s great if you’re already making $250K a year.
Let’s stop the false flag/propaganda operations on that now. We need higher wages, not that old hype.
Let’s negotiate nationally on all drug prices, medical devices, etc. now. Do that immediately in Congress. Tough call? No, not really. The ACA is crazy, here.
Then demand the public option is only Medicare, for the people over 55 and infants .And, has no co-pays, etc. No charges whatsoever. Just insurance profit controls. Doctors needing millions a year in salaries can give each other facelifts and other luxury treatments. Do this immediately, as well.
Then completely transition to Medicare-For-All in 36/48 months. No state op-outs, etc.
And, no tax cuts for the top 1%ers. Just close their tax loopholes and offshore money hideaways.
If you want a healthy country, and economy, you have to invest in a people healthy environment, not in the elites-only stock market.


Here in Aus, we have a mix where you can choose a pay system or a free system. We don’t have the entrenched opposition that bedevils the USA. Finally though it seems the public is expressing support for a free service. Let’s hope it can overcome the vested interests who control Congress.
The money saved is significant and that should be [but probably isn’t] enough to get UHC working. There is no reason to abandon a pay system, but the free system for everyone is easily affordable. Here in Aus a MRI 3 costs $A650 in a private clinic. But it can be had free although you might have to wait a while. I had the choice, but as a pensioner there was no choice.
The big news is that a monetary sovereign federal government can pay any cost. After all there were few complaints when the GFC banks were bailed out 2008-2010, to the tune of $29Trillion! No taxes were levied to fund it and repayment is unlikely to occur. So why worry?


What a pant load!

The profiteers just keep coming up with these false narratives designed to stave off the inevitable. The inevitable is Medicare for all.

One of the often told lies is the claim that Medicare for all will be more costly that the status quo. Only a really misinformed person would believe that garbage. But that is the goal of these articles—to misinform.

The elephant in the room is the rest of the developed world doing health care as effectively for half the money.


$29 trillion?..wow, our national debt must be close to $50 trillion now.


LMAO! Laughing my ass off.

The elephant in the room is the rest of the developed world doing health care as effectively for half the money.


Good summary of the issues at The Sanders Institute

Medicare for All vs. All the Healthcare That Each Can Afford by National Nurses United and The Sanders Institute

In a small blog there is an article about John Conyers and his 50 years in the House. One of his efforts is:

Four days after MLK was assassinated, Conyers introduced a bill in Congress to make his birthday a national holiday. It was finally signed into law 15 years later, in 1983. Conyers has been a indefatigable champion for many other progressive causes, chipping away for decades at resistance working to create a breakthrough.

His commitment is exemplified by his determined sponsorship of two bills:
H.R. 40 — Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act.
H.R. 676 — Medicare For All.
Conyers has re-introduced HR 40 in every Congress since 1989. In the current (115th) congress, it has 30 co-sponsors.Conyers has introduced HR 676 in every Congress since 2003. In the current Congress, it has 113 co-sponsors, the most support it has ever received.

Progressive Lion: John Conyers Jr. (MI-13)


The Republicans will back Single Payer before the Dems–which will further cement the Democrats’ irrelevance as a national party. In fact, I was watching Faux News last night and Hannity had a pundit on who actually called for Congress to pass Single Payer. It would be a crappy version of Single Payer, a catastrophic plan only, otherwise you’re on your own, see, 'cause life is tough, and you should never ever forget that. He was asked his rationale for it and he said that in the US, there is no “free market” system when it comes to health care. There are actually about five different systems depending on what part of the country you live in, and the government is already central to each of them. So he made an excellent argument against the usual conservative b.s. about letting the “free market” reign.