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Mexican Archdiocese: Companies That Help Build Trump's Wall Are "Traitors"


Mexican Archdiocese: Companies That Help Build Trump's Wall Are "Traitors"

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Denouncing President Donald Trump's proposed border wall between Mexico and the United States as "an open threat that violates relations and peace," the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mexico City said Sunday that companies who profit from its construction are "traitors to the homeland."

The country's largest archdiocese made the charge in an editorial (Spanish) published in its weekly newsletter, Desde la fe. A spokesman said the editorial represented the views of the diocese.


President Trumps plan.
Step one: accept the bid of a Mexican company to build the wall.
Step two: do not pay the contractor for the work (he is very experienced at that)
Step three: announce that Mexico has paid for the wall just as he said they would.

Can any Mexican company really be so dumb as to bid on this thing?


You nailed it.

"Check's in the mail."


If something is morally abominable to the Mexican Archdiocese, it might be equally abominable to U.S. archdioceses as well.

We're a free country with a long history of open borders. For centuries we boasted of having the longest unguarded border, US/Canada, in the world. I've been to the Canadian side of the falls for a couple of hours. I've been to McMaster University in Canada for a conference. Now I'd have to get a pa$$port.

Money is going to find ways around the wall. Some fracking drilling company is going to bore a ten mile hole under the wall and ship little cocaine-filled condoms through the pipe. As it is now, Chinese fentanyl is simply mailed into the U.S. from China. Then there's old-fashioned police bribery. Congress is always good for a loophole or two big enough to drive truckloads of farm workers through.


Accurate observation, dpearl.

As you note, DJT has much business experience in stiffing contractors.

The condemnation from the Catholic Church also can't hurt this opposition to Trump's Berlin Wall.


Just like the DAPL is creating jobs, but making the pipeline contractors wealthy, while screwing the Lakota Sioux, the fact that the wall is creating jobs for the peons but potentially making the wall contractors wealthy ( if they ever get paid!) looks like a similar scenario to me.