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Mexican Police Unleash Deadly Violence Against Protesting Teachers



It's high time people (the average jill and joe) become aware that the neoliberals are still around, and still destroying civilization as we know it. With governments like this, who needs ISIL?


Perhaps the Mexicans authorities can take some lessons from Arne Duncan. He has managed to destroy public education without using the police.


A line my white face drew more than once or twice down there: "Poor Mexico! So far from God, so close to the United States."

So sorry for family on the floor by the mattresses leaned against walls to stand against bullets, for broken windows, for what hour and minute one will or will not go to market, for whether one will or will not go to school. So sorry for the little businesses, the travelling salespersons shot and vanished for one investor or another.

And what of the people killed for practice, for entertainment, to show loyalty to one or another anonymity by crossing some Rubicon for fools who think they will rest in death? Years later people sort the bones askew in pits in one CIA-penetrated country and another. Now this plague has come to Mexico, to people I have known and seen, whom I have met long before they escaped, who have not escaped.

When they devoured Chile, when there was no more fast money, where did they go?
When they devoured Salvador, where did they go?
When they finish Mexico, where do you plan to meet them? What might it still be possible to do or say?

Vivan los maestros. Hasta la victoria siempre.


I'd still like a "souvenir" T-shirt from their last insurrection, 10 years ago, featuring "Our Lady of the Burning Tires". (Truly, a work of Art!) ^..^


it is quite clear the world over that there is nothing "new" or "liberal" remotely associated with neoliberalism ... it is just owners and the owned ... under new terminologies


I'd like to know more about what the teachers are protesting against. When I was in high school in Arkansas, my teachers went on strike too for about 2 wks. The teachers at the time were being paid less than the poverty level- in Arkansas! That was in the late 80s during the Reagan years. All that talk about trickle down economics was just that TALK! The rich got richer and they kept it.