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#MeToo Act: New Bill Aimed at Combating Sexual Harrassment on Capitol Hill

#MeToo Act: New Bill Aimed at Combating Sexual Harrassment on Capitol Hill

Julia Conley, staff writer

"The culture in this country has been awakened to the fact that we have a serious epidemic in the workplace in all professions, in all walks of life, and it's incumbent upon those who are in authority to address it and address it swiftly."

An empty gesture that may curtail some of the harrassment but not eliminate the culture that fosters it. But it makes headlines. The predation is ubiquitous and the victims usually suffer the consequences of telling the truth about being targeted…it takes a whole lot of courage to step forward as the victims’ careers are jeopardized as well as future employment…word travels fast.

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Agree. Gillibrand is an elitist (Dartmouth undergrad; UCLA law), daughter of an Albany (NY) lobbyist whose eyes have always been on the presidency. Her tweeted response to the Al Franken incident was that “Senator Franken” must be investigated by the senate ethics committee for his alleged sexual harassment conduct made prominent by his groping photo of a woman on a USO tour before he was elected senator. Trouble with this reactionary response, shared by her senate democrat colleagues, is that it is not Senator Franken in the scandalous photo. Right or wrong notwithstanding, how does the committee investigate, and hold accountable for, the actions of a person who was not a member of the senate when the actions occurred? Similarly with Roy Moore: the senate cannot move against him until he is seated, and then can proceed to expel him, but on what grounds? I’m not defending either man, but it seems like the senate is making up the rules as they go along, and that may prove difficult for them to act. But getting back to the elitist Gillibrand: why not a peep from her concerning the allegations toward, and admissions by, trump, based upon similar evidence of sexual harassment? Watch out for this woman—she’s another dangerous neocon of privilege, a real phony who hasn’t done anything in her term of office except to promote herself given any convenient opportunity. And you can add the phony Kamala Harris to this list of elitist democrats, along with Cory Booker, among other phonies, currently eyeing the White House.