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Mexican Election 2018: ‘Mexico’s Bernie Sanders’ Set to Win


Mexican Election 2018: ‘Mexico’s Bernie Sanders’ Set to Win

Gwynne Dyer

Almost all the foreign coverage of today’s Mexican election focusses on the drug wars and the murder rate: 30,000 killed last year, and looking to be even higher this year. But there are 127 million Mexicans, so it’s not really all that bad by Caribbean standards.


This is yet another patronizing, racist post by a norte americano having to do with the Americas south of the Mexican - U.S. border.

First there is the implication in the headline that AMLO is the result of U.S. political currents rather than centuries-long histories of socialist and democratic-populist organizing in Mexico.

Also it ignores the consistently-negative influence of the U.S. in terms of neoliberalism, providing the ever-increasing demand for drugs, destabilizing the economy, the outside take-over and corporatizing of much of the Mexican economy, de-populating rural agricultural, creating death squads that laid the ground-work for violent drug cartels, etc. Also,it ignores the fact that the U.S. gun industry provides the vast majority of weapons that fuels violence in Mexico.

And finally, it implies that the rig Brother U.S. (and even Big Cousin Canada) are inherently less violent and corrupt than Mexico – and the Caribbean and the Americas in general. The U.S. is the most violent nation in the history of humanity. Canada disproportionately provides troops and weapons for the many neoliberal wars against humanity and nearly exterminated its indigenous population.

Both nations are ruled by oligarchs, plutocrats and corporations that pretty much own the leading political parties. If that’s not corrupt, what is?

We’ll see what AMLO and his allies can make of all this. The forces of co-optation and oppression are not going to sit on their hands. Look at what has happened to other left governments and movements in the Americas.


I pray this man survives long enough to be effective.


TJ1 is right–The US is now a third-world type corrupt oligarchy thanks to you know who and the Republican Party–It will be fun to hear Obrador telling Trump to go fuck himself when he calls!


“It’s quite likely that within a year the US intelligence services will be tasked with the job of finding ways to bring him down”

The United States intelligence budget comprises all the funding for the 16 agencies of the … Experts estimate that total spending on American military and non-military intelligence during the Cold War peaked at $71 billion (in 2013 dollars)

The cost of keeping the oligarchy safe from the unwashed masses.


I have always considered Mexico as north American or Latin American.

Characterizing it as Caribbean is new to me; Is it correct to call a gulf coast to Pacific nation Caribbean?


Why do you let the democrats off the hook? Imagine a no fly zone imposed on Russia if Hillary would have won.


Well there have been over a hundred political assassinations this election year and no telling how many journalist killed. I think this is the influence of colonization that affects about 73% percent of the population. Only about 20% are considered native population. I wish more people from Mexico would post here because they no doubt have a better understanding.


“e has little to say about the drug war, apart from vague talk about giving some criminals an amnesty.”

Looks like he’s already planning for it.

Plus, if he’s planning to do some hardcore socialist reforming, he’s gonna need enforcers. Only time will tell. My hope is he’s not gonna gonna f*ck up Mexico and make it a second Venezuela. What we see at the border now will be a fond memory.


