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Message to U.S. Lawmakers: 'Quit Praying and Start Drafting Gun Control Legislation'


That’s really a stretch, you know. Try harder to smear Sen. Sanders; can you somehow link him to the actual shooter like 4chan and The Drudge Report did ( by lying and propagandizing ) earlier today? Funny you never went after the Clintonistas, OhBummer’s Bots, Trump, et al.
How much do you get paid, anyway?


But he could have with some crude home made stuff


Let them hunt with their primitive weapons who needs guns to hunt. Why hunt anyway there is hardly any wild life left, we spawn fish in fisheries and control just about all other so called wild life. The birds and the deer don’t have them. I say no one should have guns but if the police insist on having guns then the whole argument goes down the toilet.


America is the worlds largest arms dealer sometimes referred to as defense dealer but there is a lot of competition. Russia is number two.

I saw Lilly Tomlin in the S.F. production of “The Search for signs of Intelligent life in the Universe” It is still on my list of best decisions. Thanks for the reminder.


I like the concept but there is no such thing as free health care, not in America.


While you have a point, there’s lot of wildlife that aren’t endangered. White-tailed deer, waterfowl, etc.
All can be hunted successfully by shotguns and black powder muzzleloaders. I know, as a young male I also trapped as well. There’s a thousand mile difference, between hunting and trapping for food and money, and indiscriminate semi-auto rifle fire.
There’s no need for fully automatic rifle weapons, anywhere. Not even among the various law enforcement branches. They just invite slaughter with no real skill needed. Just sayin’.


Exactly. The Congressional Duopoly that opposes serious gun control in the U.S. will do nothing for the following reasons:

  1. They are physically afraid of gun nuts who are whipped up by the NRA and gun lovers in general;
  2. They are owned by the NRA many times over;
  3. Millions of jobs are tied to the gun industry;
  4. Gun control is incompatible with an imperial foreign policy based on mass slaughter;
  5. A critical percentage of the U.S. population supports unlimited access to guns; about 25% of the population owns about 300 million “legal” and illegal guns (making life fairly dangerous for the rest of us);
  6. The U.S. is a white supremacist nation founded on genocide and slavery - both of which contributed mightily to a deep and ubiquitous culture of gun worship and violence.

PS: Bernie Sanders has been weak on gun control ever since he made a deal with the Dems on a hand-slap gun amendment in return for Clinton’s “Three Strikes” crime law, proving they were both “tough on criminals” (i.e. poor Black men).


Sanders equivocates on gun control because of the power of the gun lobby in New Hampshire and the U.S., now that he is the most popular politician in the U.S. Strong and unequivocal support for serious gun control would cost him dearly in the most violent nation in human history.


We don’t need any more conversations about any of this. We need political action, including (but not limited to):

  1. Banning the production, distribution and possession of automatic and semi-automatic rifles and handguns;
  2. Banning large magazine ammo clips and limiting the sale of ammunition;
  3. Banning private weapons sales and shows;
  4. Strict licensing and registration laws, limiting weapons to hunting and self-defense and limiting the number of weapons per household;
  5. Making gun manufacturers and sellers financially responsible for all gun deaths and injuries;
  6. Banning open or concealed carry, except for hunting;
  7. Down-arm the militarized police;
  8. Convert the U.S. imperial military to a self-defense force and stop arming the world;
  9. Ban the Bomb - which is a sign to all humanity that we are ready, willing and able to destroy all human (and other) life in the biosphere.

Is Liz Warren game for even part of this agenda/ How about Bernie Sanders?


You’d mess up the animal’s carcass beyond use with all that poisonous lead. There are far too many “hunters” or should i say angry idiots with dangerous weapons driving ATV’s because they are too fucking fat and too damn lazy to even walk. They shoot from the window of their 4WD’s wounding the animals in most cases causing needless pain and suffering.

There are not many real hunters with true guts and endurance to walk and climb miles of terrain for real good hunting. Any pussy can take a rifle aim and shoot. There’s a lot more to hunting then aim and shoot part. You have to have compassion and love for nature and the animals to not over hunt or just shoot to kill or maim for the thrill of it. You have to have a real need to hunt for survival not for recreation.


Watch: nothing will happen. Deflection, refusal to take accountability, dodging the obvious that gun control is an imperative. Nothing will happen.


Pure speculation about Sen. Sanders.
You know Sen. Sanders is from Vermont, right?
The Oregonian is reporting Mr. Haddock’s father was a very unstable, dangerous criminal. 10 Most Wanted List stuff. He, too, like to dangerously speculate about Sen. Sanders.
Coincidence? Inquiring minds will need to know a lot more about you and your friends’ postings. Just speculatin’.:wink::grinning:


Nice reply…thanks.


I think it’s a more nuanced argument. However, you make some valid points about 80% of hunters today. I sold my hunting, tracking, etc.- weapons 3 decades ago. But, living in the very, very, woolly woods as a young male my take on this topic is slightly different. But, at the very least I agree the gun lobby is not about hunting for food and survival.


Nobody looks at the big picture that this environment we live in is the root cause of this repeated violence we see. Gun control would have done nothing to have stopped this attack with a full automatic weapon, machine gun, for the uninformed. Though legal to own in Nevada, there is an extensive expensive process involved to own one legally, The paperwork takes around a year, they are registered with the BATFE and a $400 tax is required and they are expensive. 10 to 1 this was an illegal weapon and no amount of legislation would have prevented this one. Society breeds sick people, sick people that think they have to go out and destroy countless lives. Just like the US destroys lives in other countries, by waging wars, selling weaponry, poverty here, over crowding, all of these things make for a sick society and legislation can’t cure a sick society. Sorry. My heart goes out to all the victims and families destroyed by this attack and all of those other lives destroyed by US aggression everywhere else. Tis a sad day indeed.


I Trump! Was it a Muslim, a black or brown or even Chinese, i’ll go for Chinese, NO? Shit now i have to think.


It’s not one bit speculation. Look up Bernie’s full record on three strikes and watch some YouTube when he talks about gun control. Bernie is progressive on many issues. He is a “centrist” on gun control and supporter of U.S. militarism and that the U.S. should be the number one military power.


He lives in a very rural state. He’s representing his constituents, somewhat. Centrist thought is like the Platte River; a mile wide and a foot deep. I prefer progressive thought, like gun show laws being enforced in the parking lot, too.:wink::wink::wink:
Also. the changes needed in campaign and lobbying laws that would end " pay to play " and " buy a pol " in the entire political arena.
We could do a lot better with less money, in some endeavors, as opposed to more.


Try to look at the situation another way.

After 9/11, The Bush administration enacted restrictions to international travel, it became more difficult to board planes, rights of due process were suspended for some people, our emails were monitored and so on. The GOVERNMENT DID SOMETHING to protect its citizens whether people agreed with Bush’s tactics or not. Did any these measures stop terrorism in the US? No, but it did stop some. The point is that it is ridiculous to disregard gun control simply because we cannot stop every act of gun violence. Laws against DUI have not completely stop DUI deaths. People still read child porn regardless of the law. Should we deem most laws worthless simply because the government cannot completely stop a particular crime?

The goal of gun control is “control”. To expect a law to go beyond what is intended elevates unrealistic outcomes and promotes ridicule. However, to do absolutely nothing is absolute negligence on the part of our law makers. Prayers and moments of silence does not make a politician morally accountable to the public.


I do respect your point of view and am not black and white on the issue myself. I do however know that the root causes of most violence in our country is economic dis-empowerment and a severe lack of well paying positive, meaningful, productive and permanent jobs.