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Message to U.S. Lawmakers: 'Quit Praying and Start Drafting Gun Control Legislation'


Message to U.S. Lawmakers: 'Quit Praying and Start Drafting Gun Control Legislation'

"Thoughts and prayers of politicians are cruelly hollow if they are paired with continued legislative indifference."


I would like to know explicitly what gun control advocates want, what the gun lobby wants and what is possible to get direct democratically without politicians and their owners gumming up the works.


Their words are hollow. They say only what would be expected from them. They are brought and own by the NRA. As far as trump is concerned he is an empty vessel. Who says,‘warmest condolences’ ? He is not a leader! He does not have empathy for anyone except for himself. This is not going to end well


And, not a god damn thing will be done about it. Maybe next time (sarcasm),


" We need to have a conversation about how to stop gun violence. We need it NOW."

Yes Elizabeth I agree, but lets cut to the chase, the US needs to stop its gun violence against thousands of innocent civilians in foreign countries by our military’s violence, which you and so many of you in congress, tacitly and silently condone! Hypocrites! Where the hell is your outrage!


Gun control is bull shit band aid approach, we need economic empowerment of the poor working class families and individuals. Gun control has been tried it will never work, people will find other ways it is fucking stupid and emotional thoughtless argument.

We need a peaceful country where there is no need to carry a gun because we are afraid of each other, afraid to take a walk in park at night or on our neighborhood streets. We must sole those issues, they are issues of poverty, lack of good opportunities, good American jobs, training, education, investing in clean energy, higher pay and full benefits.

I can’t believe this every time a crazy thing like this happens people immediately do their sheepish response by blaming it on the guns. Yes i agree guns are partially responsible by nit really, it;s the guy who pulls the trigger.

The hysteria about guns will only give cops more excuse to carry bigger and deadlier weapons they have been trying to get their criminal hands on. Instead we need to spend on good jobs creation and treatment for mentally ill.

Stopping the Pentagon gravely train will go a long way to solving crime in America.


While this is a horrid event and will no doubt provoke an immediate response, Las Vegas has other issues as well. Evidently, they don’t feed the homeless people there, instead they buy them a one way ticket to someplace else. My city is suing them because we provide food and they send hundreds of them here. Ugh. Inhumanity starts long before there is blood in the streets.

In some cases I think they take all their money and anything else of value, then pay them to leave.


What most people want is for guns to be banned from the public. People could still keep their guns if they’re registered at some gun club and keep their guns at the gun club. The same could be said for hunters who could possess guns, but have their guns under lock and key in a safe facility only to be released during hunting season and only if the proper permits are in place (i.e. hunting license). Every gun should be registered and every gun owner must get a psychiatric assessment to prevent mentally ill people, people suffering from extreme depression and anyone prone to violence from ever possessing a gun.
Also ban guns from the police (if guns are removed from society, then police won’t need to be armed; just look at England) with guns available in extreme situations.
Instead of focusing on censorship of nudity or foul language, maybe it is time to stop desensitizing our children to acts of violence. Children are so used to violence in the theatres and on TV that even stories like this are nothing more than passing notes in our daily lives like tidbits about a celebrity’s latest date or visit to rehab.
We must abandon our ‘military first’ mentality which too many Americans accept as the way of government. It is NOT OK to use the military in any circumstances except in self defence of our country or to end a genocide abroad (not start a genocide!). Any American politician who is responsible for an act of war, must be prosecuted and defend their position to the American public who should decide if the politician was a reckless, ill-informed corporate sycophant or whether there was a legitimate threat to our nation.
It is not just banning guns, but changing the mindset of Americans so that they learn to understand that it is not normal behaviour to carry a gun in your glove compartment of your car or to give your son a rifle for his sixteenth birthday or to walk into a public space dressed in camouflaged uniform sporting an assortment of high powered rifles strapped on their shoulders.
It is not normal for us to walk into a theatre, watch thousands die on the screen and exit with a shrug that the violence wasn’t that grotesque.
Unfortunately the corporate State depends on the lovers of guns as their voting base. Deny people healthcare, basic income, high wages, social security, unions, housing and clean air and water, but let them have all the guns they want. Let them rant and rave about Muslims, terrorists, commies, immigrants and the dreaded liberals. Let them soak themselves in blind patriotism, drape themselves in the American flag and cry at the singing of our national anthem at sporting events. And by all means let them kill each other as long as they don’t scale the reinforced walls of the .01% and come after the architects of our depraved society. This strange hybrid of gun loving, anti-government, celebrity worshipping, consumer driven, born again Christians is unique to our planet and a conversation about any of these strange anomalies are not just absent, but silently taboo in our society. Until the conversation begins about who we are and what we really want, the bloodshed will continue.