You mean what the U.S. did to Venezuela? And, has been trying to do for 2 decades.This conflation and twisted history was mentioned on MSNBC’s Joy Reid Show this morning. A reporter who’s been covering the abduction of children, from their parents illegally at our Southern border, also said she " escaped " from Venezuela. And, was trying to do the same good deed for her sister. This is called " false equivalency " and " government propaganda ", to put it kindly. But, like white privilege in the U. S., even non-whites must couch their remarks in Neo-Liberal and neo- racist frames, so as not to hurt the elites’ perceptions of the " do-gooder " missions of Christian salvation. And, most importantly, free market entrepreneural looting of another country’s wealth and sovereign rights.
The old, " how did our oil, natural gas, gold, lumber, rare minerals, food sources…get under their lands?, arguments. Which is a MSM and MIC canard and serious hoodwinking again, to put it kindly. It’s much worse really, but but… white folks. They’re so delicate, after all.
When there are 2-3 million dead or injured Venezuelans, when there are 2-3 million poor and displaced Venezuelan refugees seeking shelter; well, the White People of America Assn. with their MSM enablers, will proudly be able to say to each other, " mission accomplished, again ".
In the words of the fabulous American entrepreneur ( an idea man ) Bill Blazajowski, " Is this a great country, or what? ".
Well Lamonte 7, how’s your stock portfolio going to look when AMLO and Maduro suddenly die from a stomach cancer ( or stroke )? Hint, hint. Mysteriously acquired by simply dining together to discuss their respective countries’ mutual interests and shared security concerns.
FYI- Will 160-170 million people, in possession of great reserves of needed resources, be allowed any modicum of self determination? Historical evidence says this is a very unlikely outcome. Who’s history; why, American History 101. The propaganda and public relations you were spoonfed since childhood, don’t cha know, gringo.


And, ironically, it is the “unwashed masses” who pay for it…in multiple ways.


Seriously, the US didn’t have to do anything. Venezuela did it to themselves.

Personally, i lived under socialism, most of you people would be either dead or below poverty line within the first 10 years.

You have no idea what propaganda i have been spoon fed as a child and teenager. Actually, just read the posts on CD. Some of them are exactly like the propaganda i have been fed. Sometimes i wonder who some of the poster here are.


Yea, I do know from your posts. What you apparently don’t know about the recent history of Venezuela, says a lot, as well.
P.S. Conjecture is not fact, or much else. Tell your story to MSNBC, they’ll buy anything.


Impressive victory in a tough environment.

The CIA is already working on something and has been, whatever that is or is not. Why kid?

The man is Mexico’s own Lopez Obrador, not anybody’s Bernie Sanders. I suppose that the idea is to make Americans have some recognition of a politician whom they have not bothered to know, and I get that Dyer has selected a relatively popular individual for comparison. But Lopez Obrador did not endorse his opponent or a criminal kingpin, and it might be good to get Americans used to that difference.

The Mexicans are concerned about the murder rate because they are getting killed in alarming numbers, and far more than counted. The murders are dramatic in part because the mob goes in and shoots up neighborhoods and towns, and does thing like drive through a state capital and announce a curfew on a bullhorn before a shootout. They are concerned because the narcos ride through town, shoot up the school, recruit their sons and leave their daughters and sisters in pieces off the sides of public highways and in dump sites in Texas.

Comparing themselves as a “Caribbean” nation, insofar as that would even occur to anyone living in Mexico more than ten kilometers from the eastern Gulf coast, does not have a lot to do with the psychology of such a moment. The US is also a Caribbean nation, of course, given our very extensive coastline on the Gulf and longstanding capture of Puerto Rico. But many of us remain un-fond of getting shot.

The GNP and so forth are just misleading. NAFTA and violent enforcement against small businesses have ratcheted Mexico’s economy down hard, and money going through the local Gigante does way less of value than money cycled through the old mercaditos and puestos, which supported cornfields and individual ranchers and not transnationals.

The problem with both the violence and the poverty is not so much the fragmentation of the narcotraficantes, but the probably inevitable misfortune that at least one group, possibly more, is heavily armed, partly through the Mexican central government, by the American government and paragovernmental agencies, presumably including in some prominent role the CIA, which has been extensively working to support the illicit drug trade for many decades. Part of this is involved with the US’s pretenses at a “drug war,” with one agency clamping down on the trade, and another ferrying select contacts through to the artificially enriched sellers’ market, then arming its favorites or the highest bidder.

“Poor Mexico, so far from God, so close to the United States.” But this election comes as an optimistic surprise. I am too used to watching elections stolen. This must have been a landslide, could it all have been counted.


My understanding is the CIA using a London business front was Hugo’s accounting firm for the Venezuelan oil company.

Others probably know more than me about this.


PS - US plans re AMLO as of 2006 or so, from Wikilieaks.