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Message to House GOP after Trumpcare Vote: 'See You at the Ballot Box'


Message to House GOP after Trumpcare Vote: 'See You at the Ballot Box'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

As House Republicans joined President Donald Trump for a victory photo op and beer bash at the White House following the passage of the American Healthcare Act (AHCA), the overwhelming response from progressive organizations and voters furious over the prospect of losing their healthcare coverage was: "See you at the ballot box."


Why are they saying “see you at the ballot box?”
More proof that the democrats are just republicans with blue ties?
My message would be “Hope I don’t see you after the election.”


with that smug face of so-called Catholic (p.o.s.- Paul Ryan; a Koch Brothers Lackey)
instead of just venting…can we get a DUMP RYAN movement going here–
and kick his but back to some super rich lobbying firm ahead of what he had planned??
(of course of being facetious about the lobbying)…
maybe we should flood Senate offices that their butts are next in line if they vote for this…


Best way to hit these mo-fos back is to pass single payer at the state level. How much longer before people realize that neither of these gruesome parties give a rat’s A$$ about anything except perpetuating their cash cow that is a for profit system?


Well it won’t help demodogs they like losing.



Nothing like a bunch of smug rich greedy bastards swigging brew and slapping each other on the back to enrage their constituents into voting the other way next year. I hope this costs them dearly and wipe that smugness from their faces. Instead of improving the affordable care act they eviscerated it leaving millions without care and at the mercy of their states. Vote everybody, to wipe the smug off their faces for good.


There’s going to be massive voter purges leading into 2018, cause these bastards know what is coming for them and they’re authoritarians.


Message to House GOP After Trumpcare Vote: ‘See You at the Ballot Box’

Because I’m so fucking energized at the prospect of the other horn of the duopoly rising ascendant on healthcare policy or anything else.


Ooh, the ballot box. Be afraid.


Remember that the Greedy Old Pariahs are also masters at voter suppression.


You said it.


Your mockery suggests you are one of the ones who passively look to the “others” (in this case the Democrats) to do the work instead of pitching in yourself actively for a win for The People. Either that or you have no recognition that your own attitude colludes with Republicans as they eviscerate a program that - albeit far from perfect - worked for the better in millions of lives.


Green Party still champions single-payer:


No such thing.


We need to be ready for total, Gandhian non cooperation–and have some barrels of tar and bags of feathers ready.


It’s easy to say “pass single payer at the state level” but we don’t know the extent of the bill yet in full. Conservatives are federalists until they control the federal government. Once they do, and they have five votes on the Supreme Court now, they’re happy to sink anything they don’t like at state and local levels. Just look at what they’ve done regarding minimum wage laws. I have no doubt they’d wreck any attempt to do this either through lawsuits by conservative organizations or legislation at the federal level. Hence the silliness, in my view, of the idea that by making life hell, single payer will arise. It has yet to happen in red states, after all.


Thanks Minecritter, for showing those who continue to support the Duopoly, that the Green Party is and has always put People, Planet, and Peace over Profit.



It is easy to say. It’s harder to do - but activists have been working on this for many years and aren’t about to stop now. Single payer is the only rational solution to America’s health care crisis. In a handful of states they are quite close to passing bills.

About ten years ago, people thought marriage equality would never happen. Then activists won it in a few states and the rest fell like dominoes. Even some of the red ones.


Next in line? you haven’t taken care of the first ones in line yet …


See You at the Ballot Box. Maybe we’ll vote for another DINO that leaves us twisting in the wind as he walks all the way to the bank. Its time you switch places to keep up appearances anyhow.

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