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Message to Joe Biden: No Torturers in the Next Cabinet

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/23/message-joe-biden-no-torturers-next-cabinet


Good that you did this Dan; we the people don’t need
Bloody Gina’s hell mate taking that demon’s place.
But you need also, if you’re serious about holding accountable the torturers in the CIA; to open the case of Sister Dianna Ortiz, a nun tortured by the U.S. Guatemala regime, 1989.
Her book, The Blindfold’s Eye, reveals the depth of the darkness that
agency operates from.


Who decides what their priorities must be?

It seems to me that its highly unlikely that they would ALL be THAT far removed from those of the rest of us to keep on doing these things even now.

Aren’t they sick of seeing us so far away from the values that I strongly beleive all Americans still to this day largely share. If we didn’t, whomever is doing this stuff wouldn’t need to be trying SO hard to divide us, and poison the well to prevent the important discussions we need to have about the directions we’re being taken, in many cases against our wills by so called trade “agreements” that sell us all down the river. Literally.

The good thing is that once that scheme is exposed, our country will realize we all were right to be wary when we were lied to in this last election and it was the corporatist politicians (and the transnational corporations that own) them who were/are crossing a line.

Methinks they doth protest too much!


I guess I missed it.

If there are to be no supporters of torture in the Biden administration,

who would you have come in to replace Biden and Harris???


“whether during Trump’s presidency or preceding it – especially anyone complicit in torture or who frustrated oversight and accountability for torture.”

Such a standard disqualifies Biden and Harris.


And… we have a new winner in the “Low But Still Disappointed Expectations” category:
please, no torturers in the Cabinet.

We’d also ask for no mass murderers in the military…
but you see the problem.