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'Message to Rest of the Country': Federal Judge Orders Texas to Stop Voter Purge


'Message to Rest of the Country': Federal Judge Orders Texas to Stop Voter Purge

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

Voting rights advocates celebrated a federal judge's ruling Wednesday that ordered the state of Texas to stop removing voters from registration rolls.

The order came from U.S. district judge Fred Biery in response to a lawsuit filed by a group of rights groups against Texas Secretary of State David Whitley.



From the article:

“…regularly subjecting naturalized citizens to voter registration requirements to which native-born citizens are not subject, and exposing them to a continuing and ongoing threat of being purged from the voter rolls.

True, but let’s never forget the ongoing threat of being rounded up and deported, and the ongoing threat of having their children ripped from their arms. Attempting to vote in some states these days is almost as dangerous as it once was in the pre-Civil Rights era South.



Is the legalized corruption of the past really being addressed?

Can we count on it continuing?

Will anyone be held responsible, or will they just wait until circumstances change in their favor, and then begin again?



More likely “being held responsible” will be characterized by Judge Biery being pushed out by the Trump regime.

During the past two years Trump and the GOP have been more successful at purging voters, but even more successful purging judges they don’t like and stacking the courts with their toadies.

With the GOP continuing to control the Senate this trend will not be reversed for at least two years.



It’s time for other secretary’s of state to get lawsuit notices. Looks like the leading edge on voting reforms goes to the courts, not the House of Representatives.
This is timely enough to expect other reforms be established before the 2020 rolls up on us.



That seems to be the theme, accept a little scolding from a judge, then back to business as usual. No one is ever held legally accountable.

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Do you really think that the SDNY will investigate the multitude of felonies Trump has allegedly been implicated in, and fail to indict and prosecute those crimes?

Harvard educated, 2020 presidential candidate Julian Castro, just now on Ari Melber’s show on MSNBC, spoke a joke he created:

"What do you call a collection of lawyer’s diaries?"

"A Lie-brary."

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“No one is ever held legally accountable.”

I saw this response from you, but still wondered if you thought the SDNY would just spin their wheels with the numerous investigations into Trump’s corrupt life, and in the end do nothing.

I’m pretty sure they intend to prosecute him from everything those involved are saying.



No I don’t have doubt of SDNY. That part of my post was aimed at different parts of the country, like the example in the story and vote theft in NC. Maybe someone evidently will go to jail or incur a serious fine, but so far just a small amount of scolding by the judge. Without serious repercussions, the GOP will go back to vote theft and purging voter rolls, it’s worked so well for them. Another good example is what they did all over the country with “Cross-Check” in2016, it was major fraud, yet I know of no one sitting in a cell for stealing peoples right to vote, a serious crime IMHO. Hell Koboch recived a promotion.

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This is an edit to above post:
The more I think about it I do have doubts about SDNY. Trump committed many crimes before becoming President (major tax evasion for starters), and was in and out of court there very often, usually for cheating workers out of what he owed them. Yet no one thought to check into the finances of this individual in the district? Or did he have help from the inside (think bribes and sister inside the system)? They might go after him now, that it’s fashionable to do so, but where were they years ago? Had they done their jobs back then (80’s - 2000’s), the country might have been spared what we are going through now. Just a thought on the subject.

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