Gun control? Yes, but for the the Pentagon which needs gun control legislation above all else, because the NRA’s violence is infinitesimal compared to the violence of the American military’s violence.


There is another level above that.
The NRA are recruiters and pre-conditioners delivering willing canon fodder for the mighty military/industrial complex. It is all part of the integrated strategy to make us willing to fill the pockets of the rich.

And it is even more complex than that, Hollywood, with its glorification of killing and explosions, the violent video games are all part of our conditioning to serve martial the purpose of the rich.
Puerto Rico is denied its due support, to keep the prices down, so that Trump’s cronies can sweep in and buy up real estate cheaply, which the locals do not have the resources to repair.
This is a very sick society.


Well, he certainly could not have killed nearly 60 people and wounded almost 500 with a baseball bat or a steak knife.


Excellent post, thank you!


gun lobby is the capitalists
You can’t include them in the democratic process of reconciliation, because they are way too powerful


" Stopping the Pentagon’s gravy train will go a long way to solving crime in America."

You just identified the elephant in the Congressional room!

" It is positively infuriating that my colleagues in Congress are so afraid of the gun industry." No Murphy, what is positively infuriating to me is America is a military dictatorship because you and your cowardly, colleagues in Congress are so afraid the Pentagon’s gun industry!


I’ve played violent video games my whole life. I don’t think this influence should be eliminated, only restricted. I believe the same goes for guns. Allow people to have the right to own guns, but create restrictions like mental health checks, criminal background checks, etc. To argue for no control in this state of society is astounding. It’s only sane to have more gun control.


Gun control works splendidly in other countries - including our neighbor to the north. Why not the USA.

And almost all that stuff about feeling unsafe to take walks in urban streets and parks is just media-fed irrational paranoia of suburban culture.

Economic justice is the best way to reduce crime of all sorts. But that is another topic. Most of these mass shooting incidents are done by well-off individuals who went insane. Insanity happens, but by making dangerous automatic/semiautomatic guns with large magazines and no legitimate sporting purpose illegal, we can really reduce the damage an insane person can do.


Wasn’t it just last week the Trumpster Bunch OKed the sale of small arms into more foreign countries?
And, that means selling ammo and all the other components, as well. This is what the intersection of blood money and lobbying looks like, folks.
And, the proposed legislation on allowing hunting silencers; hello in there, really. That’s a real sign the political system is incapable of stopping the growing insanity. There’s just too much money in the marketing of insanity and encouraging bizarro-type behavior. Really unbelievable, in a lot of ways.
" The money is not in the cure, it’s in the disease ". Chris Rock
" As cynical as I get, I just can’t keep up ".
Lilly Tomlin


BULLL SHIIIIIIT, Canada doesn’t spend as much as all other industrial nations combined on military. No other country does, the US is the most violent nation on earth today and that is directly attributable to a gross neglect by our government which takes huge tax revenue from us but is forced at gun point to spend it on wholly wasteful military to cause endless wars to kill innocent human beings by the millions. DON"T GET ME STARTED ON THIS ONE!


Yes indeed, just cut the fucking pentagon’s waste by a mere 10% will pay for everyone’s free healthcare. Imagine that!


That’s really a stretch, you know. Try harder to smear Sen. Sanders; can you somehow link him to the actual shooter like 4chan and The Drudge Report did ( by lying and propagandizing ) earlier today? Funny you never went after the Clintonistas, OhBummer’s Bots, Trump, et al.
How much do you get paid, anyway?