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#MeToo Movement Takes on McDonald's as Workers Strike Against Sexual Harassment 'Epidemic'

#MeToo Movement Takes on McDonald's as Workers Strike Against Sexual Harassment 'Epidemic'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

In the first-ever nationwide strike of its kind for the fast food industry, hundreds of McDonald's workers channeled the power of the #MeToo movement on Tuesday by walking out to protest the company's failure to address the "sexual assault epidemic" at its restaurants.

Sexual harassment epidemic at MacDonald’s is the least of their problems.

How about the rape of the habitat so people can eat cheap beef?

I get the feeling that living on minimum wage income does not afford any family the energy for anything other than survival. Only those who have enough freedom to worry about the demise of the planet can be proactive toward pollution.
Living just off the Navajo Nation I used to be upset when I watched people buying cases of bottled water until I realized that many of the water sources on the REZ are polluted with coal ash and uranium.
Life is a struggle for people of limited means and adding sexual molestation to the mix is disgusting and hateful. I am glad to see these female employees unite in their struggle against intolerable behavior.


It raises the issue, again, about why women choose to have children if the water is polluted.

However, yes, of course you’re correct. Many, if not most people can’t afford to worry about anything besides day to day survival. And sexual harassment is made worse when it’s the only income you have, and complaining can get your fired.

That being said, once again, it raises the issue of why anyone would have children knowing that they barely survive themselves and have to work in such miserable conditions.

Thank you for sharing your personal experience.